iPhone 15 pro max 😱🧪


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    Me ; die of cringes ☠️

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    Votar el agua🚫 Ponerse guantes✅

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    İyi jbj

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    KZread❤❤❤😢 higiénico

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    You can just throw the toxic and take out your phone😅

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    Bro didnt touch the "infested water" phone without a glove 💀 (sarcastic.)

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    Это не кислота, если это была кислота она уже разъела телефон и его вещи и руку

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    It’s not an iPhone 15 Pro Max

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    “Ok now let’s take it o- AUAUAHAGHAGAHAYAG”

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    This is why aliens don't come to earth

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    Hi 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    That is NOT hydrolic acid HCl

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    People who think he has a waterproof phone

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    Bro wtf the most random shit on the internet

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    Bros done this exact short twice💀

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    Bro the phone is waterproof

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    Me cae mal la gente asi

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    Bro just poll the fish tank in toilet💀

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    i do not understand your way of speaking.

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    why did he use chopsticks like if it would help💀

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    Đây chỉ là nước khô nên điện thoại không hỏng đâu 😑

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    boy put yr hand in the water it not Poison water

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    EVADE💀💀💀 I ROBLOX☠️☠️☠️

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    Bro couldn’t use that thing for a cook out like bro didn’t try…..

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    Bro what

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    If that is a real liquid the phone will be vanished to ashes even his all items that he use to get that phone it will simply melted ur items/hand glove in seconds💀

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    Cringe Button

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    Tf pick it up its only green colored water💀

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    Kwj de la k 😱

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    How did the phone didn't die

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    Bro just use time for this type of this video 💀💀💀

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    do you speak... English what r u sayin

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    Bị đinh rồi

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    WTF 😬

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    ٦ذك. يس

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    Vhzh de la 😂part de ❤😂😱🤫👿💀

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    That slap was personal

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    The vacuum was on why didn't the water get sucked in...

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    I was about to comment that

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    Man don't that shit out

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    bro he touch the liquid with glove and phone.

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    I have a three or four and not wasting resources on useless apps.

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    your right hand 💀💀

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    bro how could 948k+ people like this video??? so yea it can burn you but not thin wood or plastic

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    Maksyalpaomk tisuru mama

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    Brat o'zbesizu nega hich shorts videoda o'zbech gapirmisz

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    Why did you watch your phone in front of acid

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    Там била записка

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    O cara pareceu o jooj natu com aquela peruca😃

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    bro everyone knows you put a green kevin the cube in there and made it into "toxic water:

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    😮 Why are used to coordinate with claps

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    how to lost braincells:

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    Hand should, veal ready be off😂

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    Iphone: tôi không chết đâu

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    How phone survive?

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    Wtf was that🤯🤯

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    Toxic water ☠️

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    Минус логика кто понял😂😂😂

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    Work smarter not harder

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    Just pour the f@#*king water out

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    Is your phone okay?

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    You just use gloves 🧤🧤🧤🧤🧤🧤 ezzzzeeeee

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    Это вода

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    i call the police I’m not litigation👮🏻‍♂️

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    oh no

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    Ya 15 pro max ka zamana nahi hai

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    نسيت سنانا

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    aku mirip sama kamu

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    Se é acido é ra pra ter sumido o celular

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    He hold the acid phone with the other hand

  • @Halimat2.0


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    not only that it still touched his skin and unless the vacuum is specifically made for liquids it will break if you actually vacuum it and why not just vacuum the acid out then?

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