BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov

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    The MMA Community needed you, your powerful narrative voice and content. Thank you for your contribution.

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    Khabib: “I’m gonna retire”

  • @rai9838

    When a man is not visibly injured or bled in a dangerous sport like MMA, you know the man is a true invincible legend.

  • @aaron8977

    “If you can bring King Kong and he can make 155, let’s go”

  • @kivisuminaga7669

    "I'm gonna mould people , make people tired and make him tap" ...He already told them his game plan but they still couldn't stop him...Such a great fighter .❣️

  • @tetsushatarii2108

    Its a shame he didn't want to round off his perfect record with 30. I don't care who they put up against him in Lightweight, he still would be undefeated. But I totally get why he stopped. Seeing the pain he felt at the end of his final fight knowing his dad wasn't there to watch him... that was rough. 29 wins or 30, it doesn't matter. Khabib is still the best fighter to ever step in that octagon.

  • @lakshithstark6687

    First when Khabib started fighting everyone under estimated him. But after few fights everyone knew he is the guy after muhammad ali. The way Khabib pounded conor in the octagon still gives me goosebumps. He is the Artist, Athlete, And the king of UFC

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    In the game of Blood, we witnessed a man who never Bled 🦅

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    Seeing the humility from the other fighters in stark contrast to Connor, is truly incredible. Being the badass who doesn't take shit is fine, being proud and theatrical is fine, but don't insult the person you're in the ring with, you're both there for the same reason and there's no shame in defeat unless you lack the respect that is owed your opponent to humble yourself.

  • @louiep.2853

    Khabib is the only fighter in UFC history who have never dropped a single drop of blood!!

  • @truthfu8896

    His message was always "I ll make them humble" . What an amazing goal to achieve. The world is in need of Khabib to tame and teach the bullies that being humble is true power

  • @raginasiangaming910

    Khabib is my favorite fighter in MMA history. He was an absolutely dominant fighter. As one of the people in the video says, the amazing thing with Khabib is that everyone knew his game and no one could stop him. But what makes me respect him even more is that he maintained his humility and walked out on his own terms. The man is a legend and, imo, the greatest fighter of all time.

  • @indianajones9098

    His character paved the way for new fighters to learn respect and be more humble regardless of there victories. All the best to that man 🥰

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    The way he describes how he was trying to avoid to break someone's arm and telling them to give up before it turns bad. What a great man.

  • @kryptikknowledge1501

    Also to add, with winnings he's VASTLY improved his towns gym back home and his family have been helping the less fortunate throughout. Been out to his gym a few years back and it was so friendly and sound.

  • @ilhaamshaikh255

    When you see someone standing in the ring with no bruises or blood in sight in a sport as dangerous as MMA, undefeated and unstoppable, you know he is just an invincible legend.

  • @KaushikChakma

    In the game of blood, we witnessed a man who never bled. Respect


    It was an amazing move for Khabib to just quit UFC like this. Came into the UFC, destroyed the current champions and dipped in his prime. What a legend!

  • @gregoryfoster7553

    Such humility and class in combat sports is extremely rare. What a champion. What a legend. G.O.A.T.

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    " Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee" - Muhammad Ali