Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - BYE Boxes, FREE New Brawler, and STARR ROAD!!!

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  • Maxonchik

    Я всегда рад очередному обновлению, но без боксов игра уже будет не той, что прежде...😔

  • yousef

    Man, I will miss that happiness when open a chest and get a legendary brawler after a long play😢

  • Furkan Can
    Furkan Can

    this will probably be the only game where it never stops getting updates

  • Balázs Halász
    Balázs Halász

    After the update, the only mistake I just think about the high price of the star powers, gadgets and gears. So far, we could just open them from boxes with a low rarity chance however, now they're too expensive. You should find an easier way to achieve those items. Anyway, this is a great update!

  • Sadcumt08

    Coins are the only problem for me, star powers for 2k is crazy

  • Sandro Costa
    Sandro Costa

    Frost Queen Amber looks beautiful, she just needs a different dialogue. It would also be nice to see some more mythological based skins.

  • fizzii

    I am sincerely glad for the updates, but how sad it is without boxes, still return them (Before, when I played, I liked to open the accumulated boxes and rejoice at the fallen fighters, yes! Most of the time the players did not give out, but there was some joy and anticipation of something :)

  • no_audio_silence___
    no_audio_silence___7 сағат бұрын


  • Aric Youssel Chandra
    Aric Youssel Chandra


  • Team ChillRoll
    Team ChillRoll

    Please… add back boxes! I loved when I couldn’t predict what brawler I could get

  • Ava Bel
    Ava Bel

    I am still waiting for the boxes comeback😭😭

  • Eymen Alp Avşar
    Eymen Alp Avşar19 сағат бұрын

    Hezká písnička hrozně se mi líbí

  • Tema_ Gamer :D
    Tema_ Gamer :D

    Большая часть комьюнити играла из за боксов, было одновременно и интересно что выпадет, уже будет не передать ту интригу когда видишь 6 или 8 предметов, это было чудесным временем.

  • Даша Осадчук
    Даша Осадчук

    Очень надеюсь, что ящки вернут! Вся интрига была именно в ящиках!

  • tarugo de calça
    tarugo de calça

    Então,Supercell,eu estava pensando,para não sentir saudades das caixas,eu pensei assim:

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome4 сағат бұрын

    Hello, dear developers. An update came to my mind, especially a new system. In general, all the updates are recent - I like them, I just hope for new modes and redoing the old ones⚪

  • SMToon Malay
    SMToon Malay

    Боксы всегда будут в наших сердцах 🥀

  • R_N animasyon
    R_N animasyon

    The game was perfect when there were boxes, But when the boxes are gone, the beauty of the game is gone.😢😭😓

  • Danilo Junqueira
    Danilo Junqueira

    Supercell, vim relatar um problema urgente, o pareamento é com base nos troféus, tudo bem, porém alguma pessoas receberam todas as recompensas do caminho de troféus que já haviam resgatado, com isso jogadores desbloquearam brawlers lendários com fichas do caminho de troféus, e subiram ele até nível 11 com os pontos de poder (que já haviam coletado).

  • Echo

    You guys should buff Ash, just saying.. he’s pretty weak right now. Either a change to his speed, quicker attack speed by default, or maybe a change to his star powers.. cause Edgar and pretty much all other melee brawlers outclass him entirely; winning a solo showdown match with him is highly unlikely, considering the only thing most brawlers need to do is get really close to him off the bat. You’d think the 200% rage boost on the first hit helps, but in reality the rage only allows him to overtake a few more brawlers.. just barely over half the roster.