EXPERIMENT: Big Toothpaste Eruption from Giant Coca-Cola Rocket, Mtn Dew, Fanta, Cola and Mentos

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  • @user-zu5xq8ww3c

    Your video is very nice 👍🙂

  • @dinocoreofficial-superhero504
    @dinocoreofficial-superhero50416 сағат бұрын

    This game is really captivating. it's too interesting. But hope those who don't know chemistry well don't try it because it can be harmful to you. 😍

  • @kevincho6721

    먹는거로 장난치면 안돼죠.하지만 중독성있게 재밌네요😂

  • @zymriebruti9899
    @zymriebruti9899Сағат бұрын

    Its like ice when it explode crazy

  • @artsygirl2267

    I love how far the bottles went

  • @chetanraut5170
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  • @rudolphthered-nosedcat6701

    very relaxing🙂

  • @englishescapism2278

    Digging that hole, pushing those mentos out, so smooth! He has done that before :)

  • @Chee605

    The explosion was WHOLESOME

  • @emanuelefrancescon7556
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  • @szymonmajchrzak7741

    THIS IS SO COOL 😄 good job making this 👍

  • @karlyrouse3336
    @karlyrouse333618 сағат бұрын

    Why r u not completely emptying the containers

  • @bmstellar

    It hurts to see him waste so many drinks

  • @gymnasticsworld4533

    This is really cool! Make sure you clean up after ❤️

  • @Lightheart42
    @Lightheart429 сағат бұрын

    Imagine how long it would take to clean it up XD

  • @masoncosmiclethbridge3987
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  • @user-jw6ze5ox5k

    no matter how many times I see this kind of experiment, it still feel sooo good 😆

  • @yulisaceh5795
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  • @krystalmartin8950

    Where did you get the big drinks from??

  • @raisa5176

    Самое забавное в этом видео, смотреть как улепётывает экспереминтатор)))