Eating The World's HEAVIEST Man’s Daily Diet!

We survived 24 hours of eating the world's heaviest man's daily diet to see how it would affect us physically and mentally and it got very challenging.. so watch the full video!
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Kat Hixson ‪@kat_hixson‬
Thanks @eriktheelectric for the inspo in this video!
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    Be sure to watch until the end to see how eating all this food affects us 😅

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    Don't traslate😠 ในเวลาไม่กี่ชั่วโมง หัวใจของคุณจะเริ่มหยุดเต้น วิธีเดียวที่จะป้องกันไม่ให้สิ่งนี้คือสมัครรับข้อมูลจากช่องของฉัน …

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    Ello stoke twins on top sisisi no

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    I love you guys ❤

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    5th like :)

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    Team get Alex to 1 million likes 👇🏻

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    Alan and Alex are the best

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    Alex is fat but he can lose weight

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    ​@@user-jn2qe5ji2kkat: NO HE CAN'T

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    Alan & Alex are finally twins again 😊

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    3:46 throwback to when everybody stuffed Alex's head into the cake and put flour on his head while it was his birthday 😂

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    food wasting

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    20:02 Alex looks like he’s pregnant 🫃 😂

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    Fat shamer

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    Мой любимый ну ты ещё знаешь это Алан и Алекс😂❤❤❤😅😊

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    4:31 bruhhh☠️ That's the one thrust punch😂😂😂😂



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    You Love alex

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    Alex is not fat and is filled with a kind heart

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    Justice for alex everyone like Alex is not fat he is filled with kindness

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    Thank you for saying that I said that to you before and one of the videos I can't remember which one who is either a short but thank you😊😊😊😅😊😅😊😅😊😅😊 for sticking up for Alex mom's house cat to stop being mean cuz she's the fast and slow one she needs to work out more put some work in those thighs😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Bro you're the best ❣️

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    é verdade justiça pra os gordos🎉🎉🎉

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    You are so right

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    Stokes twins I’m a old fan u guys always make me laugh I’m a subscriber.

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    I love you Alan y Alex

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    What did they eat? Breakfast 12 eggs +1,000 1 pound of bacon +3,000 32 sausage links +2,500 Entire loaf of bread +3,000 Coffee +700 Snacks Handful of candy +3,000 Lunch 2 pound of burger +2,100 Extra large fries +700 2 liter soda's +800 Dessert Ice cream and candies Dinner 5 ham steaks +2,300 6 corns on the cob +1,800 6 baked potatoes +2,500 An apple pie +4,500 And 2 liter soda's +900 Total 28,800 calories When did they start 1:13 breakfast 5:39 snacks 8:07 lunch 13:27 dessert 16:29 dinner

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    wow thanks

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    1k likes soon broo

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    And tanner on the toilet sounded like Taco Bell

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    ​@@romeab2how he only has 15 ❤😂

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    Alex is so fat fe sat in the rainbow and skittles came out.

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    Honestly, Shawn is really funny 😂😂😂 2:01 “Dang bruh, you can have this sausage” 6:16 “Are you sure you guys wanna wash your hands, cause I can lick it” 16:07 “Dude, poop fell out of your pants”

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    8:00 i became one with the ballls. now gime dem balllllllls

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    I am so proud of you alex❤🎉🎉

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    Alex= nice Alan=nice Tanner=nice Shawn: 💀

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    The fact they are doing something thats not really good for them selfs to entertain us good job keep up the work!

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    16:52 why did Alan look so cute eating the corn 😅❤

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    What a good video bro❤

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    i really love your videos

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    5:08 got me dying shawn really said "cmon big boyhhhh

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    i gave a good round of Applause to Caleb 12:50

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    13:49 bro 3rd time

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    Hola me llamo espiquer woman.

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    Alan es un guerrero 😃

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    Alex, don't let the fat jokes get to you.

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    10:36 Kat is the new air raid siren 😂

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    Alex has to get his wisdom teeth removed because the video Alan got his wisdom teeth removed got over 1M likes. Spread the word!❤️

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    Alan we are comming for you❤🎉😂

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    alan and shawn are kinda cuteeee

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    legit my favourite video

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    "you die looking for those balls or you live long enough to become one of those balls" had me laughing. Who votes shawn should have his own sus channel

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    I think zapped the creator of the comment is right

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    Bro y’all childish how is that funny

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    Bro i want shawn to make a sus channel it’d be funni

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    Alex this is something for you you can try but you can't give up you can cry but you give up you can do anything don't let kat and the haters let you down you are not fat it is who you are and somebody out there do not have food so you are not fat it is who you are love you alex

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    why so late it was 10 months ago but i guess its fine i nelieve in him

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    A small insertion point blinking in the document area is called cursor

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    We can appreciate Alan and alex and there friends for entertaining us❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊

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    @@paradiseartis what?



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    Gyaaaaat damn

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    Yeah guys I don’t think Alan or Alex ( I can get confused sometimes) like it😊😅😢

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    Bro they only get mad when kat does it but everyone else does it bro so stop doing it she already said 1mil likes shell stop so u guys should stop to

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    Alex is not fat! Alex is not fat! Alex is not fat! Alex is not fat!

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    I went dying for laughness when kat just slipped and got crushed😂

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    First 😊😊

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    Alan and Kat make a good couple

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    Kat be like: “So you are eating your own diet.” Everyone else: “Come on Kat.”

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    Alex you are not fat that is the way you are and people should appreciate the way you are ❤❤

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    Nooo sike yess❤

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    I think Alex gonna be heavier than titanic

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    For people who think kat is a fat telling machine and for people who Don’t think Alex is fat they are both equally identified as skinny(in a good way)and they are both really good at both things .one quick thing to say I’ve been subscribed for 1.3years ,I hope that’s long enough .I keep on watching your videos.your my fav KZreadrs. Edit:Tysm for the likes 👍🏼

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    Cat has no girl power

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    You can tell Alex was actually miserable telling his story how when he was poor he ate everything he saw I love you Alex don’t let anyone bring you down! Edit:100 likes Jesus

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    I love how alex didnt want to waste the food and tried his best:(

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    Is was bad wasting a lot of food

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    You can tell Alex was actually miserable telling his story how when he was poor he ate everything he saw I love you Alex don’t let anyone bring you down!

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    Agreed to don't let Kat bring u down. Stop bullying kat!

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    Make a video kat got kidnapped and you gotta save her ok

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    And Alex your not fat ok don’t listen to kat

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    To whoever is reading this keep going,you're doing fine! No matter how slow your progress each new week is filled with tiny steps forward. Be proud of yourself you got this!

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    Can we just appreciate how Alex,Alan, and tanner said too kat that she wasn’t fat and she didn’t gain any weight when she thought she looked fat is so sweet

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    @@ItzTocaMilyyes she did? just cause she makes fat jokes doesn’t means she’s a terrible person. go back to playing Toca Boca on your moms phone, mily.

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    Bro was giving birth at the toilet after that lunch 💀 (I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCHHHH IM UR NUMBER 1 FANNN

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    Your videos are so funny.Especially when tanner said what happened to that girl power Kat

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    Tell everybody to STOP calling Alex fat,because he is not fat! He is actually identified as skinny (but in a good way) by the way i've been subscribed for 2 years and you guys are my favorite youtubers❤have a blessed day❤

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    i identify as rich... Why the fuck am i still broke

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    The fact they ate SO MUCH! We all love you guys for putting effort in your videos to all make us happy. STOKES TWINS ARE COOL!

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    when kat got her punishment... sheesh, the sirens went off

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    1:39 caseOh brother 💀💀💀

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    Finally! I have been waiting for so long for you guys to upload another video! I hope you guys keep uploading more content! Thank you very much for keeping us entretained! (P.S for Kat) #stopcallingalexfat

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    He already did in the beginning of the video when they were making a human pancake no hate

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    Diabetes: How lucky Alex

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    I feel like Kat never get's punished PUNISHHER FOR CALLING ALEX FAT!!!

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    9:54 that burp caught me off guard 🤣😭

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    The fact that shawn said that "that's the one thrust punch" i looked at tge backround and he did 1 LOL THAAT GOT ME KILLING

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