How Zoom Beat Skype | How Zoom Became Popular | Florid Miston

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This Video tells you about how zoom became so popular, how zoom beat skype, How zoom defeated skype, how zoom beat Webex, how zoom earns money, How zoom became successful, How zoom beat tech giants.
Zoom founder Eric Yuan added over $12 Billion in his net worth in less than 6 months. Eric Yuan became one of the top CEO in Silicon Valley in a very short period of time. Zoom made video conferencing very easy and fast. Zoom became so popular during lockdown all across the world. zoom was started in 2011 and soon became a billion dollar company.
Explained by Florid Miston
0:00 Introduction
0:41 How Zoom Was Created?
2:40 How Zoom Beat Skype?
4:06 What Can We Learn From It?

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