Coco saved Mario’s wife,but whose child is it?


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    Princess Peach has left the chat.

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    Just because you get runned over doesn’t mean you get pregnant. Or was she already pregnant? Someone please tell me

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    Male plumber gave birth to a purple eggplant and it all died....

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    Really sorry to the girl who is now on

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    R.i.p. Luigi 😢

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    You had a baby 🤱 and you Sauk

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    Kkkk ya na hora do papa

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    Nooooo luigi

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    cringe button

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    Peach:am I a joke to you

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    Bro got pregnant ona car💀☠️

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    Ah ah AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH LUIGI IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYO!!! also is that transgender luigi why did mario have a kid with LUIGI

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