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  • @StokesTwins

    There’s a Myth that You won’t watch the whole video..

  • @shanayamohsin4577

    Stokes twin never fail to entertains us

  • @aeonaninipot9110

    if this video gets 1m likes Kat needs to be nice to Alex for 1m hours

  • @lxnarmystic8273

    the cinder block myth one is not true because if you have the right technique and the right form, you can actually break it

  • @timswitzer2406
    @timswitzer240614 күн бұрын

    Love your videos keep up the good work

  • @AeStHeTiC_dEmOnS

    After seeing the school water myth I am so glad I graduated high school this year and never drank the water

  • @error_playz310
    @error_playz310Күн бұрын

    the water myth is in this order: 1 straw 2 swirl 3 normal. The reason is because tanner didnt position the straw correctly, its supposed to be in a checkmark kind of way so it can let all the air thrust into the bottom of the water bottle so it would let the water pour out like a sink tap

  • @julialazz6478

    I love how Kat just stands there laughing while the twins could have potentially died from the pop rocks and soda 😭😂

  • @sagelight3643

    To escape a choke hold you actually have to tilt your chin in to their elbow

  • @sarahandbengreen448

    I love all your guys content. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have gotten me though without you knowing both of you make me a better person. Just thank you so much!

  • @kidlovesgaming
    @kidlovesgamingКүн бұрын

    i love Calebs facts they need a 2nd channel from Calebs scientific researches

  • @araratbelay3905

    The way that he fell down when he drank Coke😂😂

  • @jackiemamawatoto232
    @jackiemamawatoto232Күн бұрын

    they need to do a video where Kat is acutally nice to alex for 24 hours

  • @jaswinderjassal1669

    I fell bad for calab bc no one lets him explain his stuff

  • @oliverherwildgaspard312

    The quickest way to empty was willing but it got patched and now is with the straw

  • @user-re8oq9ui7g

    On myth ~94< for the straw one, you need to blow through the straw, which makes it quicker.

  • @gibsoneasterling7876
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    I'd love to hear about scientific reasons

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  • @kakaluc4789
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    i love how pig is screaming but also smiling

  • @telmacamelo9880

    Congratulations for hitting 17 million subscribers 👏 🙌 ❤