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Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaathuhu
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Speaker: Ustadh Ali Hammuda & Sheikh Omar Suleiman

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    Prophet Muhammad SAW said "In 3 situations, if you pray a dua, it will definitely get accepted." 1.When your body starts to shake. 2.When you have fear in your heart. 3.When you have tears in your eyes. Prophet Mohammed also said: "Whoever shares this knowledge, he will have a house in front of me." (-Al Bukhari)

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    Do not compromise on your Deen = Priceless Advice! Jazak Allah Khairan, both of you, brothers!

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    Thank you

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    @@snowkiekho5453 You are most welcome, ya akhi!

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    Masha Allah, this a topic where nobody has gone in depth,its really eye opener for believing men and women

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    Asslamu Alikum! Can I use your videos for my youtube channel? I will add subtitles in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic Language. Will you allow me to use the content for my youtube channel. And I will also make some graphical changes. And is this kind of activity is ok to monetize my channel through your videos?

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    May Allah SWT guide us and keep us steadfast on The Right Path of Islam! Aameen

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    Ameen yah rabbul Aalameen ♥️☝️

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    May Allah bless the speakers, channel and the listeners

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    Subhan Allah Alhumdulillah Wa li ilahaililah Wa Allah O Akbar ☝️♥️ Peace and blessings of Allah swt be upon all the prophets messangers companions ra and the Sunni Muslim ummah ameen yah rabbul Aalameen ♥️☝️ Mashallah tabark Allah swt Alhumdulillah a beautiful video about the religion of peace Alhumdulillah ☝️♥️

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    This is a great reminder and guidance for reverts like me. Alhamdulillah & Jazakallahu khairan for this content.

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    Alhamdulililah for Islam

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    I watched the one of heaven which was made back, and notice you released videos in succession, Brother it is invaluable knowledge, I hope Allah gives you ihsan, I watched it after i learned while reading about Qadar in Al Qamar by coincidence. I really hope belief and knowledge can spread to the ummah soon. I feel excited, and may God bless you, and bless you with something new and amazing, and truly progress you further with protection, a mesmerizing rank.

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    Love you brother from the grave of empires, Afghanistan. Recently, I happend to see your video on youtube, but it enchanted me to step up a bit further in your channel. So, the result was just enourmous especially when I watched the video of the Prediction of Muhammad ص (PBUH). I am your big fan now.

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    Alhamdulillah for Islam ☝🏽 🏴

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    Peace be upon all of the strangers 🤍🌹! May Allah our beloved lord admit us all into Jannat Firdous.

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    Amen habibi amen

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    Ameen yah rabbul Aalameen ♥️☝️

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    When all is said and done, it's better to be the victim than it is to be the perpetrator.

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    ❤Subhan'Allah Alhumdulilah Allah Hu Akbar 🤲🏽 🙏🏽 💯

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    Jazakallah khair ❤

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    Subhan Rabbi Al Aalah ☝️♥️ Li ilahaililah Wa Allah O Akbar ☝️♥️

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    Gain God. What all will understand: "You will understand that the Father is in Me, and I am in you." Through Christ, God gave us back the divine life mankind lost in its fall. Hence the divine healing miracles and casting out of demons, we experience up to this day. To see God in Christ.... is easy: "The Father and I are one!" "If you see Me, you see the Father!" "Don't you believe that the Father is IN Me?" "ALL (!) AUTHORITY in heaven and earth has been given to Me!". (Only God has all authority). At healing the paralytic: "Your sins have been forgiven you!" (Only God can forgive sins). "I am THE (not a) light of the world"......: God. "I have come to give you Zoë (=divine life) in abundance".... Only God can give Zoë life. "I am from above, you are from beneath. You are from this world, I am not from this world"..... Etc, etc, etc, When He explained these things, healed the sick, casted out demons, raised the dead, controlled nature for 3 years, they all worshipped Him as God/Messiah.... except for the critical scholars and farisees! He NEVER said: "Don't worship Me, I am just a prophet!". The Jews wanted to stone Him because: "You claim to be God". So Jesus is God manifesting in Human form. Period. Glad He did. So now we finally know the sayings and actions of God. Next step. To see Jesus bringing the divine life of the ages back to you-manity.... is also very easy. "I will send Holy Spirit, the same as Me, He will be IN you, guide you into truth and give you explosive power to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, etc, etc" "Follow Me, the miracles I do, you will do too" "God is IN you" "The Kingdom of God is IN you" "He who meets you, meets Me". "You and I are one" "You will understand that the Father is IN Me and I am in you" "See, I have given you power over all the forces of the enemy" "I have come to give you Zoë (=divine life) in abundance!" Etc, etc, etc. Hence the divine healing miracles and casting out of demons with His first 12+72 friends. As i understood these things, i experienced healing miracles and the casting out of demons already thousands of times and many other true believers do too. Yay! Conclusion of Paul after having revelation and healing all on Malta: "Jesus, the exact image of the invisible God. The fullness of deity dwells in Jesus bodily form and you have been made complete IN Him (the last Adam), who is the head of every principality and power". John (who had seen, touched, heard Jesus and walked in the same power and love): "the invisible God manifested in human form, in Christ and now in us". Thomas having revelation saying to Jesus: "My Lord and My God!". Jesus being God did NOT correct Him. Etc, etc, etc. His life totally proves He is God in human form. Begotten by the Spirit of God, filled with the spirit of God, healing all, raising the dead, casting out demons, controlling nature, raised from the dead, pouring out His Spirit for us to be indwelled by to be empowered to heal the sick and cast out demons, etc, etc, etc. Way to much to degrade Him to "just a prophet". So... Jesus is the manifestation of God in a human body.... "the Son" of God. He came to take the alienation away mankind got trapped in after the fall. He came to give us back the divine life Adam/mankind lost in its fall. Because of this fall, a perfect Holy sacrifice had to be made. That is what God did in Christ! It shows His deep, pure, affectionate passion from Him to you/His creation, to restore you back to origin: Christlikeness. Walking in divine power and unselfish divine love. Jesus walked flawless. Muhammed on the other hand.... Muhammed came after Jesus. He unfortunately never understood God's resolve for mankind's fall, wrote another story, called it the only truth, cutting of the real truth, leading millions astray from their godly identity in Christ. Heartbreaking. But for those who take Jesus for who He is and ask to be filled by His godly Holy Spirit.....: divine life. Tangible presence of God, healings, demons running for cover, etc. Just as with His first 12+72 friends. God will make you experience the full (godly) Life made possible through Holy Spirit. God can only be found in/through Jesus Christ. Ask Him to fill you with His/God's Holy Spirit so He can guide you into truth and transform your life. You and God/Jesus are finally one again. He will open your eyes and give you Zoë (divine life). You will be growing into Him in all things. The life you see in Him and His first 12+72 friends. I experience it since 25 years and so will you.

  • @Harris.azj.97
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    The video was very insightful and helpful However, the example of the footballer Idrissa Gueye not wearing the pride aspects of his kit (and protesting as is his right) seemed disingenuous to me as he has worn shirts with gambling sponsors so me personally it seemed more of an issue of the lgbtq+ and used religion as a justification of why Again he is allowed to but some consistency would have been more appropriated but I do think his media treatment was horrible any person of colour or Muslims does something it is always the centre of all media attention.

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    Impact Millions Of People - Sponsor Videos On TDR Network For Just $50 @ Become A Monthly Donor Of $10 @ Become A Member Of Our KZread Channel:

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    THE WILL OF ALLAH IS BEING DONE By: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Last Messenger of Allah) The New world of Islam is coming in,… not the old world of Islam, but a New World of Islam. “Behold I make all things new!” (Rev. 21:5) We are living in the change of the worlds. The old world is going out and the new world is coming in. This is something to be happy and thankful to Allah for, to bear witness to the change of the worlds! This is the first time that Allah (God) has been known In Person. The Coming of Allah In Person, indicated this change of the worlds ---- signifying a Permanent Change, where God will set up His Kingdom of Islam without interference.

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    It is Narrated that Whomsoever should Recite Ayat al Kursi after every Fard Prayer, the only thing standing between that person and Jannah is death. May Allah swt Grant us Jannat-al-Firdaous through his Mercy Ameen.

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    AlhamduLillah for Islam

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    ماشاءاللّٰه 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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    Guys it has been a month since the last upload. Please upload something. It really helps us to know more about islam. Please upload😢

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    Pray 5 times a day and read Quran, it will clean your all such thoughts 😌

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    Assalamualykum Can someone tells me why uploading videos on this page has been stopped?😢😢😢

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    Read Quick When You Are Here! Subhannallah x10 Alhamdulillah x10 Allahuakbar x10 Edit 1:- Pls Pin So That Others See And Get Sawaab

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    Should read 33x for each zikir and read La illa ha ilallah wahdahu la shari kala lahu mulku walahu hamd wa huwa all kulli syain qadir to complete the zikir. That is encouraged by our Prophet , may peace be on him.

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    Excellent reminder only Islam on earth nothing else brothers and sisters.

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    Okay how Islam will give us money house food children you have to live this duniya unfortunately we have no choice

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    ​@@inzykhan415he is talking about firm belief on Allah.... everything will come like miracle.. 👈👈

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    Alhumdulillah ☝️👍

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    This channel is great

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    Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said who ever said Allah humma ajirni minan nar 7time after the morning prayer when the person die before evening fire will be forbidden for him and the same when said after magrib prayer don't forget to say this every day

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    Just the Truth. 👌

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    جزاك اللّٰه خيرًا 💐

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    🌟لا إله إلا الله🌟

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    Sir u r not uploading new videos since two months r u alright ?

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    Then spake Jesus again unto them saying I am the light of the world he that followeth me shall walk in darkness but shall have the light

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    Why new videos are not comming?

  • @billsawyer7796
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    I have a question. I became a Muslim in 2015, 8 years ago, and now I have decided that I no longer want to practice islam because I disagree with many verses of the Quran. I am afraid to quit Islam because I have been warned that if I leave I will be classified as an “Apostate” and the punishment for Apostates is death so I’m afraid to leave now. Can someone please suggest to me what I can do about this. I just want to be happy and free of religion. I now have a relationship with my true God Jesus Christ and I feel much better and happier because I believe that Jesus is God. Jesus is forgiving, all good, loving, compassionate, tolerant, non-violent and truly peaceful.

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    Please upload 😢

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    Nay, they wonder that there has come to them a warner (Muhammad ) from among themselves. So the disbelievers say: "This is a strange thing!.(QS Qaaf: 2)

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    Please if possible update about yourself I m worried sir

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    Someone plz clarify one of doubt.. I urinate in floor of my washroom.. After urinating,I use tissue and clean my pvt parts.. So some amt of urine is there in hand nd pvt parts after wipe out which we cnt see like wiping body parts after washing by water.. So 1st I through some water in the floor to clean urine in the floor just below of my pvy parts thn wash hand nd thn Pvt parts.. So my qstn is if water splash come back to my body or thigh, while washing my hands nd pvt parts... Is that najas.? I feel washwasha.. I am really frustrated..!!

  • @NJ12224


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    if you wash your hands after that then it is ok

  • @sadiqueali872
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    Assalamualaikum, the video was really helpful I appreciate everyone's effort the whole team for all reminders that they share but there's one thing that is really disappointing... I opened the video and the first thing that I saw was some women in bikini for myntra advertisement...

  • @alRuh-005
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    It's nicely Explained but its true. But Most Muslims don't Have Principals. The Ruh.

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    where is new video brother

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    all the prophets were muslim, as part of our shahadah, we believe mohammed (peace be upon him) is the last and final prophet. they all preached the same message of worshipping Allah alone, as He is the only one who can fill an empty heart and grant it peace and success in this world and the next, and as He is the only one worthy of being worshipped. adam was the first prophet amongst mankind. the Quran was revealed to mohammed which really kind of started off what we know islam to be today, but technically islam started wayyyy back

  • @fadisuleiman7197


    5 ай бұрын

    I shall answer your question to the best of my ability if Allah wills it: 1) Allah sent thousands of prophets to steer people away from paganism and turn them back to the one and only true god worthy of worship which is Allah ( one of Gods 99 names ). Among those prophets was Abraham, Jesus (E'ssa) and Mohammed. They are all muslims. 2) All the books handed down to prophets were changed by priests and popes to suit their manmade needs and thus those books became inaccurate except for prophet Muhammad's book the Qu'ran. 3) Islam did not start from Muhammad but started from the time of Adam. Howevere, people kept steering away from Islam and had to be constantly reminded of their true religion and thus the existance of prophets.

  • @devicebackup664


    17 күн бұрын

    A Muslim by definition is someone who submits their will to God. So Abraham, as well as the other prophets were Muslim

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    Hey? Hello?please upload😢

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    I know its unrelated! Please, please...! I need answer! I don't know what i should do! Please! My dream is to create a comic, yet i know that drawing living things is haram, don't dare to tell me that its not! So my last very resort is... Novels, is writting fiction allowed in islam?!? I just can't leave it like that! I create story... Like literally for years! A story about fiction history, a story about human war! I want to write... I can do comic but its haram... My last stand is novel fiction... Is it haram? The novel i want to create, it feels like a brother to me, its like me myself, what am i without my story?

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    Why videos are not coming

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    you need PayPal

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    Strange Muslims = Munafiqeen

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    Maybe they r unguided.b

  • @reverted_ZafarHeretic


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    @@cacapoopoo489 maybe

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    Alhamdulililah for Islam

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    May Allah SWT guide us and keep us steadfast on The Right Path of Islam! Aameen

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    Please upload 😢