Ice cream challenge! Chocolate vs strawberry cake

Ice cream challenge! Chocolate vs strawberry cake
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  • MiaGirlGames

    What do they do with the leftovers??

  • Bisan Badra
    Bisan Badra

    Wouldn't the chocolate melt in that uhm.... place

  • ひろ
    ひろ17 сағат бұрын

    つまみ食いが多い 笑笑😂

  • Ламинат

    Разве вкус и привкус яйца будет чувствоваться среди большого количества сладкого?

  • Arthur and Aram
    Arthur and Aram

    Why do you need so much ice cream for one roll

  • Ирина Шнайдер
    Ирина Шнайдер


  • Rafeek Rafeek
    Rafeek Rafeek

    Even if you put an egg in it, it will be very tasty 😄😌

  • Sophia Castle
    Sophia Castle

    This is how many peolple are English

  • Amir E
    Amir E

    I mean isn’t that cake already made out of eggs?

  • 수정 이
    수정 이

    언제나 힘내세요

  • MochaXEeveeCutie

    Why does he look like my great grandpa?

  • Манижа Заирова
    Манижа Заирова

    Как она почувствовала яйцо?

  • feyza ergen
    feyza ergen

    One egg doesn't change the flavor I would eat it 🙃

  • Emili Duarte
    Emili Duarte

    Soy la única q habla español ._.

  • Oriyona Abdurahmon
    Oriyona Abdurahmon

    It makes it more delicious with the egg since it a CAKE

  • pro oyuncu
    pro oyuncu

    I would like it because a one egg doesn't change the flavor bRuH

  • All about April
    All about April

    Everyone else talking about the challenge: me: how did she get that huge chocolate bar


    Me be like: bro cakes are made with eggs

  • Victoria ♡
    Victoria ♡

    Bro you just ate a WHOLE CAKE

  • _Puffy__

    Congrats you’ve found a English comment