Alexis Arguello vs Andy Ganigan Full Fight


Alexis Arguello vs Andy Ganigan for WBC Light title at 1982-05-22

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  • @scott-hm6yy
    @scott-hm6yy10 ай бұрын

    Not to many men can say they knocked down the great Alexio arguello. You was the pride of Hawaii

  • @jlongobardy1612
    @jlongobardy16125 ай бұрын

    Ganigan is the original Manny Pacquiao. Not quite as good as Pacman, but essentially the same riddle to solve inside the ring, with the same timed detonation looming behind each left hand.

  • @SR-sd7xx
    @SR-sd7xx2 жыл бұрын