ASMR Car tapping & scratching | Kia EV6 😍 | edafoxx asmr car tapping


I'm tapping and scratching this new Kia EV6!! It's a fully electric car! I hope you enjoy all the tapping & scratching!
#KiaEV6 #asmr #cartapping
00:00 Intro
0:12 Tapping & scratching logo
0:56 Side mirror
1:15 Tapping & scratching the interior
1:17 Tapping on steering wheel
2:06 Head light
2:25 Scratching fabric
2:32 Tapping on big touch screen
3:19 Tapping & scratching center console
4:34 Tapping on window
4:63 Tapping on left indicator
5:03 Scratching buttons
05:24 Tapping & tracing main screen
5:40 Scratching right indicator
6:12 Random triggers
7:30 Scratching passengers seat
8:57 The back of the car
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    🦋 TIMESTAMPS 🦋 00:00 Intro 0:12 Tapping & scratching logo 0:56 Side mirror 1:15 Tapping & scratching the interior 1:17 Tapping on steering wheel 2:06 Head light 2:25 Scratching fabric 2:32 Tapping on big touch screen 3:19 Tapping & scratching center console 4:34 Tapping on window 4:63 Tapping on left indicator 5:03 Scratching buttons 05:24 Tapping & tracing main screen 5:40 Scratching right indicator 6:12 Random triggers 7:30 Scratching passengers seat 8:57 The back of the car

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    Hi Edafoxx ASMR I Hope you are having a wonderful day today 😎👍 And you are the best at ASMR Ever 😎😃👍 And you are the awesomeness person ever 😎😃👍

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    I loved it, the best ASMR 💖✨

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    Seni çok seviyorum Eda ❤️

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    I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    4:54 tapping on left indicator*

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    the car tapping queen returns in her natural element 🤩

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    feels so good to do that again!!💗

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    KZread is getting really comfortable with the two unskippable ads

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    @@Imbalina imagine paying for youtube

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    id rather be poor and a basement dweller instead of being a sucker and paying for youtube lmao

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    @@Imbalina what’s wrong with you 😭 i know u pay for onlyfans 💀💀

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    @@Imbalina boy what?

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    @@shaknoori2868 you get no ads, background play, downloads, exclusive content, etc.. of course I'm gonna pay for that🤷🏻‍♀️ not to mention I use KZread music as well, so no ads and background play on there as well. for $11/month🙄

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    I always thought of KIA as being a “nanny” car brand but they’ve been stepping it up lately and I’m fully considering trying one of their cars out in the future. Especially this vehicle, the design is super sleek

  • @Reclikesmoney


    Жыл бұрын

    Stinger GT

  • @kiasorento5022


    Жыл бұрын

    Nah cuz the 2010 kia sorento oml

  • @arjunkasmr6139


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    @@Reclikesmoney get a cheap bmw instead

  • @kirkhammettcalvo2746


    10 ай бұрын

    here in Brazil it's a luxury car 💀

  • @user-gd7pw7do4w


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    اهها بارده حقا يا proo

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    Whoever was involved in the design of this car needs a raise. Damn it looks nice. Great ASMR too!

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    Жыл бұрын

    Pretty sure a former BMW designer designed it along with a handful of other Kia cars!

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    It reminds me of the Nissan Sivlia S15

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    @@OhhNozRPS3 how it's practically an SUV

  • @aniskoopman5793


    Жыл бұрын

    Designers from Audi and BMW (and also pretty much every other redesigned model have been done my European auto designers) designed the EV6, any other kia questions drop them below ⬇️ kia salesman here

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    @@OhhNozRPS3 woah woah what on earth are you smoking, clearly never been in an s15

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    The scenery 😩 love how it has that Twilight blue tint effect in some angles 💙✨ I'm typically not a fan of tapping videos, but yours hit different 😌 to anyone who reads, hope you're having a lovely day/evening ♡

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    The best part is when you switch from tapping the surfaces to the camera lens. Idk when to expect it and I get tingles every time!

  • @LonelyGamr
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    Growing up I never thought much of KIA. But the car designs lately have been great, and now changing the badge was a good marketing choice

  • @giga_michi586


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    Approved. The new logo is much cleaner and gives the cars a modern vibe.

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    The 2010 kia sorento tho oml

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    Your car videos are hands down, the best out there. I wish this was 30 good.

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    Wow, thanks!

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    Does anyone else find the sounds of cars going by in the beginning so relaxing? 😌

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    The scenery and lighting always make it 10xs more tingly

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    Thank you Eda! This is so tingly tingly tingly✨🥰 been watching your old car tapping videos over and over again finally another one to add to my fav list🤍

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    Yay! Thank you!💗

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    Kia is really making me like their cars with the new logo and especially this beauty right here.

  • @giga_michi586


    Жыл бұрын

    The new logo gives the cars such a modern and clean vibe.🔥


    Жыл бұрын

    Kias and hyundais the last 2-3 years have been borderline luxury car quality. They’ve really stepped up their game

  • @giga_michi586


    Жыл бұрын Peugeot also lookin really good with their family cars.

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    I love the new KN logo

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    @@giga_michi586never buy a french car.

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    Muito bom!!! Muito relaxante 😴😴

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    Очень нравится когда по камере телефона происходит таппинг ❤️

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    Samee!!! Gives me soooo many tingles!!😍

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    I love your nails and the clear crisp video. The beaded water really adds to the mood you set. The tapping is so tingly.

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    Thank you ❤️

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    @@edafoxxASMR At Berlin Germany, rain was falling, with a temperature of 53°. At Palacios, rain and fog were reported, with a temperature of 79°.

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    That scenery looks awesomeAlways feels comfortable listening to this

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    Thank you so much ❤️

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    Your emojis are cute

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    Your asmr is always so good! Definitely one of my favorites. Love the nails btw!

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    i love the car asmr videos so much, thank you eda for this masterpiece, so comfortable

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    I clicked so incredibly fast!! I LOVE your camera tapping & car videos🥰 I love how the weather looks too💗💗

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    Thank you! It was a really moody day today, perfect to sit in the car tbh 💗

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    Okay but this car looks stunning 🤩 And 6:37 sounds so so good 😳

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    I absolutely love the fog around it just makes the video comforting! Another great video I can fall asleep to

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    Okay with all the satisfying sounds aside..YOU ROCKED THAT OUTFIT. 😭😭 I would wear it but you look so much better in it than i would Eda!! Theres so much good things about you. You make great ASMR, and you look amazing!! And im guessing your a great person even when your not recording.

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    Imagine driving and you see someone pulled away from the road tapping on their car! 😁 Great video!

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    Love these car videos ! One with just the car exterior would be fantastic 👍

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    This is my first ever asmr video I've watched. Bruh, it's so relaxing

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    Welcome to the ASMR family dude, hope you make yourself at home

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    you’ll eventually get addicted

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    Don’t worry you only will be addicted to ASMR for your whole life 🤷‍♀️

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    this video is so perfect not even the rain could ruin it

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    Tell me you have a nice car without telling me you have a nice car… I love this ❤️

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    i LOVE this so much!! pls do more of car tapping videos, esp when the camera tapping happens i always doze 🥺❤️ new fave asmr video

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    That was so cool and so relaxing! Love this idea :)

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    you're car and you're asmr just amazing . not more

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    I’ve been waiting for another car tapping. So relaxing! Really like the car too.

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    sooo many tingles when you go from tapping the car to tapping the screen of the phone 😴

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    You’re the best at car tapping / scratching 😌.

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    I've been wanting to see more amsr car videos and you came through 🥰😩🖤perfect timing

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    We really need more videos like this Car tapping and scratching in a rainy day 😢

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    this car is so cool and your tapping is knocking me out eda ☺️

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    I really like the random screen tapping, super tingling!

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    I love the sounds when you tap on the phone. . . Makes me have so much tingles 🥰

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    I normally don’t like car tapping asmr because they are too aggressive and I’m nervous they might scratch the car and it’s loud too but this video is perfect

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    This asmr really helps me to sleep, the spirit keeps edafoxx

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    I love your videos, it relaxes me

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    ✨ Hi edafoxx i'm from Brazil🇧🇷and I love your videos your channel is the only one that puts me to sleep in seconds thanks for your work ✨

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    Я такого ASMR еще не видел😅Креативно👍☺

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    I love the random lens tapping and the letter tracing

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    WOAAAHHHH THAT IS SUCH A COOL LOOKING FUTURISTIC CAR. Damn you've come far. Always loved your asmr and its relaxing.

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    Doing this on a rainy day AND it’s windy just WOW 😭♥️♥️♥️

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    The car must be definitly enjoying this 😂😊 but this is a very nice video to relax to and the car looks so cool!

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    The first video i watched of yours was car tapping i looooooove those. Im gonna enjoy this one so much. I recently bought a car and can’t wait to make one od these videos

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    Yayy 💗

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    très agréable à entendre 👂 Je te remercie 🥰

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    Perso le son est bien mais franchement les ongles sur une aussi belle voiture franchement faut du culot quand même 😭🤔🙄

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    Your nails are so nice and your tapping is very gentle and soothing

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    Really love ur car tapping vids! 😃 💙

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    Scratching the interior of cars is very soothing. I like the rough plastic sounds because the sound very satisfying!

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    A very suitable dashboard for ASMR! Thanks to you for this video Passe une bonne soirée 💜💜💜

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    I'm glad you like it!

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    OMGoodness!!! This has got tingles written ALL OVER IT!!!! Thanks so much Eda, 4 making my nap go way better than expected!! 💕

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    I'm so glad!

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    I am unable to explain the intensifying tingles I am getting right now 😃🥰❤️🤩

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    It's like a Kia instruction manual with tingles.

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    I love it when you tap on the phone. Sounds so nice.

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    I watch this like a thousand times to fall asleep. The sound of the car on or idk if its the sound of the heater thats on, just makes me soooooo sleepy! Love all your content!

    @1_MINUTE_ASMR2 ай бұрын

    Nicely done! SO RELAXING! 🙂

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    imagine roadtrips in this car 😍 so cosy and warm

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    i always enjoy watching your car asmr videos please do more

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    Nice car! It looks amazing 🤩

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    Thank you!!

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    idk if it is just me but i have watched this video like 800 times and every time it gets better and better. Also your ring is really pretty. The car is also very nice as well.

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    I’m just going to say it, because I have to even though I know that others before me and after will extoll this same sentiment but Lori tapping like this, LIKE THIS her calling. She’s asmr are gold at it 👍

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    Omg we need more like you 😩🖤🖤love it

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    Never knew ASMR in a car could be so relaxing, very interesting with different materials and their sounds!

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    El auto es realmente hermoso 😍

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    OMG IM IN LOVE and your audio sounds clean and amazing

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    I totally forgot KIA was pushing EV technology, nice lil crossover for daily driving!

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    I work for a Kia dealer in Canada and I am excited to see this car! We will have it in 2022!

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    Oh my god , I missed these type of videos from you so much!🙈 perfect for me to sleep. Thanks 🙏🏻

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    00:00 1:20 this is making me love winter its jus the vibes

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    The background is full of mist and it’s so mysterious! I love it Sounds are also so great🥺

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    Glad you like it!

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    i love the new kia logo, my mom used to have a red rio and the logo was different 💗 but anyways i know i’m 2 weeks late to this but regardless amazing triggers eda

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    Love that!

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    I'm glad you think so💗

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    Battle a cold and you are def. damn

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    Если бы ещё таппинг был быстрым и громче , то вообще был бы класс !

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    3:22 has flown under the radar. Need Longer version of that scratching

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    Test drive program in car dealerships: **exists** Eda: it's kind of a big deal

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    Wow, what a beautiful place! This fog makes the whole atmosphere so special!

  • @edafoxxASMR


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    Thank you ☺️

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    @@edafoxxASMR, thank you too. Your whispering is the best.🙏🏻🤍

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    For an all electric car it looks really good on my opinion

    @II_DARKWOLF_7_II2 ай бұрын

    ✨Movement that inspire✨ I love ur tapping (all the video yeah) but I prefer when u scratch the logo 😴

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    Beautiful car💜

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    Incredible, stunning, wonderful - your nails are perfection!!