Amazing car floor mats 😱 smart items

Amazing car floor mats 😱 smart items #shorts #gadgets
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    The white shoes... WHYYY

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    Fr I am mad

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    Her plastic bag with water needs an oscar 😂😂

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    изобретение века

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    Hmm i heard a "broke ass car" in that background song😂

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    5-minutes crafts be like:

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    Heavy chemical smell from this product in closed car.

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    The white shoes.....

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    I'm an Asian who likes rides in cars, smearing poop, white shoes and walks to the bathroom. Still single. Still idiotic

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    Is it just me or did you add more curse words to the song??

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    Рил: лайфхаки от трум трум

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    И что это было💀💀

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    Люди на задним фонее:Гиниально

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    Encontraste es comentario en esmanol toma una galleta🍪

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    YES GTA5

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    I'm sorry but, why the hell would you have a water bag on your car door?

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    Why do want to rub the dirt with your shoe their is a shovel for a reason😢

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    I didn't curse China, but when I cursed, it turned out to be China.

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    🤓: cRiNgE bUtToN👇

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    It’s france

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    This is a typical Chinese day 😂

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    I didn't curse China, but when I cursed, it turned out to be China.

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    И какую мне юзать эмоцию

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    Sério vai fazer anuncio de coisas inúteis em outro lugar

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    Kaitu beli dimana

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    So scam

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    This is elon musk, tesla CO-funder and CEO

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    E o sapato??

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    He not dummy

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    It's just a car lol.

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    Primer comentario en español * quien va a ser el segundo

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    Yes now I will always Carrie a bag of water and never just pick up dirt and throw it into my car thanks for the tips😊👍

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    I'm calling Khaby Lame...

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    where da hell is the gas pedal?

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    А вы тоже вешает пакеты на двери

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    Who puts a water bag on the door handle?💀

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    Hi ,, Please how do I get this ordered in bulk

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    Hola cómo o dónde consigo eso

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    سلام عليكم شكد لسعر

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    will there be a Ford fusion Europe

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    I don't like this video deleted and get a job

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    😂😂😂🎉🎉 Simo però non è come sembra dove l'hai comprato sta macchina

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    bro it comes with the car i lost so many brain cells thx to u

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    Boooooo useles

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    How about her white shoes😂?

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    На двери мего технологии будующего! 😅

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    Stupid gearmani BMW:🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮👎👎 Cool china mzm:😎😎👍👍👍🇨🇳🇷🇺🇰🇵

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    How to purchase it

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    А если поссать на этот коврик после воды запах уходит?

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    Where can I get

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    L qPqQl anb

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    Can't order it at Amazon where can I order it?

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    Добрый вечер! Где и как можно заказать такиековры для Сантафе 4?

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