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    WELCOME TO CRINGE SHOP! holy water- 10 likes gun-40 likes Therapy- 50 likes Get hanged-70 likes C4-100 likes Nuke-150 likes Talk to god-1500 likes Have a good day!

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    I want therapy

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    Get him to 1k likes

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    People who didn't help Steve 👇

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    I need freaking holy water after this shit

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    theres a thing called therapy 💀

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    KZread Kids at 3 AM:

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    Welcome to Damian's shop: One like:fists Ten likes:knife 15 likes:gun 20 likes:report button That's all for now,goodbye! There will be updates when I replie my own comment

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    Who miss 2016-2018 :( 👇

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    🤧😪😢I miss those days

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    you don’t miss the old days. You miss being happy -Albert flamingo

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    The cringe button 👇👇

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    I will pay for everyone's therapy 💀

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    bro shit on the carpet and didn't even notice💀

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    Bro I’m 9.. And this is Smth you should report People who’s gonna report!❤ 👇

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    Welcome to our shop punch:0 likes pistol:5 likes Therapy:10 likes 2 pistols:15 likes Machine gun:20 likes 10 bois with machine guns:25 likes 20 bois with pistols:30 likes Ak-47:35 likes 2 Ak-47:40 likes HIGH PRICES Anti cringe pistol:100 likes Anti cringe machine gun:250 likes more things coming soon!

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    @CheriChoufleuFou wdym

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    Team who didn't help maniac steve 👇who agree

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    Who wishes to be that carpet 👇 Edit: WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD LIKE THIS

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    A wise man once said, “it’s never to late for adoption”

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    a wise man named kreekcraft

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    4.8m people who like this video: SIMP's People who aren't like the video: 🗿

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    POV: KZread at 3 am

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    En mis tiempos herobrine se mataba a golpes con stive

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    We need a 3 month long apology video NOW,

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    Welcome to another episode of “ what the H3ll did I just watch “ 💀

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    Dead body reported: Red: what happened cyan: clearly blue is dead Black: were there any wounds was he decapitated Maroon: no he died to cringe All of them: CRINGE!!!! Maroon: yes cringe Yellow: what could be that cringe if blue died to it (Maroon shows yellow this vid) (Yellow has flatlined) Black: welp now yellow is dead back to task everyone All of them: skip vote Narrator: no one was ejected Black: oh no cringe AH Red: oh my god dead body reported Maroon: ok what happened Red: cringe got black Maroon: dear god Red: and i know who it is All of them: who Red: cyan Cyan: ...... Maroon: yea it's got be him he is so quiet when you said it was him All of them voted for cyan: Victory:

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    “KZread shorts is not that bad” KZread shorts:

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