Do TikTok Foods Cause Cavities !?

Let's Find Out If The Worlds Spicest vs Sourest TikTok Foods Will Cause Cavities !? Then Use The Most Popular TikTok Toothbrush and Toothpaste to Clean my Stained Teeth!? Which TikTok Food Hack is the healthiest for your teeth?
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    Dentist-10% Mukbanger-90%

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    Who is watching this in 2024❤❤❤

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    Dentel Digest are you a spicy king

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    0:32 I use this as toothpaste

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    Bro is a sour menace

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    0:53 I also use this as perfume

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    bruh ending

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    2:48 watch out for spizee!

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    "Not that spice!" ITS ICE SPICE SLAYIN

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    How does this man not get sick from eating all this food

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    Probably spends hours on the toilet

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    He brushes his teeth

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    My heart skipped a beat when he poured soy sauce on the oreo sushi

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    Your energy is so unique. Well done & Huge Respect.

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    2ND like my reply im 2nd replyer

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    3:53 R.I.P bros toilet😔

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    He probably spit it out u see how it cuts?

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    3:48 nuke bomb😅

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    He does this all for us even it’s too spicy this man deserves a subscribe

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    I agree with you

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    I love you and your my fans will be ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    3:23 "these are the hottest nuts I've ever seen."

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    That's what Rosey said!

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    @@ThebestdibbereverRosey Who?

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    That's what she said

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    Bro I say that all the time

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    The “Fat Glob” line never gets old

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    Title edit: Do Viral BrainRot snacks cause cavities?

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    Graduations for five viewers🎉 let's party up bra

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    dental digest:im a dentist also dental digest:im 10% dentist and 90% mukbanger

  • 10 ай бұрын

    0:21 fruit roll ups 0:28 super sour gushers 0:30 warheads sour bombs 0:34 warheads sour squeeze 0:38 skittles crazy sour squishy clouds 0:41 raspberry ice cream

  • 10 ай бұрын

    2:41 giant jalapeños 2:46 flamin hot mtn dew 2:50 chili Cherry bombs 2:56 Carolina reaper puffs 3:06 hot tamales cotton candy 3:10 tapatio juice 3:22 extreme reaper nuts 3:26 red hot goldfish 3:30 listerine cool heat 3:39 fuego takis 3:43 forritos fire chamoy 3:45 forritos tajin

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    @ I bet this took you so much time

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    5:23 preztel Rods 5:27 vanilla ice cream 5:34 corn flakes

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    "Will hydrochloric acid give me cavities? Lets find out!"

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    *NO MOUTH? (sad megamind face)*

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    Bro beats the spice king

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    BRUH👾👾 That's sus.🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾🌞👾

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    I’m a little bit worried for this man’s health

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    @@samanthaasper4946 Same

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    He has become mental digest...

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    Are you good??! 😱😬

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    @Dante he's obviously faking who would go to KZread where no-one knows where he lives for help

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    @Dante he is faking its not real

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    Time for spicy not that one I died☠️

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    4:01 he’s the new spice king

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    At 2:40 he really said giant jalapeno that is a bell pepper

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    2:30 nuclear burp

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    With a 200 mile radius

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    200000 so loud littlry😊

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    This dude has to be the new spice king

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    2:36 wha-

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    Bros now niko avacado 💀💀💀💀💀💀 3:46

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    1:46 monsters sounds roars

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    Bro has more energy than a little kid,drinking an energy drink 💀

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    He’s breaking the world record for Diabetes Speedrun any% glitchless.

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    susplshie is a inposter from the mean cat bey bey night

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    @@ellkailow7182 at least spell my name right and speak legible english

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    How is it so sour that it burns your tongue?💀

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    Sometimes it does that it feels so uncomfortable

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    1:30 it looks like the watermelon has been kidnapped 😂😂

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    You guys have been so good

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    That burrito burned my tongue because it was so sour… So let’s make the worlds most sour drink

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    I'd love to have that super sour burrito

  • @jimwatson1298
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    I'd love to have everything that this person made

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    Bro rlly said a big jalapeño Like obviously it’s a bell pepper…😂🤦‍♀️

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    I'm interested in making that chicken ice cream. 🍗🍦

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    Idk how I’m gonna be treated for saying this but why does this part remind me of cod zombies perk a cola when you drink it? 2:04

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    Yep 😂 he is going well for brushing teeth,💗

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    For the ice cream drumstick, you can replace the pretzel stick with a chocolate wafer or any chocolate bar. 🍫 😋

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    I’m concerned for this man’s carpet

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    I love how he called a bell pepper a "giant jalapeno'

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    3:21 - 3:26 AYO WTF. #RythTakeover

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    Bell peppers aren't even spicy peppers 😂

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    @@Therealdidiot ikr

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    He might just be the new spice king.

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    He says puffballs it really got me lol

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    so your still laughing today right now?

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    Ain’t no way it took 1,201 rubber bands to pop a watermelon

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    it tuck 10000000000000000000

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    He is going to explode on this video because of the spice he’s gonna eat right now 😅😅😅

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    1:21 “OwWw” 😂

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    I feel like he will be the next nikado avocado but with very clean teeth

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    Is that a compliment?

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    @@MaryWatkins-u9j yes and no

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    I love when he says fat glob it never gets old

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    Thank you for watching :))

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    @@DentalDigestI’m late but if I could get a pin it be my dream and also please do a candy extreme vid

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    That one scan tag on the Green pepper💀 3:06

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    If you are worried about his health dont worry he knows what he is doing

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    3:49 How I'm gonna eat this thing?

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    I have a question, how did he fit all of that in 1 pepper

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    Hot nuts? 😏😏😏

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    he didn't he was just making it look like it fits all of that. my guess he faked it out to make it look real

  • @Eden-cz6ch
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    Smells toxically delicious got me rolling on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Bros gonna feel heat on his ass bros gonna be fighting demons

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    1:14 is good❤❤

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    Im legit worried about this man’s health and life expectancy

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    Me too

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    bro fr

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    Bros plumber needs a raise

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    This guy is the worlds unhealthiest dentist.

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    this guys energy is so unique!!! I suppose that its good? Respect!!!

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    I agree😊

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    I'm still subscribed because I have hope that your channel will return to the content that many people miss

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    ⁠@mattanimates6251I think you meant no reason.

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    aweeeeeeeeeeeee so nice

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    I love this video thank you so much 😊

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    3:12 wait isn’t drinking a whole bottle of hot sauce actually freaking dangerous?

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    No he is not drinking it

  • @Thebestdibberever


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    ​@@abdennasser865, Look at @spizee, he did it.

  • @CountryballIsMyFavorite


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    @@abdennasser865I meant consuming it, bozo

  • @steeringuy1014


    4 ай бұрын

    ⁠​⁠​⁠@@CountryballIsMyFavoritetbh I’m thinking he is not eating or consuming it. You realize after watching his videos he cuts the clip. I think he is just breaking off pieces.

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    Can we just appreciate how he turned into a spice king?💀

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    Bro ain't trying to stop cavities he's speedrjnning cavities

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    And bro is able to still upload is crazy

  • @goldenmonkeys4822
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    2:17 instead of it’s magically delicious it smells toxically delicious

  • @JML365-b6b
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    2:34 I'm in the cavity zone zoinks!😮

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    Bro just summed up the asian food culture with spiciest pepper

  • @Goofymanfacefromohio
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    I love how hes still alive after doing this

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    The fat glob line doesn’t get old 😂

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    I think this might’ve been you you went to the store and Trey only cash station and did you tuber was an idiot they do you cook the spam that’s like a three idiot an idiot, so dumb and plus I can’t I don’t like it’s funny anymore because Ramos doesn’t like spam. It’s so good how do you not like it but you know I just like the channel.

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    Not really helped until now just as well as well as well as a pull from

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    I really like when you say fat glob 0:01

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    What the heck

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    shut up its a masterpiece what he said

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    3:56 my freinds: wooow so cool me : HOW DID HE NOT DIEE

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    “spicy jalapeño” bro that’s a green bell pepper😂

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    I like ASMR

  • @MrCookieDude_
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    The way he opened the bag at the beginning of the video tho bros a karate master☠️☠️

  • @D3adD0nk3y
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    Bros not trying to get cavites,Hes speedrunning it.

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    hahahaha this guy made my day

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    Spicy mukbang be like 3:32

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    3:22 bro was testing our minds💀

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    5:23 pretzel rod 5:28 Vanilla Ice cream 5:34 Frosted Flakes/Corn Flakes

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    Hey man I love your videos you keep being you dental hygiene is important bro😅

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    Smile on 😎😄

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    ѾꙈƦƉƄᴓϏꜼꜺꜸꜶꜴꜲuʍop ǝpᴉsdnѼbɘɿoɿɿimꝚԪꚚ

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    How does this man STILL NOT HAVE diabetes, it's pretty impressive though

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    @The Grinch 🅥 Ц

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    @@PlaHiat3942 Ц

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    It's because it's rare

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    What are your favorite things

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    The only dentist everyone likes😂

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    This man deserves a oscar for not throwing up after eating that much spice

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    even my 6 year old cusin ate spicy chips

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    A Oscar is for acting

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    ​@@sillykimothat's the joke

  • @sillykimo


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    @@lorettamcgrew7491 yea ppl are saying it when they are not acting

  • @blissfulbuildsforever2455
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    I personally don't just like toothpastes I go through a process of trying to find the perfect one

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    U say mew mew 😂😂😂😂😂

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    This dude can do anything and we will still watch it

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    Blah, blah,blah!

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    Dental digest: freeze dried skittles! Liptop treats: am i a joke to you? 6:27

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    When it got to the spice he turned into a spice king 😂

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    that burrito looking like the appendix-

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    Those look tasty and satisfying❤❤❤🎉

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    The watermelon really scared me 😂😂😂

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    How Anthony said Takis made me laugh it sounds so good and funny

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  • @jjpapipompi5779
    @jjpapipompi5779Ай бұрын

    i almost fall out of my bed while watching this

  • @MrColey786
    @MrColey78610 ай бұрын

    My guy using a tooth brush with spicy toothpaste on it to brush his face😖😂

  • @Just_a_girl_living
    @Just_a_girl_living Жыл бұрын

    I miss the old him… nice and calm:(

  • @car7879


    Жыл бұрын

    now he is just annoying tbh

  • @noldabaird5231


    Жыл бұрын

    What was the old him

  • @Just_a_girl_living


    Жыл бұрын

    Yeah i agree

  • @carolinemerz5694


    Жыл бұрын

    And I swear that his floor looks like barf

  • @barbaragauthier7876


    Жыл бұрын