If Someone was Literally Always There for You. Part 3

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  • Jeffrey Xia
    Jeffrey Xia

    this guy makes so random yet creative videos that they're entertaining


    he literally teared his t shirt for our entertainment. This shows how much he loves his audience ❤😇

  • Noddyあcけrまん

    The amount of thanks it took to create this vid 🗿🗿🗿

  • Azi Nana
    Azi Nana

    He actually sacrificed his t shirt for our entertainment 👏👏👏

  • shyShadow

    "Oh man, I think I need a hundred dollars" 👀👀

  • ThundrKid 890
    ThundrKid 890

    The deodorant one had my laughing so hard🤣

  • Strange Giraffe 💙
    Strange Giraffe 💙

    The way his hand just shot out of the bush😂

  • Настя Ерёмина 🌭
    Настя Ерёмина 🌭

    Мир мечты, где все добрые и отзывчивые 🥺😍

  • Mia Moore ⚡️
    Mia Moore ⚡️

    The fact that he can just run really fast is amazing 🤩

  • 🎄Heights HighlightsS🎄
    🎄Heights HighlightsS🎄

    Bruh the weird deodorant one😂

  • Taka

    These interactions just make so much sense bc men interactions are really this fast and consistent

  • CStone

    Loved this first one. Rather than shouting, he dove into action with every ounce of strength and compassion to save those bricks.

  • Daniel LaBelle
    Daniel LaBelle

    What other ways of “helping” would be funny for a possible part 4?

  • Sypie

    goes to the bathroom

  • Emily’s review
    Emily’s review

    Can we just appreciate that Daniel sacrificed a shirt for this video 😂

  • MasterGoku

    Daniel's son: hey mom, where's dad?

  • Scorbunny

    What a kind gentleman

  • Infinite Achiever
    Infinite Achiever

    Random lady while seeing a baby:"Oh! such a cute baby"

  • qualitycommentary🍷🗿

    This dude always makes funny content while giving his viewers a good and inspiring message, be there for someone who needs you. We need more humans helping humans.

  • Niko Dimartino 01
    Niko Dimartino 01

    The most important person that's always there for you is the random person that casually was there when all of this happened.