🅰️😂💪 BOY VS MAN Challenge

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  • @Alexagsoccer

    Who is smarter?

  • @hayden_thegamer

    Man needs a Oscar for his acting skills

  • @VillapandoCowenMadeaux

    Press F to pay respect

  • @J4XVR_baboon

    For people who don’t know the man got kilo weight and boy got pounds

  • @JurahanBulatov-nv8zj


  • @wolv9694

    Bro needs 9999 Oscars

  • @AidenJosefMartinez

    "bro needs an oscar" "bro needs 999999 oscars💀💀💀" "bro needs an oscar for his acting💀"

  • @Zamka1976


  • @ikerikinmi1653

    Bro needs an oscar

  • @RobertTomance-iv2jc

    Good actor nice

  • @user-ju3po8sy6v

    You acted so well, I couldn't help but notice🙄🤞🏻

  • @Suetnoi_05

    Cringe button

  • @bannanaz__

    bro doesnt needs an oscar, bro needs to be a cinema actor 💀

  • @Simply_Bryce

    People who know he’s not trying

  • @user-ot9xe1ze6l

    Он прикалывается

  • @unkoyairving1965

    Bfr you just made him look weak

  • @cousinccls5888


  • @MR_NooBastic

    My man gonna start his villian arc....🫥

  • @Navya_Gopal

    Cringe butten

  • @MohigulRoziyeva-on5on

    Please like me