1) Multi-Modal Mobility M4
• M4 Drives and Flies Ar...
2) ENERCON Climbing Crane
• ENERCON Climbing Crane...
• ENERCON LCC 140 Climbi...
3) VENTURI Wheel
• This is a world first:...
• WHY has Venturi reinve...
• HOW has Venturi reinve...
4) UNIT Surf Pool
• Biggest Floating Wave ...
• Wakeparadise Milano Gr...
• Launch Party Milano | ...
• Expression Session | U...
• RSL Milano Pro / Am 20...
5) 3D images based on reflection in the eyes
6) Thermonator
• Thermonator Flamethrow...
• Throwflame ARC Flameth...
7) Aerodyme
• 2020 Inventure Prize F...
8) Nike Aerogami
9) AngGo
• AngGo: Shared Indoor S...
• AngGo Pro(shared indoo...
• AngGo Pro(Shared Indoo...
• PETAL - Innovative pap...
11) Gove
12) Freeaim VR Shoes
• Freeaim VR Shoes: The ...
• Using Freeaim VR Shoes...
• Drone Delivery for Lab...
• Jedsy 2022 - Delivery ...
• JEDSY - Mission Malawi...
14 SARL Pianolift
• PIANOLIFT2 loading a Y...
• Casa do Piano
15) FREEDOM TRAX FT1 (preview)
• Freedom Trax Europe in...
• mounting and dismounti...
• Dune climb on Muskegon...
• Testing Freedom Trax o...
• Unpacking and setting ...
16) EV4 (preview)
• Electric off roaad rol...
16.1 Ungoverned Vendetta
• Ungoverned Vendetta & ...
17) MotoEye E6
18) Railroad switch Raise3D (preview)
• Стрелочный электроприв...
• Устройство стрелочного...
• UNISTAR HR EM - Switch...
• UNISTAR HR - Switch Ma...
00:00 - Gove
01:19 - Nike Aerogami
02:16 - UNIT Surf Pool
03:14 - VENTURI Wheel
04:17 - MotoEye E6
05:35 - Multi-Modal Mobility M4
06:46 - Freeaim VR Shoes
07:38 - 3D images based on reflection in the eyes
08:36 - JEDSY
09:40 - SARL Pianolift
10:44 - Aerodyme
11:36 - ENERCON Climbing Crane
12:35 - AngGo
13:32 - PETAL
15:33 - EV4
16:11 - Ungoverned Vendetta
16:52 - Thermonator
17:49 - Railroad switch Raise3D
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    The rumble of heavy machinery on a construction site is like music to my ears

  • @rafiqkatana
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    That "Thermonator" (Flame Thrower) will *Totally* be used as a weapon if it's made available.

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    @@adicraft9803 that's direct energy weapons mate..

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    Might be a good way to start secondary fires to fight major fires by starving them of fuel.

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    Recreational flamethrowers? 😮

  • @abouttime5000
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    No one talks about the sky congestion and likelihood of mid air collisions when manned drones become a popular form of transportation. Not to mention the fatalities when the machines start dropping to the ground like flies.

  • @RobCalhounPGH


    10 ай бұрын

    The real reason we still don't have flying cars.

  • @williamj.bagnall4564
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    VR shoes. The next step toward Star Trek's Holodeck.

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    15:13 you made me cry! When i heard about the wheel chair that is able to go way more places than my normal chair. Thank you. Someday I will get one.

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    That's the piano roadie out of a gig!🙀

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    I like the device that can turn a wheelchair into an offroad veichle. Can a similar device be made to transform a walker into an off roadster?

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    Who needs an AR-15 when you have a fire breathing dog?

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    Those tank tracks are really useful on every wheeled vehicle.

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    Thank y’all we finally moving forward I still couldn’t afford non of it but am glad we upgrading seeing different a lot better then seeing the same everyday

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    All these drone type transports are going to drive ATC crazy

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    that piano moving platform is very handy :)

  • @sanjuansteve
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    @10:48 That could likely be made better if it was inflatable (and deflatable automatically). The wind from the moving semi could be used to inflate it and with an automatic valve switch could also vacuum the air back out.

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  • @josephhurst4902
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    17:25, If they incresed the Size and Durability to Flames, I could see them using this for Fire Fighters to make backfire. ( when they start a Secondary Fire to Extinguish the Primary Fire, also called a Controlled Burn.)

  • @tommyblacksheep7539


    10 ай бұрын

    Yes, but if used incorrectly like some idiot will do, it will have a massive impact on warfare as well

  • @Looney842
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    Yes flying cars, mid-air collisions, body parts and chunks of metal falling on your lawn & house, and manufacturers not being responsible for it.

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    thank you gove you make the life of a hitman even easier

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    Get a skateboard already, ya kook. Masterblading will make you go blind. 😉

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    The VR shoes are a game-changer, introducing an awe-inspiring solution to the complex realm of movement and spatial challenges in virtual environments. Their transformative impact is nothing short of remarkable.

  • @BsBucWiLD


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    7:17 - Notice the space that is needed? 6.6ft by 6.6ft... yeah its a GAME CHANGER alright.

  • @josephhurst4902
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    14:49, This will grately help the Disabled with Mobility issues, especially in area's where Mobility would be hard during Certian times of the year like New York, or Chicago during the Winter time.

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    Seen a drone spraying crops yesterday

  • @HangPutin00
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    Oh the semi truck union can afford to put some dinky drag resistance feature on their trucks but can't be bothered to install a cross beam bar on the sides of the their trailers so to prevent people from crash underneath them.

  • @deadbeat-vc9kg
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    The VR shoes are awesome. Solved a lot of movement and spacial issues.

  • @ktmmatt7243


    7 ай бұрын

    This is surprising to me since all I have seen on FB recently involved a setup where you are strapped into a harness to allow you to slide on a platform for the movement. I don't know what its called but it seems these VR shoes are the better candidate.

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    Only thing I saw worth buying

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    Thats what we need...more stuff that consumes electricity to solve problems that are at best inconveniences.

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    a fantastic technology.

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    4:10, thats pretty good seeing as the last recorded speed for the Lunar Rover was close to 5 MPH.

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    Flamethrowing robotic dog....absolute nightmare fuel!......I need one in my life!!!!

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    finally i can play my grand piano in the woods

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    ได้ความรู้ใหม่ๆ มากมายครับ

  • @andybanan1992
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    And what is the noise level of the flying drone car? From experience drones tend to be extremely loud, now imaginr thousands of them at all time... cities would be unlivable

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    getting closer to D-day.... great video btw

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    that always amazes me

  • @josephhurst4902
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    7:13, This would help VR Gamers do a lot better seeing as most of the Damage in your home is due to you Walking into a Wall or Accidentally destroying an electronic device. Also reminds me of the Movable floor pannel from "Ready Player One".

  • @megagreatgodlywhiteshark2929


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    Soon we get dmmo AVR nervegear system in 10-15+ yrs hopefully

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    I hope they put windshield wipers on the next upgrade and then lunar rover to keep those solar panel dust free it’s about time to come up with a new prototype with better wheels, etc.

  • @khalifakenta9667
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    The drone should come with a emergency parachute that shoots from the top of it if the propeller stopped working some how and impact cushions on the bottom and sides

  • @genjitsu7448
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    There are sooo many of these "you got to see this..." videos out there, most of them are boring, only occasionally showcasing something of real interest but this video was a bit better than most - nothing on here that most of us were not aware of or we are not completely surprised by the ideas presented, etc but this video to my senses was interesting because I have interest in each area presented! And I am impressed with the innovations, the ideas, etc... and these people deserve a ton of credit. That piano mover - total geinus design" and the truth is - it is actually obvious if you just look at how people currently move them. Wow, well done folks. The rollerblades and skate deck - seen them before right? Yea, but these seemed to be solid ideas with performance that I would accept. The flying taxi - YES, YES and YES, I am all about that future. I would absolutely LOVE to see humans in flying drones competing on an actual race course. Dangerous as all hell probably but heck, this is a call to all the geniuses out there - how can you make these safe in the event of a mid air collision? A collision with a bridge or other immovable object, a crash landing on water, etc... get to work because this would be one of the most amazing sports a person could ever participate in!!! Now drone delivery, nah, pass. It should be for life saving transportation, emergencies, rescue, etc... ONLY! Not for a new watch band and some cool socks you found on scamazon... the cost will likely aways be high, we don't need our new watch band delivered minutes after we found it, we can wait for a truck... sometimes stills same day! We can wait a day or so, they have done an amazing job already can't we live with that? Please say yes - there is a reason. See next paragraph This drone delivery is something that I think is competing with a hobby called FPV Racing, FPV Freestyle, FPV Long-range flying FPV anything. It has made it so anything that flies and weighs over 250grams is subject to this FAA law which will slowly (I am speculating but I can imagine that this could be true) shrinking where you can fly, when you can fly, how long, how often, perhaps starting to charge somehow... Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of children through adults participate in some sort of RC flying hobby and this is terribly sad that this new regulation is coming this Sept. and it will effect EVERYONE with potential for HUGE fines (6 figure fines) and even jail time! All for just flying your rc model. Something that we have all done for decades with likely no real problems, no real property damage, fires, etc. These pilots are not "spying on you" we don't care we are not looking for faces or people, we are looking to see the beauty of the flight itself. Anyway side rant terminated, my apologies but it just came to mind and it obviously has something to do with what we saw here... Thanks if you read this! I feel I have unique and important stuff to say but a lot of it is technical or related to how humans interact with each other, etc...

  • @berryvr7184
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    6:51 cool, until you step sideways xD

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    The only person to ever pronounce Nike wrong lol

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    I can just imagine being inside a motorcycle helmet screaming at the top of my lungs to try to get voice commands to work

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    Finally!! A robot dog accompanied with a flamethrower and artificial intelligence.

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    Congratulations, AngGo, you just reinvented the wheelchair

  • @megagreatgodlywhiteshark2929


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    Etech wheelchair lol

  • @randyrcook
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    Creating a CGI short film is very different than building a working, affordable flying vehicle.

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    i highly recommend wearing safety shoes when moving a concert piano rather its with a robotic lift or not..........rather then being barefoot in the grass.

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    Very cool and it seems the future is already here but taking over by AI

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    The dog with a flamethrower has target tracking and is not meant for war? Haha okay yeah in the same way an AR15 is meant for hunting

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    I wonder if some people would use the freeaim vr shoes as roller blades because I see a similar function here

  • @josephhurst4902
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    6:17, I would see it more useful for Military purposes seeing as it can literally handle any terain at the moment. Plus if it had micro tool arms on its Front, I can easily see them using this to deal with IED's instead of sending out someones son or daugheter to try and disarm it.

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    What're birds gonna do when drones enter their airspace.

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    That's what I do create products I got 3 american made on deck now! Grinding in every morning 7 days a week!!! Let's go get it!!!

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    It seems that people are increasingly dependent on technology.

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    things are really going to spice up once you can sprint in the VR shoes. Not sure how they are going to let us double-jump, but I'm sure someone will develop some kind of harness for it, you will just require a loft apartment

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    My little brother has/had a motorized skateboard…. which was more like a snowboard with a motor, but off terrain wheels and he said it was a blast when it worked….unfortunately it didn’t work much, and sat in storage in a garage for over a decade now

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    Trailer tails have existed for years, yes. Skirts too. The only difference I see with this one is it's built like a canvas tent instead of hard panels.

  • @RobCalhounPGH


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    @@genesisproject1908 Material and it automatically deploys. But yeah, they've been around since the late 90's early 2k IIRC.

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    The flamethrowing dog should've been named FIRE-DO !!!!! Get it ?

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    Moving a piano is expensive no matter how you move it because you have to tune it every time it is moved. Unless the piano mover can tune the piano after it is moved. It will still cost $$ to tune it

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    My thoughts exactly...😂

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    great video

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    Oh my God, that dog is straight out of a Terminator movie. It's going to kill us all. You realize that, right? You're talking about it like it's just no big deal. Have you never seen a sci-fi movie? What is the purpose of an AI controlled robot dog with a flamethrower on its back, other than to kill all humans?

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    those VR shoes are nice.. until you try to jump :)

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    AngGo "no need for walking anymore" *stairs be like*

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    hopefully some of these robots will overtake the pet industry. then we wont need to let so many animals suffer under the hand of hoarders who have 90 cats and 20 dogs, and no job to afford them all.

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    Now that's a real flame thrower. Elon's is just a torch.

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    The thumbnail as well as static picture at 16:49 is cool but unrelated to any items described in video chapters.

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    This channel is what keep me going every day! Love every bit of this video!

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    Are you okay?

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    10:24, This could make or brake Moving Companies... But would be Essential in music halls, or Downtown offices... Reason I say Offices, is because some have Board room tables that have to be Assembled on site because of the Size of certain parts... With this they might be able to deliver it fully assembled.

  • @RaptorJesus.
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    6:29 yes, because all partridges and sealions have wheels XD

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