Dealing broken amounts of damage with collete

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  • @zsazsabo70

    Now use her instead of Edgar in bossfight

  • @picotoziom6205

    Na 2 hity bota..... JAK TY TO ZROBIŁEŚ?!?!?!

  • @Mapsez

    Strong collet. Is amazing

  • @ripnoob3

    I saw this video a while ago but I saw it again in my recommended and wanna say that this video is funny, Collete does too much damage with it

  • @reallyneutral

    i still dont know how colette works

  • @josuelmunendez6687

    And you miss use is first gadget XD.

  • @user-td4ip9td5k

    Какой ранг на калет?

  • @user-io4ng3vo2o

  • @2dfgaming475


  • @DUDE82982

    carange game already done this

  • @demetalanyurt

    Im collete

  • @septz_dex622

    How u do this?

  • @pixelmator9777

    Second comment also I got bea in brawl Stars

  • @bra423

    Беларусь Я

  • @sudhanvakashyap2980

    first comment