Cake or Fake

Rebecca Zamolo reacts to cakes to see which ones are fakes. Watch my latest video - • Meeting Our Baby Girl ...
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    How Many Did you get Right? Wrong Answers Only

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    Omg my sister is a massive fan of you she is obsessed with u pls reply

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    Hi 3 mins

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    I think less than 7 is so hard

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    Rebecca you always make us feel happy

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    "I told him I needed to reposition my hand"... Meanwhile its on camera that he said literally nothing 🤣

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    Watching this, who craved cake besides me?

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    Where's Rick Noah

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    I got the makeup one right.

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    I have one problem. The woman wore the shoes with her own feet, and then ate them! 🤣

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    And with her standing in them how did she not squish them

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    I got a lot right

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    Ok 8:06

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    I wish I can eat those cakes

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    Rebecca I really really am a big fan of you can can I meet you just a hard because I love you

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    3:28 i got them all correct 💃💃

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    I got all them right so far

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    I couldn’t even count how many questions I got wrong😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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    Rebecca I love watching whatever you watch please could you make part 2 will it ice cream if you did thanks ❤😊

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    I love how Rebecca still makes us happy 😃 and she’s supporting her daughter to !

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    I agree what your saying

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    Same she works so hard

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    Yes very true

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    I like how you still make us laugh and happy

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    I got all right 😊😊

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    All correct

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    Everyone loves watching your videos not cause of popularity or anything but it’s the work that she still puts in the videos even tho she has a baby

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    i thick that is so trow

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    My favorite person in the game master network is Rebecca. She makes all laugh am I right you're my favorite KZreadr 🤣😂😅😀😂

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    @@samanthaborah8284 ?

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    I wanna see a round 2 cuz it's so funny to watch

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    I even no my buety had a dream of cake 🤣

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    You get the baby Bluey❤ enjoy

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    Six and I guess we know what waits Matt uses 😂

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    Keep the work up never give up!

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    I love rebecca

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    We love it

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    Hey Rebecca I love your show and my mom loves your daughter too baby is super pretty and I want to say Isaac put you in that program the red curly guy with Isaac and he just put on the sky he didn't want to get mad at him love you guys❤❤❤❤❤

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    I love these videos

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    Love your videos of you and Zadie cute 😍🥰

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    I got all of them right 😂I just don’t know how😅😅😅

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    It says Edward because it’s my dad’s surname Sir name. Surname

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    I love all your videos Rebecca they’re awesome and I watch them all the time when I can

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    I just Watch your videos all day I love the one where it says Zady Learns how to swim

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    The spelling of zadie is not zady it is zadie

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    I love you 😢🎉 can you say it is so hard to do

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    Love you guys I love you Rebecca you’re just cool Maddie so I just want to get your merch and a new iPhone

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    I love your videos 💓

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    Your daughter is so cute, I hope you doing ok and your daughter Zadie to

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    I want cake now 😂😂😂

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    Well done Rebecca

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    I’ve already seen these kinda vids but you just make them better Rebecca

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    😅 haha I love them all correct haha I got them all correct😊😅😅😅😅🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤ I love you so much Rebecca zamolo and I am subscribed to you

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    Watching videos all the time on KZread shorts so I only got one wrong.

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    I guess it’s a cake because you can’t put a shoe in an oven.

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    I love how she tires to make us happy!!💗💗

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    Same to you my freind? @@STRAYKIDS4Ever14

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    I know and Matt they are so Cute together

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    3:28 that was a time on the phone

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    3:28 Fri July 24

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    Lol I love this!!!

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    I also love ❤️ Rebecca’s video’s

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    Zadie is the cutest thing ever

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    I got one wrong and Rebecca I love your video because everyone watches but if you want to prank that you can ask me my name is Angeline okay I'll give you the the prank for Max Matt silver you you ask to come to the background and then you put him in a face or you can put an and so that's a big idea you're welcome I'm so few more but it's okay if you want to ask me again you're welcome

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    lol cake

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    nearly all of them were correct for me and i luv ur vids so so so so so much😇😇😇😇😇

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    Hi my cousin is such a big fan and my cousin has both of your books ❤️ we both love y'all 🥰

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    I got 4 wrong and the rest right and I love your videos ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😇😇

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    I love how Rebecca still supporting her daughter and how she’s still making videos for us and how she’s losing challenges for us to go do things for her baby that her baby needs I love you Rebecca and I wish I could be in one of your videos and hold Zadie

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    She is soo nice i realy wana meat her but i live in England

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    @@lollydollylola9193 same I want her to visit later on in her life that's my dream

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    Me too I really want to meet Zadie and I live in tafelsig

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    @@fredandnormagomes6223 Hi

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    Love you guys I love you Rebecca you’re just cool Maddie so I just want to get your merch and a new iPhone 5:59 .

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    i got 0 wrong because i already watch all of them

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    The trick is the more you want to choose one it’s probably the other.

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