Art of Time Wasting in Football😅


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    context:xabi and ramos were told by mourinho to get red card to be clear for the round of 16 because in group stages they didnt need anymore wins and they both had a yellow so for the next group stage they didnt play and for the round of 16 they were clear to play with no cards.

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    Ramos breathes.. Refree:- Time to Go Brother😂

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    So funny.

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    He predicted his tackle

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    Thats because he and alonso were told by mourinho to waste time and he was warn by the refree

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    Ramos, Alonso, and Mourinho all got fined for that 💀

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    A few thousand dollar fines won’t kill them it’s small money for them

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    ​@@lioryakubov4899 money is money bro

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    Do you think they were short of money? Xabi and mourinho were definitely not short of money, idk about ramos since it’s early in his career

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    Bro footballers make 50k week, people live off 1k a month, i dont think they ever get short of money​@@Noone-qh6cf

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    ​@@Noone-qh6cfeasy for ramos he have Money

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    In this case, they were told by their coach to waste time to deliberately pick up the red cards. This cleared them of any potential suspensions ahead of the final tournament matches. A genius move by their coach.

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    Who remembers Xabi Alonso playing in Madrid now he is a coach for bayer leverkusen

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    Like if you miss Xabi alonso

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    I think you’ve got the first names incorrect? Just to help you, the one you’re most likely talking about is xabi alonso, however, there is a manager, called xavi, also a manager.

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    I think most people mate, negative ball knowledge from you 😂

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    ​@@cwette0 como vas a extrañar a Alonso si lo confundes con xavi del barça, no una sino dos veces 😂😂

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    Bi not Vi. It's Xabi

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    The fact all those guys were Real Madrid/former Madrid players😅 Madrid's history always makes me smile😊

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    I missed the part where Konate played for real madrid

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    @@user-kw9ye9sg3tthat was Tchouameni

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    @@user-kw9ye9sg3tkonate wasn’t shown wasting time

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    @@user-kw9ye9sg3the kicked the ball after the whistle dumbass 😂

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    @@user-kw9ye9sg3the kicked the ball after the whistle dumbass 😂😂

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    Ajax Suárez 😂

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    France weren't even hiding that they were robbing Morocco lmao

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    Womp womp

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    I don't think that Morocco could score in 30 seconds with France having the ball so I wasn't really time wasting. Morocco knew that they lost

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    @@randommemesv.2987 sure, 2 penalties not given to Morocco must also be included

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    ​@@MrClaude-km5uc?? When ??? Lol

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    @@boo9624 In Morocco VS France? Whatever, France got karma in the final for robbing England and Morocco anyway lol

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    When i saw Alonso i thought Fernando Alonso (Im F1, Football fan)

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    Ramos and Xabi were told to timewaste because they were already on yellows and mourinho didnt want to risk them being suspended during the last 16

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    Fun fact all madrid players

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    Fun fact: Sergio Ramos and alonso were told by morinho to get red cards and France was already gonna win

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    No upamecano doesn't play for los blancos😊

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    @@EshXLiverpool_editzwhere the hell was upamecano in this video

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    @@josephyoung6122the person who rocketed the ball into crowd after Tchoumeni gave the ball

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    @@T.T_19well that wasn’t time wasting, game was already over, but thanks for pointing it out

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    Fun fact, it wasn't English media but the Spanish and madrid fans who were comparing Jude to Zidane

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    English media literally compare Saka to Ronaldo and Foden to Messi and R9 said that Bellingham reminds him of Zidane

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    How does this have anything to do with the vid

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    @@MAZ2038 Well I don't know was commenting on another one but it shows here🤣🤣😅😅

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    @@FootballMan-eb6qxI have never seen a single British source compare saka to ronaldo because not only are they on different sides of the pitch but vastly different. I feel like your dumbass made it up

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    Why are you lying?

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    This song brings back the old memories 😫

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    Name of the song please if you know the name

  • @footy8087


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    My first time hearing this song

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    It's called lush life

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    ⁠if you have 5 yellow cards in champions league, u miss the next match and in the group stage ramos and xabi alonso where on 4 with 2 matches left in the group stage so the manager told them to get a red card so they go on a clean slate for the ro16

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    5? Don't you need 2 just two yellows to be suspended for the next game

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    @@Footyyy277 u need two from the same game or 5 from different games

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    @@ToxicEditz_ You do not need 5 in the Champions League. It's 3 bookings and you'll get a suspension.

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    Wait wait Suarez played for ajax😂😂😂

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    Yes he did

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    Thanks for the 👍

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    That’s where he started his career bro (at least in europe and helped him get to liverpool) how does one not know this?

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    @@sameeknowsitall bro I'm 8,5 years old

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    Моуриньо специально заставлял получать красные карточки, чтобы они обнулились перед следующим этапом

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    I don't understand anything 😢please explain me

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    @@rokeyabegum9198if you have 5 yellow cards in champions league, u miss the next match and in the group stage ramos and xabi alonso where on 4 with 2 matches left in the group stage so the manager told them to get a red card so they go on a clean slate for the ro16

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    Look at the top comment

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    Mourinho wanting Alonso and Ramos to get a red card

    @MR.BRINKO220 күн бұрын

    Morocco 💔🥺

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    This is my Top 10 of the Best Players of soccer in History💯 1- Cristiano Ronaldo🇵🇹 2- Lionel Andrés Messi🇦🇷 3- Pelé🇧🇷 4- Diego Maradona🇦🇷 5- Zinedine Zidane🇨🇵 6- Ronaldinho Gaúcho🇧🇷 7- Ronaldo Nazario🇧🇷 8- André Pirlo🇮🇹 9- Franck Bekenbauber🇩🇪 10- Roberto Carlos🇧🇷 It's my opinion, don't judge me, please.

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    Maldini should be in Pirlo spot but overall I like ur list dude.

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    Idk about roberto carlos I would put someone like G. Muller

  • @xxElliye_xxx


    24 күн бұрын

    I like your list, it's barely mine too but in 9-10 I would put Luka Modrić and Thibaut Courtois

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    Cruyff 😢😢

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    @@GameWars_Productions63 you weren't even born to watch him bro..

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    18 ball in 42 runs 😂❤

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    Ref whistles: Game time pauses. As soon as a the ball gets touched first the timer is running again. Would solve so many problems we have with "professional" football

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    The Madrid one was not time wasting. The coach said for them to get red as they had yellow cards that would travel to the finals but the red would not. Your welcome for the true meaning

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    Red Card to Ramos : Am i insult to u 😂

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    Ramos first desent red card💀

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    Suarez in the ajax

  • @user-nh9yt7kr5r
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    Red card Ramos : one more time 😂😂😂

  • @Gehinomlezvuvim
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    Aurelien be like : what if i become Antentokoubo bruv😂😂😂😂

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    Real Madrid : Play for a time Barça : Tici-Taca 🥶

    @CHICKENBOI912Ай бұрын

    Not me thinking Ramos was modric

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    Real madrid like time wasting

  • @fatehbraza6709
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    The last one was Mourinho who was responsible

  • @rajkumariasawa635
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    Fun fact: Ramos got a red card without tackling😂😂

    @ADAMBLOX126 күн бұрын

    I am in year 7 now but this songs gives year 2 vibes and so much nostalgia

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    The first one😢💔😔



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  • @aa6dcc


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    @@MONIKASHARMA-ye6ue 👎

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    Mourinho is an absolute chad

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    Everyone watching the time wasting Meanwhile me: How is Suarez Ajax captain

  • @Muzan_Kibutsuji187
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    And this is called football

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    LMAO ramos' facial expression is very funny

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    1like gives harry kane 1 throphy🏆 👇

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    Ik u want likes but I mean like that’s just depressing

  • @Interonno


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    Stop begging, it doesn't give kane a chance to win a trophy

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    Of cours ramos is in this video😂

  • @aminvffd
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    king of red cards😂

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    Chodze po YT I życzę udanych wakacji 84/1000

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    It was the second to last group stage match for Real and they were through to the round if 16 so mourinho told Ramos and Alonso to get sent off to wipe their record clean… glad that they understood time wasting and not breaking opponents knees…

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    going to 2 finals is wild

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    Suarez played at ajax?!

  • @P0WER_GUlDO_007
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    Xabi Alonso after this game: 🧠Bayer Leverkusen💀

  • @nepaligamer2174
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    tchouameni is playing basketball

  • @user-sz1gq8jc6r
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    Jose Mourinho did smart plan.

  • @lacasadegamer6530
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    ramos always made suarez angry

  • @primeJR-10
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    The SR4 and Xabi one was genius you should have seen it live and known the reason 😂

  • @AudrenFn
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    First one was full time 😂

  • @hamesbegood6731
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    Did anyone else not know that luis Suarez played for Ajax 🇳🇱

  • @maxwinning-xw3xg
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    bro does not care lol

  • @darkartist529
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    for those who didnt know, in the first one (a match between portugal and france) Tchoumeni was preparing for a free kick, but then the ref whistled for the game to end. you can see Hernandes with number 22 celebrating, since france got to the semis. Thats why the ball was kicked away, to someone in the audience.

  • @fdilaoubrayem7974


    8 күн бұрын

    Its not Portugal its morroco

  • @icefox1704
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    Why the reds tho

  • @murtada.
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    اقرا ايه الكرسي بعد كل صلاة يبقى بينك وبين الجنه الا الموت

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    Mourinho genius

  • @AabaanEdits
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    You are a bit underrated these edits are very good

  • @user-sm5qd9vg6w
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    When ronaldo 2008 wasting the time vs viera of arsenal ☕️🗿

  • @CF_Gaames
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    Contexto: ambos jugadores hicieron eso para ser expulsados ya estaban granizado pasar a la siguiente fase así perdieran y pudieran jugar después tranquilos libres de amarillas

    @ISSEITHEREWRITER22 күн бұрын

    2 penalties for morroco 😂😂 Yes football

  • @friedrichhoppe1069
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    Most unsportsmanlike behaviour there is

  • @Chrisprw
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    I miss the world cup score board

  • @donellmccall5868
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    Bro Suarez is tattletailing

  • @Satoruxborushiki
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    God bless u

  • @WJC1981
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    Ramos is a legend

  • @satroepa
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    France won

  • @user-qp2zl1mv2i
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    Isso é legal

  • @mr.progame4473
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    History will never forget that he was stained with shame and cheating in the match between Morocco and France in the World Cup semi-finals was a clear conspiracy.

  • @Yoshikage-Bowie


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    Lmao wtf are you smoking

  • @funn-e7305


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  • @shadow1010gaming


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    France deserved the win maroco won't reach this place again

  • @younesasskali8759


    Ай бұрын

    I am morroco and morroco tried very hard to reach that stage

  • @mr.progame4473


    Ай бұрын

    @@shadow1010gaming wtf are you talking about You will see in the next World Cup what will happen, and stay tuned. Morocco will provide something that no other team has done, if not say that it will be the champion of the next World Cup, especially since it has become three times stronger and has become full of rising stars and skills.

  • @prageeja01
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    Bruh feel bad for the opponent.

  • @Rodct
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    Les dieron de su propia medicina al Madrid😂

  • @Shekikyan_football
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    Its my video

    @DANIELSAO00Ай бұрын

    Sergio Ramos faceva solo il suo passatempo preferito: prendere rosso!

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    Alonso and Ramos' action was planned by Mourinho

  • @mohammadrayyan3142
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    France wasn't wasting time💀. The ref blew the whistle and the match was over. You can legit see the players celebrating or you can just watch the actual match.

  • @shahedali02
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    Notice it’s all Real Madrid players 💀

  • @ChadGamer2.0
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    Tchouameni was playing the wrong sport or is he?🤔(I'm joking)

  • @FOX_RPP
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    Morocco 🇲🇦 this World cup 😮🔥🎉

  • @JoaoMiguel-tz3no
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    Fernando Alonso?

  • @RulnoEdits


    29 күн бұрын

    Nah, thats Xabi Alonso. Currently coaching Bayer Leverkusen and former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player.

  • @RedBread1944
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    Ref decided to give ramos red before he brexited

  • @BSPN7600
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    ¡HALA MADRID! 😂 We’re so good at wasting time!

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    ​@@diedrinepietersz9480shut up you bullshit

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    ❤XAlonso *Now..*Not Wasting Time To Be *GOAT Bundesliga *Manager Of D Year *BLeverkusen..NeverLoosen💪💪💪👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏

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    France Buyed The Referee To Win VS Morocco

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    Cry, cry

  • @owenlange6161


    Ай бұрын

    The game was done that’s why he punted the ball

  • @FrankMashodo
    @FrankMashodo23 күн бұрын

    They are all Real Madrid players

  • @palmarmage95522
    @palmarmage95522Ай бұрын

    The first one...

  • @stanantoine5966


    Ай бұрын

    The game was finished

  • @Keremayaz2119
    @Keremayaz2119Ай бұрын

    Ziyech sinirli

  • @LeftFootedKing
    @LeftFootedKing24 күн бұрын

    For Ramos and Xavi they were told

  • @llamapezzo7736
    @llamapezzo773616 күн бұрын

    Ramos and xabi was told to take a second yellow.

  • @syedmuhammadismailrazanaqv1705
    @syedmuhammadismailrazanaqv170513 күн бұрын

    Ramos and Alonso got it on purpose

  • @urijahmedley3167
    @urijahmedley316710 күн бұрын

    Theycstalling against Portugal Ronaldo got done dirty

  • @Mascador992
    @Mascador992Ай бұрын

    Upamecano did this because they won he didn’t did it for wasting time

  • @azeronaldo_310
    @azeronaldo_310Ай бұрын

    Morinho tactics

  • @Mason-bh3lg
    @Mason-bh3lg3 күн бұрын

    Yet refs today could let you have a whole three course meal and say your not time wasting 😂😂😂

  • @juanpenport6593
    @juanpenport65935 күн бұрын

    Ive never understood why they just dont stop the timer like in basketball

  • @atob_ol
    @atob_olАй бұрын

    Looking at them who are wasting time:❌️ Understanding that they are real madrid players:✅️

  • @xxElliye_xxx


    24 күн бұрын

    Womp womp

  • @AlaTalal-x6o
    @AlaTalal-x6o19 күн бұрын

    France the kings of time-wasting 😂😂