Breaking 100 Laws In 24 Hours!

We broke 100 laws in 24 hours.. There's also a law that you won't watch this video all the way until the end..
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    Don’t listen to them alex you are NOT FAT!! You are perfect the way you are and that’s good!

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    Alex you are not fat you’re beautiful just the way you are ❤

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    Even tho people call him fat it’s maybe bc of kat bc she says he is fat and when she tells him that he gets sad then he eats when he is sad

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    Yeah that’s true never accept bullying and you are not fat you’re cool and pretty slim I wish I was fat so don’t worry

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    Ur still saying he’s fat

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    si esta

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    Alex is not fat and Kat needs to learn "treat other people the way you want to be treated"❤️

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    Exactly, I hate seeing Alex getting called fat

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    Alex isnt fat he's just built different❤

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    I agree

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    No he likes eating

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    @@normalbacon12310 thats kinda mean

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    i know everyone calls him fat when he is such a good person #stopcallingalexfat

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    @@spongebob7302 no it's not he's hungry

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    Don't worry about the comments you are not fat ok your an awesome youtuber

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    Loise le di lika y me suscribí

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    Alex if you are fat or skinny what really matters is how kind you are and who you are inside❤❤❤❤❤❤🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

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    even if yur fat skinny ugly cute at the end of the day its night

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    6:47 Alex is not fat he's just full of happiness and to all those people who think otherwise think twice about bullying 8:08 NEVER MIND ABOUT THE BLANKETS-

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    I agrey

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    I agree I get called fat loads of times but I'll never allow any one to call anyone else fat

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    Me too. I agree. It should be illegal to cyberbully.

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    I agree as well

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    Alex and Alan are beautiful just the way they are!🥰

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    When people say Alex is fat I almost start crying. Share the love guys don’t be mean especially Kat ❤️

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    love your videos i can't stop watching them

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    Alex, it don’t matter what people say you are beautiful just the way you are❤❤❤❤

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    I stand by your words😊

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    agreed ignore kat always calling you fat

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    Alex is not fat

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    Bro Shawn is not the best

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    I liked the video the same time

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    😮yo 6black wihte y

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    I also did

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    It’s impossible so nobody can do it

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    Sí sí sí sí sí sí sí sí sí sí sí

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    Don't worry you are in perfect shape!😁🥰

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    So true people call Alex fat

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    You are perfect just the way you are💕

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    @@katysingo6523 it’s only kat

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    Hola Alex te quise decir que no importa lo que te digan los demás tú siempre vas a ser como tu gemelo soy maile Isma

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    Don’t let the haters get to you you’re not fat Alex you’re perfect the way you are 😊

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    Yeah no matter why Kat says.

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