Body Language Expert Explains How to Show Confidence | WIRED

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro explains how we can project confidence through our body language. Joe takes a look at various celebrities and politicians and demonstrates the things that they do that can help them appear more confident.
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  • Pingu Nootson
    Pingu Nootson

    Confidence isn’t “I know they’ll like me”, it’s “I’m okay if they don’t”.

  • Rachel T.
    Rachel T.

    I think "fake it till you make it" is really important when it comes to confidence. You need to practice it in order for it to start coming naturally. Appearing confident, even when you don't feel confident, I believe, can prevent confrontation or becoming a victim (in some circumstances).

  • Venus Wright
    Venus Wright

    He's right. I've always loved studying the gestures and language of appealing characters and I come across as confident most of the times, to the point where people are surprised when I tell them I have anxieties and various inner struggles like we all do. It's not about feeling perfect, it's about knowing you deserve to be where you're at and accepting that you might feel uncomfortable at times.

  • Wilde Wilde
    Wilde Wilde

    I was born confident and as a little girl I was constantly scolded for being too bold or outspoken. Now I own it again and found joy in life like when I was true to myself.

  • Brian

    One key to developing confidence, is getting to a point in your life that you don’t care what others think of you. Not in arrogance, but you realize that no man is to be the judge and jury of how you feel about yourself.

  • Vara La Fey
    Vara La Fey

    Anyone who has seen an infant stare at someone unselfconsciously, or do almost anything that infants and pre-toddlers do, will understand that we are indeed born confident. I think fear and inhibition are learned, and later have to be un-learned if we are to regain our initial confidence now that we have an intellectual understanding of it.

  • Fleabag

    A woman complimented me saying she loves the I walk into a room, and that she loves the confidence I radiate. Probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten.

  • A A
    A A

    Honestly I feel like confidence comes naturally when you care about something so much that you are no longer sensitive to how people see you and how you appear in front of others. Like Jane Goodall or Colin Powell - I'm a person that has a mission that's important to me, plus huge experience and knowledge that built me, and I'm proud, and what the world thinks is not my concern.

  • Carbon Footprint
    Carbon Footprint

    The presenter here delivers his knowledge succinctly. He IS the example of what he is teaching. Thank you for a concise, no extraneous lesson. It is has been immensely helpful.

  • Mila

    I have ADHD so usually it's hard for me to focus on talks, speeches and so on. But when someone is really good at speaking and confident about what they're saying, I tend to pay more and even full attention. I paid full attention to this video and even remember what I learned after watching only once. This is my 2nd time here! Just to make sure I don't forget :)

  • Sumbae 7
    Sumbae 7

    To me confidence means being happy with who you are. Having that inner peace with the person you are.

  • Gandalf The White
    Gandalf The White

    Convey don't convince is the best advice ever. Truly powerful stuff. I like how you admitted that you still get nervous, it's only human and only when we are scared can we be brave. :D

  • Kimberly G.
    Kimberly G.

    Public speaking technique:

  • SuperSaiyan3985

    Everything this guy said is straight facts. I've been working on my body language and confidence for some years now, and this video informed me of some things I didn't know - always room for improvement!

  • za zu
    za zu

    my mother thought me a lot about body language, she just figured it out being a Volleyball Trainer. about public speaking, she said: stand there a sec, then start with a quiet tone, people instinctively try to hear and will pay more attention, then a joke.

  • Public Speaking Body Language
    Public Speaking Body Language

    "I think people sometimes mistake a machismo or theatrical displays of power as confidence. Confidence can be very quiet.” - I couldn't agree more! Speaking of theatrics, research into how dictators and dictatorships make use of it is a fascinating topic in its own right. I'm yet to come across an interesting/insightful analysis of it.

  • inojmusic

    I am not here to convince I am here to convey! That line got me and really resonated with me. Thank you this is an excellent video.

  • The Turkish Teacher
    The Turkish Teacher

    This was such an eye opener.The hand gestures indicating where the man's amazing how subtle changes in body language can convey you in a completely different light!

  • Liszt Dylan
    Liszt Dylan

    Working as a teacher, having good body language and tone to project confidence is super important. It can be the difference between a class that mocks you and one that respects you.

  • solaveritas2

    I had an epiphany after having to do some presentations and being very nervous about it. When I mentioned it to my supervisor afterwards, she was surprised, she and others told me they couldn't tell that I was nervous. Body language is everything. Learn to move in a confident manner and you will come across as confident. Then others will respond positively to you and it will make you actually more confident. There's a positive feedback loop here.