How To Make a Robotic Huggy Wuggy Using only garbage!

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Hello friends, do you still remember Huggy Wuggy? He’s the furry monster with the terrifying face from Poppy Playtime. There are so many new horror games out there and everyone has their own preferences. But we wanted to show some love to Huggy Wuggy and make him even more frightening! So we decided to build a robotic Huggy Wuggy using some materials we found in a dumpster. This version would surely give you more nightmares than the rainbow buddies or the FNAF characters! So, let’s see what we created!
We started with the head, which we made from a disassembled joystick. We replaced the sticks with LED bulbs and connected them to a switch and a power supply. We used a plastic clip to make a jaw and attached it with a harness. We also added some details to the face to make it look more better. For the body, we used the base of a slingshot and some plastic garbage. We made the arms from plastic tubes that came from other toys. For the legs, we used two electric razor nozzles and covered them with plastic parts. We painted everything black and then added some metallic paint. We also added some blue, yellow and red accents to match Huggy Wuggy’s colors. Finally, we made a platform for our robot using foam material and putty. We painted the sides with metallic paint and added a blue spot made from melted rainbow man. We also took half of a FNAF toy and fixed it to our booth. And that’s how we made our Robotic Huggy Wuggy booth!
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