inside joke among BTS that's cracks up ARMY's every time

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  • milkookie

    enjoy the video! 💜👇if you want to support me by buying some merch 🤗💜

  • GoldenPeaches

    The fact that Suga can shout, "J-HOOOOOOOPE!!!" and have it sound the exact same, every single time, is meme worthy in itself.

  • xoxoxKissesxoxox

    BTS pretending to freeze in a video and Jhope messing it up every time is my favourite thing!

  • Rachel Arora
    Rachel Arora

    Tae saying saxophonist was legit ICONIC when he mispronounced it as " sexy p0rn star"😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Nieceylay Min
    Nieceylay Min

    Yoongi owns the "still" game , he takes being a rock way to seriously

  • OtosuLeaf

    I love how V falls like a dead rat in the beginning it’s hilarious 😂 (time stamp:

  • Jessica Lim
    Jessica Lim

    BTS is so good in their stillness pose, without blinking for the longest time... each of them sure knows how to have fun as a group! Really proud of them, for their individuality and their close brotherhood!

  • A.S💜

    "Marry me yoongi" saga will never finish lol😂

  • Siennaflower

    All of these are hysterical!!! You missed when Tae was trying to come in the door on In The Soop 1, and they asked him the password, and he said, "Rock Bison." 🤣

  • Laura

    Jk just did the old man impersonation in their last weverse live too😂 it’s probably my favorite ongoing inside joke

  • hugging_a_namujoon

    gosh, I needed that sudden burst of happiness after the emotional rollercoaster of the past two days, thank you :)

  • KoOkOoNuT's TrUsFrAtIoN iS mY iNsFiRaTiOn
    KoOkOoNuT's TrUsFrAtIoN iS mY iNsFiRaTiOn

    These all aren't jokes it's memories 🥺🥺

  • S. O I
    S. O I

    V’s retro disco pop gets me EVERY time 😩😩😩😩😩😅😂

  • Zia Zadran
    Zia Zadran

    The amount of times suga said jhopee😭🤣🤣

  • Gordana Grizzanti
    Gordana Grizzanti

    This inside jokes are Legendary 🤣. I love the sense of humor from all the members😁. But Suga goes to another level with his " JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"😅🤣😂. I love the fact that Suga makes his members laughing 😆.

  • Sheila

    Until now, we still don't know what Jungkook whispered into Jhope & Jimin's ears 😩

  • ReeKi

    imagine sitting next to the closest & most tight knitted group of friends ever, witnessing how they joke, how they make fun (but fondly) of one another, how they laugh, how they have no qualms leaning onto each other. the bond was so so genuine that you, even tho a stranger and just a spectator couldn't help but smile at too, and made you wish you also have friends like that.... that's exactly how i feel everytime i watch bts. i feel so privileged to be allowed close enough to see something so precious.

  • Bulletproof Aria
    Bulletproof Aria

    The frozen vlive joke is one of my all-time faves lol It's almost always Hobi doing something cute and Joon's disappointed sigh afterward HAHAHAHAHHA

  • Holly

    There are so many more BTS inside memes we have, but seeing it all laid out like this, i never actually realized how many we truly have 😂😂

  • bam's mom
    bam's mom

    Such a good compilation. It was like a trip down memory lane. Made me laugh a lot 🤣