BLACKPINK Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?' | Billboard Cover

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    Jisoo speaking english:

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    When they chose Jisoo in 'who's most likely to win an oscar' and Rose explain that she has an actress face, look at her now acting as a lead role in Snowdrop. So proud!!

  • @viki8150
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    Jisoo : " Because she is Lisa"

  • @rubylin1861

    Lisa : Dancing Machine

  • @crisostomotuyay9962
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    the world is waiting for Jisoo's solo debut and acting debut 😭🤍


    It's so cute that Lisa and Rose think so alike

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    Lisa : Dancing Machine

  • @bethdafoodie2549

    They chose jisoo as the one who’s most likely to win and Oscar and she has her own K-drama now 😂💗

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    How Jennie talks she sounds like a vocalist

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    My FAVOURITE Pop Group

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    Rosé- Singing Machine

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    Lisa: Looking swag

  • @duckbufflehead6294

    Rosé conducted this interview so well

  • @sumaiyahasan673

    Jisoo is my bias and she is too much beautiful..

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    After our 3 Queens now we all want our Queen Jisoo's solo. & It'll gonna blast in the kpop world ❤️🔥

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    They are so talented girl

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    Rose: Singing oscar