Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science

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  • @MarkRober

    I'm trusting you guys with to use the PEZ trick responsibly!! And I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted, but my videos take a lot of work and I've got 3 more BANGER vids to drop before the end of the year!

  • @user-dy2xd2zw6e

    Imagine being an employee at an arcade and seeing Mark walk in, knowing what is to come.

  • @burrows0211

    Shout out to the muscle guy Andrew Herbert, a world record breaking powerlifter. I have no clue how Mark found him, but he sure found one of the strongest human on the planet.

  • @trickshotz8918

    I sure would need a ”dad finder”! Seems like a cool unit!

  • @carlnikolov

    Mark always comes up with the most interesting inventions

  • @cerberuscombatmma

    Only thing Mark isn’t factoring in would be the power of the universe. On my 13th birthday, I won like 3 jackpots on the same day. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Lol unless the arcade did that on purpose to make me happy. 😂

  • @SparksPlaysMC

    Your an employee at a arcade store and you remember that Mark's Making a video there , you know that 3000+ kids are gonna be following him and the arcade breaks down.

  • @wanali4504

    I must say, the air hockey backpack is genius. The other guy would never notice a backpack playing for you while you are doing something else.

  • @nunguyen3018

    I like how he casually lists all the things for the devices like everyone has all those items

  • @opticpolarbear1976

    The local arcade I work at (won't specify which one) actually has told me that most the rigged games are a automatic %30 chance to win if the owner chooses not to change it

  • @nemsos4141

    Suddenly I want to learn engineering

  • @NinjaTuuu

    "Sir why do you need 3 backpacks in an arcade"

  • @aceuni-rider6921

    Although Stackers is random in its payout, I win at least 30% of the time and the prizes are sometimes worth $15 or more, so $3 for a $15 item isn't bad.

  • @breeze8133

    Imagine being an Arcade worker and seeing the same guy on the security feed 9 different times in 1 day with slightly different backpacks everytime.

  • @user-ik3zu3cv4o

    the beauty of engineering is that it cannot be created from nothing

  • @sheldoncooperist

    Mark your channel is awesome. My kid watches it every day. You are his hero.

  • @rohailmahmood2899

    If I walked in with a backpack like that, it wouldn't go very well

  • @Chainchop789

    The punching glove thing has Dr. Stone energy

  • @moldybagel3267

    Mark is the guy that has a automatic sandwich maker.

  • @jarl4206

    There’s something about having a huge wad of “physical” tickets that makes it more rewarding/satisfying than having them just loaded onto a card. At least with the card it’s more discreet though.