I Secretly Cheated with //PASTE in a Building Competition

Today I cheated with //paste in a building competition in Minecraft...
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Today I invited my friends @Sirud @DirtBoy @CCrizzic to a build competition in Minecraft! We would build a random build in Minecraft and get 5 minutes to build. They had no idea that I wasn't going to be building ANYTHING! I secretly used world edit to paste Minecraft builds! Will my friends be able to find out?
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  • Terri Walton
    Terri Walton

    Sword build from Beckbrojack 10/10 Sword build from Adam 2/10 Sword build from Christopher 4/10 Sword build from Alec 5/10 Boat build from Beckbrojack 9/10 Boat build from Alec 7/10 Boat build from Adam 1/10 Boat build from Christopher 6/10 Skyhouse build from Beckbrojack 10/10 Skyhouse from Alec 0/10 Skyhouse build from Adam 4/10 Skyhouse build from Christopher 3/10 McDonald’s from Christopher 0/10 McDonald’s from Alec 4/10 McDonald’s from Adam 3/10

  • benjamin smith
    benjamin smithКүн бұрын

    Love how everybody cheated and looked at Jack's side.

  • Wolfsquad
    WolfsquadКүн бұрын

    10/10 for all of Jack’s build for all of Jack's build mode

  • ghost
    ghostКүн бұрын

    Jacks build is a 10/10

  • Max Carson
    Max Carson

    10/10for all of jacks builds

  • Ryan Duke
    Ryan Duke14 күн бұрын

    every build is 10/10

  • Timmy The Impaler
    Timmy The Impaler

    Jack you are the only man who I know that did that so I'm gonna give you 10/10 for all of them

  • Aaliyah Enza
    Aaliyah Enza

    All of jack work was a 10/10

  • Jessie Ong
    Jessie Ong

    Jack’s one is 10/10

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    jack: we need to move it

  • Stone Man
    Stone Man

    His Sord is Definitely a 10-10 Sord in

  • foxesly
    foxeslyКүн бұрын

    10/10 for Jack he is on fire

  • TheFlamingKing

    Nice video you never fail to entertain us.

  • Legendary_Godsilla

    Finally, Jack did on 1.19 version.

  • Gabriel Melton
    Gabriel Melton

    You always make my day bearable. :)

  • Bentley Hart
    Bentley Hart

    I'm giving Jake a solid 10 out of 10 for all of them

  • Bennett

    Adams third build was very impressive I give it an eight

  • •••Gamer Pro God•••
    •••Gamer Pro God•••Күн бұрын

    I give beckbrojack 100/10 on all of his builds

  • Seth Creed Gaming
    Seth Creed Gaming

    Love the videos Jack

  • Deena Kayy Ganigan
    Deena Kayy Ganigan

    The first build I liked your build even though you didn’t actually build it 10/10