Buzz Off, Mosquitoes | D Billions Kids Songs

Oh no! An army of annoying mosquitoes is attacking Cha-Cha, Lya-Lya, Chicky & Boom-Boom! They're biting and buzzing everywhere, making everyone itch and scratch. But wait, here come Mommy and Daddy to the rescue! They've brought out the big guns - mosquito repellent, a cozy mosquito net, a mighty fly swatter, and even some magical skin cream. Join the gang and let's see just how effective these super tools are against those pesky mosquitoes. It's a battle of bites and buzzes and who will come out victorious?
It is itching, itching,
Itching, itching, itching,
Itching, itching, itching,
So much itching!
#DBillions #mosquito #forkids
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