How to Make a Triple Star Wars Diorama: Hoth, Endor, Tatooine

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We're getting nostalgic for the Star Wars movies, so we decided to create something truly exciting! In this video, we'll show you how we made a Diorama with three locations from the Star Wars universe that every fan knows!
First, we took pieces of Styrofoam and chemically melted them down a bit to start shaping the location. From the little pieces of Styrofoam, we built the entrance to the cave. Next, we mixed glue with soil to cover the entire surface with this mixture! For this location, we decided to build the AT-AT from pieces of Styrofoam and small wooden sticks. We gave it a more realistic look with a wood burner and paint, and chemically treated it a bit. We refinished our location with white paint and a spray can of fake snow. Towards the end of this location, we decided to make a fighter plane, which we attached to the wire around the legs of our AT-AT. For the second location, we immediately covered the sand with glue and made The Sand Crawler out of Styrofoam, wooden sticks, and plastic pieces from under the pipe, which we later painted. We added some scenery of the planet Tatooine, along with a TIE starfighter that fell on the planet. For the last location, we took a foam stick, which we wrapped with paper towels and painted wood color. Next, we added some decorations and made a bridge between a second tree like that. We made a little house out of styrofoam and covered everything with moss to make it look like the planet Endor. To complete the picture, we made two AT-ST walking machines out of plastic and sticks, one of which looks broken. At the very end, we placed figurines of characters from this universe in all locations to make our work look complete!

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