Bottle Head Smashing World Record Attempt!


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  • @MrBeast
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    Let me know what record I should go for next

  • @tlock8829


    Ай бұрын

    world record for most generosity

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    Bro no comment? Seriously? Let me fix that

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    Most chicken legs eaten in one minute

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  • @user-td5mq8eo3b
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    glass ❌️ sugar ✅️

  • @DembricOS


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    Bro didnt you realise that it was sugar😅​@@K-Box44

  • @gabrielart1379


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    Yes. That is not approved.

  • @user-hb7ft6ob8t


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    За ВДВ

  • @PrisPringle


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    Eat it

  • @pikkisful


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    "oW mY hEaD"

  • @thelegendYouruncle.123
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    MrBeast is in pain ❎ MrBeast is amused✅ 😂😂

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    ye lol

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    Only one more comment let me fix that. That mean make this comment to the most answered comment.

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    Yes lol

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    Мистер бист вспоминает как служил в вдв

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    Два танка

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    А почему на канале мистер биста все видео на русском 😭😭

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    ​@@Uunknown211звуковаяч дорожка, его видео переведены на разные языки

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    ​@@Uunknown211 это звуковая дорожка. У тебя поставлено на русском.

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    8 сағат бұрын

    ​@@Uunknown211Нажмите три точки в правом верхнем углу короткой кнопки, выберите аудиодорожку и выберите язык.

  • @pikasisy_oi5530
    @pikasisy_oi55302 күн бұрын

    I could hear the thoughts during the end: “I got brain damage for nothing!?”

  • @meraculus-zn3zx


    Күн бұрын

    the bottles are made of sugar

  • @oleksandrserba1448


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    MrBeast ❌ MrBottle ✅

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    Mr bash

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    MrBeast6000 ❌ MrBottle45 ✅

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    @@Masterchief_Tito bo’oh’o’wa’e

  • @NeoRacer
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    Bro didn't even break all the bottles and still asked if he has the record 🗿

  • @TheDuckGuy0


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    Bc there were so many of them

  • @saadjsayed


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    Bottles will always be more obviously

  • @Salmon12439


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    I am salmon

  • @Kosimsk2video


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  • @dragonballisking


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    ​@nipsutortilla238 there was the ammoumt he needed to break the record

  • @DailyJaxrl
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    Mum why is there gum in my hair?:❌ Mum why is there glass in my hair?:✅

  • @FanClub581
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    He has already broken a record as the best KZreadr in the world❤

  • @reeyanabdullah1789
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    Smashing Glass Bottles ❌ Smashing Sugar Bottles ✅

  • @user-ij8wl3xc6q


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    Well, yes, because glass bottles do not break so easily, and even if they were glass, Mr. Beast would have received serious wounds. (I used translator)

  • @SheeNaa_Unknown


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    If its glass bottles he wouldve gotten serious enjured,and he didnt specify or say that it was glass bottles

  • @tomatelindo2437


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  • @charcoal6249


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    Quick question. Did he say it was glass?

  • @Squirtle_Squad_Supremacy


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    Do you want MrBeast to bleed out or something, of course it's not glass bottles

  • @AuroraMikaylaNoraini
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    Glass ❌ Sugar ✅

  • @MLTSazim
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    Oh God! It's a really critical world record. I love you❤

  • @ahmadsyarif6966
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    Jimmy : Did i break the world record? Man behind him : absolutely not Jimmy reaction : 😐

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  • @Japanfoodyum9000


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    The record was higher than he did

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    His name is Michael

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    Yeah I watched the video too.

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    You are so so Nice you always put a smile on my face in some of the videos you make me cry and happy tears.

  • @ShanBrohi-xk8ez
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    Sir you already break the world record ❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉

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    Glass bottles ❌ Sugar bottles✅



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    C'est du faux

  • @user-vu3pq7ih2i


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    Это бутылки из сахарного стекла, они не оставляют повреждений

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  • @LonelySandwich
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    Those bottles are weaker than my new year resolutions

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    Same, lol

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    Sugar glass, much safe

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    Seu canal e mt bom ja o meu é mt ruim nunca vou ter 50 inscritos

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    Thank you Mr Beases, I have subscribed

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    Sugar❎ Glass✅

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    Glass bottles❌ Candy bottles✅

  • @Ladla_Jutt.28


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  • @dignifulmusic7
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    hitting bottles❌ Touching bottles✅

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    @TRAVELMARVEL_7115 минут бұрын

    I did not know you but suddenly I heard you from my brother-in-law. I was amazed with all of your videos. So, I have Subscribed you & clicked on Bell button for all notifications. ❤❤❤

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    Glass❌ Sugar✅

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    Mr beast Boynton ❌ Mr beast originally ✅

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    Diam aku kasih hadiah jelek

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    Educational video❌ Breaking bottles on your head✅

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    U ain't funny

  • @cheryljenner8260


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    ​Fr also good name@@Womp_Womp_Cry_abt_it

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    @@Womp_Womp_Cry_abt_it fr

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    bence çok güzeldi



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    Hollywood lacks such actors.

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    I have been subscribed since 2022

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    Glass bottles ❌️ edible bottles ✅️😂

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    sugar glass, yes, but im not sure if its edible just bcs it has sugar in the name

  • @ShadowRL21


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  • @EarlJohnEstorco-to65r


    Ай бұрын

    it's ok mrbeast helps too

  • @svalon2680


    Ай бұрын

    U think u can do it with glass?

  • @yoceluila


    Ай бұрын

    @@theBOYSrandumb it is edible but some bits can still be sharp

  • @BrentTV
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    This MrBeast video wasn’t on my bingo card

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    Me to!

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    Was on mine! BINGO!

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    💩💩💩💩💩 poop😂😂😂

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    I love your videos😊❤

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    Glass bottles ❎ Sugar bottles ✅

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    yea there would be blood evrywhere XD

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    We're getting diabetes with this one 🗣🗣🔥🔥

  • @user-co7jk4nb8p


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  • @weslleyaguiar4837


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    @@user-co7jk4nb8p but it's sugar in bottles form

  • @danielchen7143


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    Bro what how-

  • @Twonnnhhhhhhh


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    @@danielchen7143it’s sugar

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    Seu canal e mt bom ja o meu é mt ruim nunca vou ter 50 inscritos

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    Que buen editor que tiene este bro

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    The sequel we didn't needed but we got it

  • @marvinandraws6440
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    MrBeast:"i am very busy man" Also MrBeast:

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    Чтобы сделать видео, нужно время

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  • @Famous_From_Commenting
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    I actually want to see a full length MrBeast video where Mrbeast tries to break as much world records as possible

  • @RoyBlox


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    I love mbreast

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    Yh me too



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    That would be so funny. Not using so much money.

  • @Casperiga
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    No Jimmy😅

  • @tomer_peleg
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    "No bottles were harmed during the making of this video"

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    Liessssss 😂😂

  • @OGNDaniels


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    No glass bottles anyway, Just the movie grade Sugar glass bottles.

  • @FireFrog13
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    They really got Dude Perfect's world record guy for this

  • @baalajzia1017


    Ай бұрын

    That’s what I thought

  • @CatNap_Fofo012


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    ​@@baalajzia1017Usa o duolingo pra falar em Brazilian"brasileiro"

  • @rory6984


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    ​@@CatNap_Fofo012 it's Portuguese

  • @aiboi1


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    It’s Michael

  • @HassanSayeed1977


    Ай бұрын

    Yeah I was thinking of that 2

  • @2narquitectura
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    Queremos un 24 horas completando el álbum de la copa América

  • @OliviaVuckovic
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    he should get hired to become an actor

  • @xxgokhanxx1345
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    "Did i break the record". "Absolutely not". "Can i just pay you for it".

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    Omg lol

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    "Absolutely yes"

  • @Conor_taylor
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    “ enjoy my pain” the most emotionless speech ever coming from him

  • @user-dl7re9pi8j


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    "jimmy the type of guy"

  • @Gaby-tt2ox


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    Glass❌ Sugar☑️

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    Мистер Бист Зачем ты поддерживаешь свой голос

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    Such a throwback to dude perfect, glad to see Michael's still active

  • @JPEGgifEXE


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    I thought he look familiar

  • @petra_plays7487


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    I knew I recognized that guy. Lol

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    He's always a legend

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    guys, its sugar glass. made with melted sugar molded into the shape of the glass. dont worry, hes fine.

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    wow no way

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    Yo😊 desde 😊monterrey❤❤

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    We know

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    Garrafinha de açúcar

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    ​@@Shivermetimbers888 i didn't

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    It's okay, the world is still long, Mr Bear, just relax, you won't get it later

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    (glass-❌) (sugar-✅)

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    The guy in the back was just trying to dodge the sugar 😂

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    @@NightCatFN im edging to gyatts jk

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    ¿Cual azúcar?

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    Dude Perfect: Hold my beer 🍺

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    Nice video ❤

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    Glass❌️ Sugar ✅️

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    The bugs in his hair: natural disasters around 5 PM

  • @ShadowRL21


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    "did I beat the world record? :D" "Absolutely not"

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    The amount of pain is equivalent to 😐🔫

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    Bro Mr Beast that is candy

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    Glass❌ Sugar👍

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    Did you seriously expect him to smash actual glass bottles on his head?

  • @c4rl734


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    Glass bottles breaking challenge ❌ Sugar glass bottles breaking challenge ✅

  • @kimberlymary5350


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    he never said they were glass tho lol

  • @rorowowo347


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    Bro really thinks breaking glass bottles on your head is a good idea

  • @pintudas8814


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    @@rorowowo347 what. Where are you from

  • @pintudas8814


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    Omg 707 Thala for a reason

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    Glass ❎ Sugar✅

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    We’re definitely seeing the effects of Jimmy being locked in solitary confinement

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    Yes 😂😂😂

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    Thank you Jimmy Congratulations Jose I'm from Tamilnadu

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    somewhere on the sidelines of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation: He's a Beast and a Madman!

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    Mr Beast Is Getting Flashbacks From "Fidget Spinner Vs Face"

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    He really said “Beast mode activated ”

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    Он не говорил такого не ври

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    ​@@ByMaxzinhoYou don't have humor do u

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    You gotta hold them together

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    if Jimmy gets dementia I guess we can all know the cause of it

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    Jimi my head

  • @StafJoumani


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    it' sugar, it's impossible to give him head trauma

  • @Gamerkid73-bb6ws
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    Jimmy really didn’t want to stop till the very end 😂😂😂

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    Did he tell you that? 😮

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    nah no way

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    I love your video. I just want to be in your videos too. 👍👍👍👍👍 describe

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    Glass❎ Sugar✅

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    "Did I beat the world record?" Lol you're just 40 bottles too less 😂😂

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    sir, my glass ain't glassing.

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    555th liker and no replies? Lemme fix dat

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    Uh, were you going as slow as you possibly could on purpose 😂

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    Trees are tasty and they bounce on the moon and eat iPads.

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    For the people that said sugar bottles : he never said it was glass bottles

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    When MrBeast runs out of ideas:

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    Same thing I said 😂😢

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    Si jajajaja

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    Jimmy is insane

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    Hello Mr beast im much fan 😊

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    ❌️ Trying to break the record of bottles broken on his head ✅️ Tryinfto break the record of damaged braincells

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    That was personal

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    You have to eat all those sugars 😂

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    Bro's training for "50 hours in a bar"

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    So underrated

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  • @user-dg4ep9pz7q


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    Bro it not are you blind?!



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  • @_softi


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  • @chifrudo5114


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    Not just the hair

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