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    21:10 "World's smallest IPhone" It has an Android UI 😂

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    Stokes twins, subscribed because your vídeos always make me smile!!

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    0:30 what is running in the backgroung

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    12:55 Jungkook fear of exploding microwave

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    At this moment the food was to stunned to speak… 😔✌️

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    Bro when shawn wear buble suit there' an armor 😂

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    4:48 not the balls 🖐😭

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    I'm watching them for almost 2 years and my biggest wish is to meet them

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    Shawn has his own channel 😂

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    Sure if these comments never existed

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    Because the people who made it, you should be able to bend it even a little bit of people who made it lose it together

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    32:08 Tanner says It was Gud LOLLLLL Had me dying

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    Be thankful That Alex and Alan do alot of dangerous things for us

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    18.39 to 18.51 got me laughing for 1 minute

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    I only think I don't like is the gay bs they do every 5 seconds. Super cringe

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    Alan and alex inspires me... My parents said if i get 1k followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging..

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    What r u begging us for​@@waffloos.?

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    the sumo ball i can fit my whole body dangnabitt

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    Can we all agree that the Stokes Twins makes our day ❤

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    ​@MrDJ2007bot no one cares

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    hahahah it's so funny how shawn got scared by the relaistic old man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    3:25 WTF!?

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    Caseoh broke that scale once I think

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    caleb such a pick me 😂😂 i love it

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    Monkey is cute❤❤❤😂

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    EXTREMELY cute and cuddly at the same time 🥰

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    I love the videos so much you’re so funny I hope they pick my comment

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    T'loveyou chone soo match ❤ aya

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    the editor dont need an oscar he needs a new editing setup😭

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    accutlly a oscar is worth more so SELL IT FOR MILLIONS!!



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    Both of you 2 sus

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    Stoke Twins are going to the craziest level in these videos😯😯

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    Я люблю CAT❤

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    The Stoke Twins never fail to entertain us❤

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    I will not @@DaFuqBoeoum

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    What abt 3:25 ? And 3:26 ?

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    @@IAmJustAGuy240YOU LIE

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    5:14 I hope he’s okay

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    Me to

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    It was a mannequin

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    @Itsbella12 oh Yh…

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    @@Glitchy.pixel187shawn actually got hurt did u not see

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    I love your videos. I subsrcribed, hit the like button and the notification

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    Guys, the heaviest blanket in the world is the wet tiger blanket

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    They have never failed to make me laugh 😂.let’s just appreciate how much effort they put into making these videos

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    Fr that's all the comments💀

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    Nah they suck

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    15:49 o mil

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    Can we all agree stokes twins always make your day?

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    @@user-rk3yt2xv2y what?

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    🙋 I love Stokes twins

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    I like it

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    10:12 bro that was plastic😂

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    Alan and Alex, they are cool. 😂👍

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    The amount of effort Alan and Alex put in this is outrageous

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    Don’t Translate 🚫🚫🚫🚫 intliziyo yakho iya kuyeka ukubetha ebuthongweni bakho ngobu busuku. Ukuthintela oku kufuneka ubukele imizuzwana ye-45 yevidiyo yam ye-youtube musa ukubeka emngciphekweni!

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    @@nFeazyAAAAAAA yea no I’m not scared

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    That foam machine looked like something different…

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    But he was away from the camera 6:12

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    He break her ankle

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