I made a LEGO Video Game Army...


In this video I build a bunch of my favorite video games.
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    If you wanna see more games like Red Dead Redemptiom, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Wii Sports, Plants vs Zombies, and more then go watch the first time I made video games: kzread.info/dash/bejne/p62No6t6ks-0eZs.htmlsi=LXyS0JLrTkmkarbh also go watch Td’s video: kzread.info/dash/bejne/ZKN_0bCiZ9i4l8Y.htmlsi=O5KS1CQXEG58PhH3 Sorry this video took so long had a bunch of irl stuff happen but thank you all for watching it genuinely means a lot. there’s a million vids on youtube but you chose to watch a random kid connect plastic blobs 😂

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    I'm first to comment sacred give me a heart for coming first

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    Alr bro

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    ​@@BlackCatAdventures_you were like 18 sec later than the first guy

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    I can't believe we've never got Herobrine in LEGO 😔

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    you look like him

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    Pretty sure mojang censors herobrine stuff also yooooo generic



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    I love your videos!!!!

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    can't stop watching your videos

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    Is this the official account lol

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    Oh man this is going to be great!! Your content is just getting better and better.

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    All the organic shaping techniques you used for the the pokemon and Kirby are super impressive! (I want all the replies to feature a Snorlax emoji -->🔵)

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    Do you think snorlax would look better with dark green? Or did you just not have the pieces since dark green is a rarer color.

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    This guy should be a Lego Master Builder!

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    He most definitely is

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    Fun Fact: the Snorlax is shiny, look at these colors, my man is darker than a normal one

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    I LOVED this video! Charizard and Snorlax made my day

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    "After viciously assaulting a mouse..." -sacred bricks, 2023

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    Nice builds man every thing is way better then if I would do it

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    Idk know why but Kirby keeps getting famous more and more everyday

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    I can't believe that his past video games characters video was almost a year ago time is going by so quickly 😮

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    This is epic! keep up the great work!

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    The hog at the beginning is the definition of sacrifice

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    "Now bc they didnt wanna scare kids lego never actually made fnaf sets" *mcfarlen has left the chat*

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    I honestly thought Freddy would’ve been the ultimate boss fight of the video, cause he’s Freddy, but snorlax makes much more sense ( r.i.p to the brick 101’s channel) .

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    What was the $40 torso on hogrider from?

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    Keep up the Snorlax tier builds

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    bro that charizard is actually so fire 🔥 I would buy 10 of them if it was a lego set

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    It’s the guy from KZread

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    Yo this is sick! Keep up the good work!👌

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    love the new vid i am now significantly better than i used to at building lego so i think that i might make a few videos with my builds and thanks for the suport sacred :)

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    The "Snake" you made with Snape is called the Basalisk. But dang lets go! ITS FIRE! THIS IS FIRE

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    And why didn't you make god? OH SHOOT- I MEAN ARCEUS

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    Maybe do splatoon next time?😊 Epic builds.

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    Fun fact: Lego animal crossing sets are rumored to be released next year

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    LEGO Animal Crossing aged EXTREMELY well lmao

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    definitely need more pokemon builds

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    Nobody's gonna talk about how he said it was super long like Luigi?

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    We already know it’s a good day when he posts ❤big W

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    Snorlax is my favorite pokemon, so thanks for building him and calling him the strongest.

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    idk why but when he broke charizard I actually started raging lol.

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    i didn’t break him. he couldn’t fly

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    @@SacredBricks did you get rid of the yellow rat?

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    Lego should hire you if they ever get a license for Pokémon

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    You should make a tutorial on how to make them

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    I see that the blue bomber is not here, but it’s OK because I know how hard it is to make.

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    They’re making real animal crossing sets now 😊

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    Me thinking he’s using instructions until I see that charzard head

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    Sacred is one of my top 3 favourite KZreadrs!

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    and i’m not 1 or 2

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    @@SacredBricks first comes the b3, then sacred (you) and then master builders. You are my second favourite!

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    The funniest part is there’s already a Pokémon bowl in Lego that’s official

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    luigi's double p compensates for the length of his kart

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    "The police are scared of me." * gets arrested 20 seconds later*

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    Good vids. I appreciate the work!

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    When is part 3 coming out 🔥 🔥

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    How do I become cooler than Snorlax?😂

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    you can’t.

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    @@SacredBricks bro is a savage

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    That’s sad

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    Just be him

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    I wish he added Master Chief and Doom guy that would be great!!

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    Your videos are so fire so well made, btw That Charizard do be looking fire

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    9:44 Sacred: THIS SHOULD BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY Me in Germany watching this video while having no school cuz it’s a holiday😂

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    Your a huge inspiration for me!

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    That kirby came STRAIGHT from my nightmares

    @TDBRICKS2 ай бұрын

    This is better than my video

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    Yeah, aren't they friends?

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    Honestly you both made a good video

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    You need to make a tutorial on how to build charizard

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    PS your builds are incredible

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    Ah hell nah Freddy looks like he came off a Who Was book

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    That Lego charizard was amazing!

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    He really uses legend of zelda footage when we was talking about super mario lol

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    Snorlax is the strongest Pokémon for sure! (Snorlax is my favorite Pokémon)

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    Snorlax is my celebrity crush

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    @@SacredBricksme too :)

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    ​@@SacredBricksfr samr

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    Idea for your next army have every single rainbow friend and a bunch of popular playtime characters, and garden of Banban

    @STICKOMEDIA2 ай бұрын

    That herobrine was the most epic custom minifigure speedrun I have ever seen

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    You know Freddy's a dead child's soul, right?

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    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down…

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    Me when I saw the Freddy Fazbear bootleg Lego figure in the thumbnail: yes

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    We need official Fnaf Lego

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    I agree William afton

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    Yes i actually want a FNaF Lego set

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    Good idea

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    The High ground 😂😂😂 Pikachu roasted him by destroying the lego poke ball.

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    I really loved the FNAF build and the super Mario one, good job man keep up the good work, and also could you do a part 2 of this with games like fnf, fall guys, cuphead, pizza tower, poppy playtime, Garten of Banban, Amanda the adventurer, choo choo charles, bendy, portal, rainbow friends, doors, pvz, and lastly pacman pls, I love your videos

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    for owning previous versions of Duke 3D, but yep!

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    There is no limit for making lego its the world's best job (W Edits Sacred)

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    Bros gonna get canceled because he wants to play hogwarts legacy

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    0:40 i didn't knew you enjoyed Coc

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    i love COC



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    "Oh yeah lets make lego minecraft!" *Ques the pvz music*

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    Hey sacred could you make more videos about Kirby please

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    nothing is more cool than snorlax

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    Herobrine used to haunt my nightmares, quite literally

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    HOG RIDAA is CRAZY!!! Awesome video!

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    I just love when I get that notification saying "Someone liked your comment!" Or "Someone has subscribed!" Makes my day better!!!!!!!!!😊😍🧐

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    Bro pls give a tutorial on CHARIZARD he's amazing❤

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    Do you go to add these on Lego ideas because I would definitely accept them

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    The builds are awsome❤❤❤

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    During the part of him talking about Mario I got a Nintendo ad lmao😭

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    nice video its cool

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    Congrats you're first

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    Wow congrats 🥇

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    I’m suprised we still don’t have a Lego Pokémon set

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    Lego NEEDS to make a official pokemon set

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    They cant another company beet them to it (mega blox i guess) the first vid of making video game 🎮 characters

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    Could you ever make Lego Team Fortress 2 ?

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    Congratulations with 1 mil❤❤❤❤

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    Dang, I was hoping Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom was going to be here cause it wasn't in TD's video, still cool Link was in Smash Bros tho.

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    i may or may not be doing a separate video on that….

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    The sacred man

  • @eaea-nc9nx


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    @@SacredBricksquestion how did you what peices are on the back of the kart

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    @@SacredBricks cool.

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    Sacred is the best

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    no you are

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    @@SacredBricks thank u

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    Ive been waiting for another upload FINALLY!!!!!!!!

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    How about EAFC do a part three with the AFC inside

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    That wizard tower had no chance against everyone’s favorite troop in clash of clans

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    I dare you to bring back some of our childhoods and make the *Wither Storm*

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    Scared, you know you could have use white paint??😅

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    Sacred* ☝️🤓🫸 Sorry😭

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    FNAF is my favorite

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    4 + award = Cocmaster03

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    Me too

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    Mine, too, Mr. capybara/hamster

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    Ngl the Kirby is just absolutely great

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    These are so good

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    For a second I thought the Freddy was going to look good IN ANY WAY

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    I’ve never heard of Pikachu, is that a new mon?

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    Pikachu is in a leaked concept art

  • @skullgamer3649


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    @@thewonderfulworldofmaxma-wz8ny ohh

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    “The police are scared of me”.

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    Here to stop kids from saying first🗿🍷 Edit: HOLY CRAP IM FAMOUS!!!

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    Refined young gentlemen 🗿🍷

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    Very good

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    I agree with You kind sir and i support You🗿🍷

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    Me two 🗿🍷

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    As a pokemon fan i totally forgot Pikachu excited🗿🗿

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    Idk why pickachu is higher than a regular mini figure he’s like what 4 diameters tall?

  • @avdozahirovic1770


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    And if he was too small then why make a pokeball for him?

  • @avdozahirovic1770


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    Other than that still a good video you should make more things like this

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    'kidnap him'💀