I Collected Every Illegal Mob In Hardcore Minecraft

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  • @Beppojoe


  • @kazumi3283

    Genuinely thought he was just carrying a steak in his offhand until I realized that it’s a totem

  • @blakemoon3213

    I can’t believe he just is so chill after spending upwards of about a thousand hours on this world and he just says “thanks for watching the series”

  • @OnyxSinon

    damn mad respect for keeping it real, the other 'hardcore' youtubers would've never posted clips of them dying and would just reload a backup, pretending like nothing happened. You've got my respect and a sub, can't wait for the next video!

  • @carynn3496
    @carynn349621 күн бұрын

    let's take min to thank beppo for how much hard work & time they spend to make us happy like they lost their hardcore server for this video

  • @cheese7047

    Can we just stop for a moment to appreciate his hard work and effort for that world,

  • @gabbyy3592

    That technoblade moment caught me right in the gut man 🥺

  • @ItsLime

    I've never heard someone be so chill when losing their hardcore world, most of them sound like they're about to rage quit

  • @GrecoMapper6969

    The fact that he encountered the rarest mobs in Minecraft and built a whole museum for them and eventually losing his hardcore MC world is just sad.

  • @SpotfulOfficial

    This is the reason why I love Beppo, so calm and chill, even after he lost his hardcore world.

  • @argonwheatbelly637

    Brilliant video. I love the commentary and your frenetic style of narration. This is 78.29 scads of fun!

  • @Rgzgrt

    I love it when Beppo says "it's beppoin' time!" and starts beppoing everywhere. I love it, would beppo again 11/10

  • @user-hh9xg8rj2o

    Your a REALLY good builder! Can you maybe give us viewers some tutorials on how you do it?

  • @BloohYT

    What a way for this series to end... Im sure the next season will be a whole lot better!

  • @oceanyrblx1864

    Sad that this series is ending but everything ends at some point. I am so excited for the next series

  • @the5thghostbuster
    @the5thghostbuster28 күн бұрын

    fun fact: in medieval art, unicorns are usually depicted as goat-like creatures, the horse-like ones do appear just not as frequently.

  • @rutmerplayz5388

    You made my day, your energy in these videos is really apealling. Continue this vibe!

  • @toastysauze

    To be fair, even if you'd caught the Warden, he might have killed some of your other mobs.

  • @chris_me_llaman

    That ending was unexpected. I feel sorry after all the time and effort you put on that world

  • @sleepy_zeepy

    It was such a good idea to make the Techno Statue, it was very thoughtful.