I Killed My Friends Slime Pet, So I Got One in Real Life


Minecraft But, I ADOPTED and Pranked Ethan With a Slime in Real Life! Watch Till the End to see his Reaction!
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    2:21 love it

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    10:47 he killed his best pet noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........ OOOOOO... OOOOOOO......... 😭😭😭😭

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    gotta love that he flew into the house, said mmm nah i gotta sneak in

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    EYstreem is my favourite youtuber he always entertains me when its a bad day

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    No one asked

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    Oh yeah? He did not said it to you! If no one asked why do you reply?

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    @@AxolotlisMine Cringe AF XD

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    I speaked wiht ABLSmores

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    @@AxolotlisMineWomp Womp💀

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    Can we take a moment to appreciate Ethan jumping off a cliff for Mr. Wiggles? 😂 Edit: he also died forever since it was hardcore

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    then how EYstreem spectated the whole infiltration thing?

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    😳omg😳 😲slom

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    Bro the pet store worker is so chilll

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    Can we agree that eystreem is making slime pets

  • @officialdjbobroblox
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    1:16 he loves the slime! 4:01 he called their mr wiggles fool 🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣

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    This is a certified pet slime moment

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    Bro 69 likes

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    2:43 Sussy. Emoji.

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    I’m so sorry Mr.wiggles.😢 I feel bad for him

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    me too

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    Bros a 3 year old

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    Ethan Murdered Mr. wiggles irl 😭

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    What the

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    2:16 w to this men that actually sold slimes

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    America go to India that you're better than him

  • @Linda_nightlight
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    I love how the shop register literally said to wait CAUSE HE ACTUALLY HAS A PET SLIME AT A PET STORE!?

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    Ending unlocked: The replaced

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    Team revive Mr Wiggle’s 👇🏼

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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Ethan’s love for Mr. Wiggles? He LITERALLY jumped off a cliff for it.

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    Agreed (Rip Mr. Wiggles he couldn’t handle diamond sword)

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    TBF, Mr. Wiggles did save his life(in Minecraft)

  • @Dirt_Dogerulzes
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    ethan missed the water bucket clutch lol

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    another great video by eysreem good job ey. :)

  • @rimaradwan34
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    I love the guy in the pet store had a liverpool sticke on his laptop (by the way liverpool is a football club)

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    8:43 his face- 😭💀

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    This video is a MASTERPIECE, Keep up the great work Eystreem! ❤

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    you earned your self a sub

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    soo cool! I have never thought that minecraft slimes existed in real life!

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    Ethan: **Destroyed Mr Wiggles** EY: NO MR WIGGLES

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    Like KZreadr like another KZreadr

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    Rest in peace mr.wiggles he was a hero for ethan

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    I’m new to watching you and I’m impressed by your content 😮

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    Thank you ey for joining me in there

  • @GaneshGanesh-yc9um
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    Firelight Really Killed Himself Just To Save His Pet ? 9:03

  • @Cyberproduction-ic8jx


    28 күн бұрын

    Mr wiggles was he’s best friend! He saved he’s life! Poor Mr wiggles 😢

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    Can you please do another survival series it’s been so long

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    Since last i seen my son due to this monster

  • @The_best_roblox_user


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    To the man behind the slaughter

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    Noooooooo Mr wiggles

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    EYstreem never fails to dissapoint

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    EYstreem disappoints. No offence hes just annoying

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    Ur talking to ur mirrior ​@@shadowcat-emocatqueen

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    @@shadowcat-emocatqueenno that’s you

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    Fr 😂😂😂

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    That guy at the “pet store” was so chill. Can we start a pet store guy chain in the replies?🥺

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    Pet store guy

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    If that guy who was in Eystreem’s video he’s gonna be so happy

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    0:13 If you are a Christian you must know this Commandment No. 6 Do not Commit Murder

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    I do

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    Nnoooo whaa-0:51

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    Ethan won the 1 v 6 damn he is good

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    Jordan: "Let's just take deep breaths" *Deep breaths aggressively* Me: I AM COMMENTING ON THIS VID HELL YAAAA

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    Love this channel

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    I'm so excited I get to play on your server today!

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    Whatttttttt dude this guys videos is same level as an a monkey liking her ass and dancing

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    Mans so happy☠️

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    @@user-py3ez6qn1lyes, it’s good to be happy man chill with the skull emoji

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    If a man told me that they actually had slimes and told me to buy and lot of stuff I think he just be trying to tell me things😅

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    Lol. I was looking for one to

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    That was funny when Ethan just threw the slime on the floor😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    @SHEMADEITS9 ай бұрын

    Luke and Jordan are the heroes

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    rip mr wiggles 2023-2023😭

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    Next video idea: I killed my friends minecraft dirt block, then suprised him with a new one!

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    Ethan: *casually worshipiing a slime* (few minutes later) Ethan: *casually being spoiled* Eystreem: *starting to think of a plan to kill ethan*

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    9:03 is so funny

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    “i like dirt” -DerpyDirt69 at 2:43

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    I love the reaction of mr wiggles ding and then ethan ding as well

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    Aww man, I wanted to see a living slime, WAIT the “PET” store is a scam!

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    I accidentally put it on 2x speed and it looked like Ethan was speedrunning worshipping his pet

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    Dude I can’t believe Ethan not happy I mean it looks so cool😡😡😡😡😡

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    @Firelight: You monster, Slime Abuse! 😂

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    Lol 😂 his reaction! Eystreem never fails to entertain us

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    @@lana_plays7991 dont think so firesheep is his number1

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    Ey: "This is ethan's pet slime, which he loves more then FARTING"

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    Beautiful Mr. wiggles

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    Poor jordan tried to make ethans day better and then ethan proceeded to just throw mr. Wiggles on the ground😢

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    Hold up hold up a Second I need to buy the slime from the store I mean pet store.

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    @useron60 bro she weird

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    You never let us down with good videos