I Cleaned The DIRTIEST European Championship Trophy!

Тәжірибелік нұсқаулар және стиль

I found the DIRTIEST European Championship trophy you have EVER seen! Which country does this trophy belong to AND can i bring it back to its former glory? You will see it all in this video!
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🎬This video is about:
In this cleaning video, you will see how the DIRTIEST European Championship Cup/Trophy got meticulously cleaned and restored to its original glory! Watch as we tackle the grime and tarnish that has accumulated over time, using professional techniques and tools to bring back the shine and sparkle to this prestigious trophy. From the initial inspection to the final polish, follow along each step of the way to witness the dramatic transformation. Whether you're a fan of sports, history, or just love a good before-and-after reveal, this cleaning process is sure to impress!
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Cleaning The Dirtiest. That is what we do! We clean the dirtiest cars, carpets, shoes, keyboards and everything you can think of. We want to entertain you with satisfying cleaning ASMR no talking video's. Everyday.

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    If this comment hits 100 50 likes, I'm cleaning my football boots

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    Nobody cares about that shit

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    @@rtgplayzs5468 cry about it lol

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    @@Footballballer918 yh like ur premier league trophy

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    Bro touched more trophies than harry kane😂

  • @raulvelazquez1810
    @raulvelazquez181028 күн бұрын

    0:01 - Taking off mud/ dirt pieces 3:19 - ITS TIME TO DRINK WATER 💦 3:47 - RIP bros toothbrush 4:21 - Misty air pressure thingymabob 5:31 - Foamy thingy 5:52 - Brush polish thing 7:16 - Wipe/Finished Product

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    How do u find these

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    I think he put it in mud

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    Time capsule

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    He finds it in dirt

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    This guy is my favorite KZreadr I have watched, he has so much talent, and his videos just show how much talent he has, what a great person, he is the best,

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    Yes, his talent is to clean things he bought from Aliexpress that are fake 😊

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    @@Axolotlplayz5711fake really?

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    No one: Harry Kane's Euros trophy...

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    Your videos are very high quality and excellent.👍👌

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    Nice job on actually getting these.

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    How do things even get this dirty !?

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    Ronaldo: 1 Euros This guy: 1 Euros 💀 This guy is rivals with Cristiano

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    Wow, so clean!

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    Bro stole England’s trophy

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    He found England’s euro 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥

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    No wonder why it never came home

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    Wouldn’t the beginning steps of rubbing dry hard dirt leave a bunch of little scratches?

  • @King-astro-YT


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    It did if u look a lil closer u would see it in the end

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    Like if you love soccer❤❤❤⚽️🏟️

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    Kane mentality:

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    I want that trophy 🏆

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    У бро больше трофеев чем у Пеле Роналдо Месси и Мбаппе💀

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    Uefa super cup 🙏

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    хорошее видео

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    5:08 if you zoom in you can kinda see a face reveal

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    if my comment gets 100 likes then i will clean up abandoned objects in the landfill, just like what you did with the cups, it's awesome.😀

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    Your first

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