A little Savage 🤭

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  • @Codex_0613
    @Codex_06138 ай бұрын

    She didn't ride it, she made it her dance partner. Just beautiful.

  • @user-my9sh4wr1d


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  • @Befastz


    6 ай бұрын

    Crazy how she manage to control the heavy superbike and play a clutch at the same time

  • @yogaratnamsenthooran4548


    6 ай бұрын

    Goddess of speed and control

  • @izzabelladogalini
    @izzabelladogalini8 ай бұрын

    For those who don't know this Sarah Lezito, a French professional stunt rider, widely acknowledged as the best stunt woman in Hollywood (Scarlett Johansson on a bike in Avengers, that was Sarah)

  • @avatansdubey


    8 ай бұрын

    Thanx for the update 😊

  • @lickitysplitt


    8 ай бұрын

    I was just going to say she rides like a stunt lady

  • @namesname221


    8 ай бұрын

    Спасибо за информацию. Точно, это она, фотографии в интернете посмотрел. Крутая девочка. Но фамилия Лезито не французская, а итальянская скорее всего. Видимо по национальности она итальянка, но является гражданкой Франции.

  • @duonra10001


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  • @jean-felixerb2971


    8 ай бұрын

    Pour une fois c'est une femme qui relève le niveau face aux motards matchos

  • @adityamalay9891
    @adityamalay98913 ай бұрын

    She definitely knows how to ride it

  • @Noes37


    6 күн бұрын

    That sounds kinda strange 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 📸

  • @user-kh4gu5ll7s
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    노면이 젖어있을때도 하시던데 대단합니다.1등임.

  • @timkern462
    @timkern4626 ай бұрын

    She has tremendous control.. I just hope she keeps her skin on.

  • @Rubuye


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  • @tobypainter9493


    4 ай бұрын

    She's not going to for long -- that sh*ts gonna catch up with her...not that I'm wishing it on her... Just the voice of experience..

  • @Peter_van_Loon


    5 күн бұрын

    I am thinking the same, even though she does this for over 10 years. She started at the age of 13 😅

  • @YoUnOkNoWoK
    @YoUnOkNoWoK8 ай бұрын

    She has more control of that bike than I do of my life…

  • @TheFedviewer


    8 ай бұрын

    She's got more control of that bike than I got control of a spoon 😂😂😂

  • @StefanMavi1


    8 ай бұрын

    Damn you beat me to it. I was literally going to say the same thing. 😂

  • @hectoraguila7299


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    Jejejjee si me hiciste reír con tu comentario 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @alvaro_284


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    Es motocicleta 🏍️ burro no bicicleta 🚲😅

  • @bilaln2892


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  • @jonahjane5631
    @jonahjane56316 ай бұрын

    Love seeing a woman actually handle a machine with grace.

  • @yanshtool5282


    6 ай бұрын

    Me too

  • @silviapabon1282


    5 ай бұрын

    Yeah, absolutely. is a Full Master.

  • @andersonluis2320


    3 ай бұрын

    Eu também,muito bonito!.

  • @DavidLopez-wg7eq


    3 ай бұрын

    It is sexy.

  • @dizzleslaunsen2372


    3 ай бұрын

    “Actually” lol always gotta be a dig in there somewhere.

  • @ihateeverything3972
    @ihateeverything39725 ай бұрын

    That entrance is right out of a movie. Wouldn't be surprised if she's credited in the stunt section of a movie soon

  • @uiteoi


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    she is : avengers

  • @sethschexneider


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    She's a professional stunt rider for Hollywood. She's done a lot.

  • @VicInCommentSection


    17 күн бұрын

    She's the motorcycle stunt person for Scarlett Johansson in the Avengers movie.

  • @amulejohn
    @amulejohn8 ай бұрын

    She's a badass for real.

  • @huentecoy627


    8 ай бұрын

    Una ruda? Osea es una planta ? Ruda embra o macho? Más q ruda agengo

  • @Offline____


    8 ай бұрын

    Bad ass ?

  • @JanithMadushan-er9zp


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    P😊 😊p 😊 P😊😊p😊 Pp

  • @jardeilsonsilva5348


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    Ela é braba👏👏

  • @silviobraz2209


    8 ай бұрын

    Tem a senha 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • @37Iulian
    @37Iulian8 ай бұрын

    She's a Master in her skills!

  • @Brian-vk6tz


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  • @mystichuman354


    8 ай бұрын

    Kuch bhi😂

  • @user-pk6cu3tc2k


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  • @1974djin


    8 ай бұрын

    And she has a German Shepherd. She's perfect.

  • @KjellSollund-ny7it


    8 ай бұрын

    If i did that i would fall and get hurt only masters van do this

  • @rustyroosterrusty
    @rustyroosterrusty3 ай бұрын

    Wow I’ve never seen a woman handle a bike like that. Props

  • @user-yp6ut1zq8u
    @user-yp6ut1zq8u4 ай бұрын

    Impressive control of the bike,hats off my dear ❤

  • @claudiocuqui6093
    @claudiocuqui60938 ай бұрын

    Girl... you have definitely MASTERED the art of riding a bike! Good job !

  • @Johnketes54


    8 ай бұрын

    That's NOT RIDING A BIKE, Just Tom foolary but impressive,

  • @RotaryPoweredRX


    8 ай бұрын

    @@Johnketes54 well she is literally riding it though

  • @Johnketes54


    8 ай бұрын

    @@RotaryPoweredRX Your interpretation of riding not mine, Showing off in the summer isn't riding, It took lots of practice and parents probably into stunts for film and television and impressed you because you believe it to be a girl? She could be 38 and not 18? Wearing the crash helmet disguise her features,How she picks up that bike like Buffy the vampire slayer, This is real life and she's strong, But on a track or running from the police, Takes skill not stunts

  • @YeahNo-ro6cf


    7 ай бұрын

    ​@@Johnketes54Yes she is an actual stunt rider in Hollywood, and she can definitely ride a bike outside of stunt riding, that's Sarah Lezito

  • @user-pw7zj2ul9w
    @user-pw7zj2ul9w9 ай бұрын

    Потрясающее чувство равновесия!✊️👍

  • @stephsteph6028
    @stephsteph60283 ай бұрын

    En tant que motard tu a énormément de talent et pour cela félicitations, dommage que l’on voit souvent les mêmes figures. ❤️

  • @mostaphamohammed6722
    @mostaphamohammed67222 ай бұрын

    I know few stunners, i was one myself but you're on a different level from a different planet no words are enough to describe your talent. So smooth you made it look like you were dancing with the bike ❤

  • @melarmstrong3823
    @melarmstrong38238 ай бұрын

    This young lady knows how to handle her bike, well done young lady.

  • @robertocardonaosorio804


    8 ай бұрын

    Excelente muy profesional felicitaciones

  • @TonyForsyth


    8 ай бұрын

    Indeed! That is exactly what the manufacturer intended.

  • @LowMax_


    8 ай бұрын

    That's an experienced rider

  • @tonytrivinogavilan6903


    8 ай бұрын

    ... Si fuese tú hija o tu novia ¿ la dejarías hacer esas estupideces? Me temo que no.

  • @user-es7cw1xu5d


    8 ай бұрын

    Ni es una bicicleta, es una moto

  • @williamkerr6469
    @williamkerr64698 ай бұрын

    She confidently walks up and asks the bike 'may I have this dance'. Breathtak8ng.

  • @AnthonyDurkoske


    8 ай бұрын

    Sointoyouto Not to mention

  • @smerk429


    8 ай бұрын

    Whats breath take eight ing ?

  • @davidespinoza6010


    8 ай бұрын

    soy tu admirador #1

  • @ScottReynolds003
    @ScottReynolds0033 ай бұрын

    Damn that was awesome. So skilled

  • @Detman329
    @Detman3293 ай бұрын

    She’s good, stay safe 👍🏽

  • @garykendall1376
    @garykendall13768 ай бұрын

    NOT doing those stunts on the highway shows she is respectful of others. Girl is GOOOOOD.

  • @StephenViola-ib8dq


    8 ай бұрын

    On the highway where you see all the roadside memorials!!

  • @happydays8171


    8 ай бұрын

    Great point!

  • @RalphSampson...


    8 ай бұрын

    ​@@StephenViola-ib8dq I hate seeing those "memorials". I told my family, "If I die on the road, do NOT put one of those stupid ass memorials on thr side of the road". They are littering the road sides. People leave them up way too long. That, in itself, is disrespectful to the deceased.

  • @dennisnickoloff1723


    8 ай бұрын

    ​@@RalphSampson...I planted orange lilies and wildflowers where my son died in an auto accident. They have seeded and are spreading RIP Paul 2017

  • @user-jm1ix1de3k


    8 ай бұрын

    와 스방 좃나 카리스마잇넹 ㅋ 오토만타지말구 나두좀 타주랑 ~~ 😅

  • @alexandresouza2841
    @alexandresouza28418 ай бұрын

    I rode a lot of motorcycles when I was young, today I'm 60 years old and I never imagined that one day I would see a girl with so much skill, I follow her and every time I see her maneuvers I get goosebumps, she's fantastic.

  • @alvaropalma9536


    8 ай бұрын

    It's a trans

  • @user-rh2dn4yf8p


    8 ай бұрын

    И мне 61. Я тоже с детства катался, творил всякие чудеса. А 2017 году я чуть без руки не остался, и на этом завязал. Если вовремя не останется, беда всё равно случается

  • @user-wn4rn1pq1m


    8 ай бұрын

    when you were the young, your motorcycles were without gyroscopes 😁

  • @garytankersley4112


    8 ай бұрын

    ​@alvaropalma9536 why would you say something so stupid, is that supposed to be humor.

  • @user-rh2dn4yf8p


    8 ай бұрын

    @@user-wn4rn1pq1m Когда мне исполнилось 15 лет, старший брат купил мне новый мотоцикл JAWA 350. От счастья совсем спать не хотелось

  • @Yidu0
    @Yidu03 ай бұрын

    She gonna get a call for a movie roll after this.😮😮😮

  • @Sach_ka_Samna_official
    @Sach_ka_Samna_official4 ай бұрын

    This lady plays with a motor bike like a doll 😂

  • @99.9percent9
    @99.9percent99 ай бұрын

    An Extremely Talented stunt rider!

  • @toadersimionescu1734


    9 ай бұрын

    .. si se pare că e femeie 👍

  • @Sergej-xg1fp


    9 ай бұрын


  • @maxmax-se3ic


    8 ай бұрын

    She is Sarah Lezito, a professional stunt rider.

  • @markwillis8652


    6 ай бұрын


  • @Real_ATF
    @Real_ATF8 ай бұрын

    Some people are just wired differently. She handled that bike like it was just an extension to her body.

  • @russmack7910


    8 ай бұрын


  • @rossdelano7603


    8 ай бұрын

    She's a pro. Years of practice

  • @manzatogianluigi3354
    @manzatogianluigi33546 ай бұрын

    È incredibile. Ho riguardato questo video decine di volte. Questa ragazza è "Superlativa". "Questa è pura Arte Superiore" 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • @AsianSpicesLover
    @AsianSpicesLover4 ай бұрын

    this girl can humble the whole superbike convoy

  • @deang8910
    @deang89108 ай бұрын

    One of the most impressive things I’ve seen a woman do 👏

  • @Gingnose


    8 ай бұрын

    You don't need to put woman in the sentence 😊

  • @deang8910


    8 ай бұрын

    @@Gingnose no. I really do. This is not even in the top 1000 impressive things I’ve seen men do. U know it’s true.

  • @msayyid9345


    8 ай бұрын

    @@deang8910 yes sir

  • @Jwizz2000


    8 ай бұрын

    I know a woman who knows how to cook and clean 🤯🤯🤯

  • @subratchoudhury5235


    8 ай бұрын

    Women insaan nahi hai bandar hai tere hisab se ye kartab dikhane keliye kitna samaya laga hoga bo soch😂😂😂😂😂

  • @campbellpaul
    @campbellpaul8 ай бұрын

    She's actually better than most male stunt riders.. Amazing!

  • @danielrusso3617


    8 ай бұрын


  • @Laiyerr


    8 ай бұрын

    @@danielrusso3617juste misogyne mon frère

  • @seraphangel001


    8 ай бұрын

    Not true 🥴

  • @byritik5480


    8 ай бұрын

    Haa un chapriyo ki ....

  • @mememachineofcl


    8 ай бұрын

    Oh you're misandry

  • @outcastdodson2014
    @outcastdodson20146 ай бұрын

    She surely have more balls than i do 😂,and i love the way she is handling that bike like a little toy

  • @alexzeman4500


    3 ай бұрын

    у нее 3

  • @vintagemxer9165
    @vintagemxer91653 ай бұрын

    As a bike rider, that is so impressive. How did she develop such skills?

  • @johncoops6897


    3 ай бұрын

    I am wondering how she brakes the rear wheel, she must have a second brake lever on the handlebars?

  • @donnaandraylawrence2619
    @donnaandraylawrence26199 ай бұрын

    Mad Respect This chick can ride

  • @odonbarbosa


    8 ай бұрын


  • @anibalarce1359


    8 ай бұрын


  • @user-gk3ui2hv4q


    8 ай бұрын

    Ты супер! Молодчага!

  • @INMATE.EARTHmusic


    8 ай бұрын

    I sell my bike imediatly...😢

  • @diegoaguilerabaraibar389


    8 ай бұрын


  • @DGFX64
    @DGFX648 ай бұрын

    With no safety gear, that's one very confident girl, and rightfully so.

  • @DissertationshelpforU
    @DissertationshelpforU2 ай бұрын

    she is next level ! I mean as if from another planet, its insane what i witnessed.

  • @zerho123
    @zerho1233 ай бұрын

    This girl is always incredible

  • @jessecooper2955
    @jessecooper29558 ай бұрын

    Shes definitely got mad skills . One of the best I have seen . Shes got some awesome videos !

  • @James-wg9de


    8 ай бұрын

    what makes you think it's a she ? 🤔 just saying now days u can't be sure

  • @Lebohang666
    @Lebohang6668 ай бұрын

    That's lovely to watch. She's killing it

  • @hopeingson


    8 ай бұрын

    She is I can't stop watching it,, She's a beast,,n a woman too showing guys up👍👌👏👏👏

  • @1amNumberOne


    8 ай бұрын


  • @rakeshsingh5626


    8 ай бұрын


  • @JahRastaman


    8 ай бұрын

    non elle maîtrise bien

  • @uiteoi
    @uiteoi3 ай бұрын

    She's the best stunt driver, all men included.

  • @jefsilva23
    @jefsilva236 ай бұрын

    Boy??? She's a girl with great skills on riding that unleashed machine 🔥🔥

  • @NeutronX101
    @NeutronX1016 ай бұрын

    this requires a lot of work, determination, crashes, broken bones, and destroyed bikes.

  • @kontro113dkhaoz2


    6 ай бұрын

    No... just common sense

  • @oliverbourne9599


    6 ай бұрын

    I don't get it. Why is her skin still on her arms and back. I wouldn't say she was wearing the most trick friendly riding gear

  • @kontro113dkhaoz2


    6 ай бұрын

    Which is incredibly uncommon in woman and dangerous sports..... Control The Chaos, and you're good..

  • @hakanhakan9042


    6 ай бұрын

    ​@@oliverbourne9599Çok iyi.

  • @hakanhakan9042


    6 ай бұрын

    çok iyi

  • @teofiloconstanza5490
    @teofiloconstanza54908 ай бұрын

    She handles that bike like she's born with it 🎉🎉

  • @user-kx5yk1ps5w


    8 ай бұрын

    Да именно так и было я видел в род доме

  • @adallesteves183


    8 ай бұрын

    Magnífico! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • @henrysettles7431


    8 ай бұрын


  • @sheikorbit


    8 ай бұрын

    Hope her mother is alright.

  • @joineryjohn6282
    @joineryjohn62822 ай бұрын

    Frickin mad skills! 👍

  • @danv965
    @danv9656 ай бұрын

    Taught well RESPECT 🇵🇷

  • @mak274002
    @mak2740028 ай бұрын

    The bike seems like a wild beast obeying it's tamer... at her full control and command.

  • @user-pz6km6sg5n


    8 ай бұрын

    Motorcycles are rear-wheel drive, right?

  • @NickCampbellMusic1333


    8 ай бұрын

    She's the master of that bike

  • @eliwhitley1878


    8 ай бұрын

    Any idea what bike she is riding?

  • @Jonn_Alisha-4ever
    @Jonn_Alisha-4ever8 ай бұрын

    As a fellow biker, i have mad respect for this woman.

  • @user-nn3hj3lh6v


    7 ай бұрын


  • @safwan5319
    @safwan531928 күн бұрын

    This looks straight from a movie... unbelievable

  • @boxing-12
    @boxing-124 ай бұрын

    I would have called her night rider, but she perfected her stunts in broad daylight.

  • @user-zl9qv4pj3g
    @user-zl9qv4pj3g8 ай бұрын

    That throttle control is sick af 10/10

  • @sambo9855
    @sambo98558 ай бұрын

    Imagine this chick walking into a dealership asking to test drive a bike, does all these stunts in the parking lot and turns around and tells the dealer "no this isn't the one".😂

  • @hondacbr7784


    8 ай бұрын

    Nu poate sa facă nimic cu altă motocicleta ! Pune stop cadru și privește cu zoom roata din spate sa vezi ce pinion de lanț are ! Aproape cât geanta de la roata ca să scadă viteza altfel își ia zborul INSTANT ! 😅

  • @interabang


    8 ай бұрын

    Ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ha ha ha ha he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😐

  • @christiankanski1147


    8 ай бұрын

    "No, its not my color"

  • @leventgucuk3739


    8 ай бұрын

    Ohaaaa. 😮😮😮😮😮

  • @user-hd9mx6tv6i


    8 ай бұрын


  • @musicilike69
    @musicilike69Ай бұрын

    Not sure why the 'tube has suddenly started showing me her but she has some crazy level of control on a bike.

  • @verns6302
    @verns63025 ай бұрын

    Loved the entrance, spun the bike on its front, landed and a quick glance of "stuff it, guys" ... a smooth operator.

  • @JDDevice
    @JDDevice8 ай бұрын

    Not just skilled for a woman, but mad skills for any human.

  • @edvaldoviana4979


    8 ай бұрын

    Essa menina é foda

  • @Rannayamada
    @Rannayamada7 ай бұрын

    Damn her clutch/throttle control and balance is insane

  • @user-kp8pi7gt5r


    7 ай бұрын

    Девушка огонь ❤

  • @user-lq2oy6ss9k


    7 ай бұрын


  • @kennethwilliams4909


    7 ай бұрын

    Totally insane !!

  • @Zakodirovaniy_dwarf


    7 ай бұрын

    Умничка ❤

  • @n1k32h


    7 ай бұрын

    Greece 3

  • @FJBsaidcornpop
    @FJBsaidcornpop3 ай бұрын

    Boys, we in trouble here. Ride it girl!

  • @Andrew-nu8ez
    @Andrew-nu8ez3 ай бұрын

    I can watch this everyday. Very skillful and that sound is better than my porsche

  • @user-lk5rl6hi2g
    @user-lk5rl6hi2g8 ай бұрын

    Хочется смотреть на ее все время, завораживает ее мастерство.

  • @abraham9727


    8 ай бұрын

    I like your sentance... bravo

  • @user-ed8zt7pk7x


    8 ай бұрын

    Классный хрустик, согласен 😅

  • @mariadefatimadasilva8826


    8 ай бұрын

    Maravilhosa quem disse que mulher , não faz ❤

  • @lucianocardoso52


    8 ай бұрын

    Boladoma 😂

  • @pavelbogoutskyi3950


    8 ай бұрын

    Да , очень каптиван (завораживает , даже пленирует , но много в ней фоли _ чекнусти , чтобы за ней её ангелы хорошо присматривали , талант есть

  • @ALEKSEYsobakaLEV.
    @ALEKSEYsobakaLEV.8 ай бұрын

    -Сколько тебе понадобилось, что бы научиться так водить? -Три. -Три дня? Три недели? Три месяца? -Три мотоцикла.

  • @likles65


    8 ай бұрын

    Мне бы ещё три жизни понадобилось 😅

  • @user-nf7cc7if8h


    8 ай бұрын

    И три позвоночника 🤣

  • @user-xs9no2vs7w


    8 ай бұрын

    Такие долго неживут жизнь одна

  • @user-xo8ep3vs4o


    8 ай бұрын

    Это ещё и дорогое удовольствие, расходники и усаженные мотоциклы, а травмы неизбежны.

  • @DJ-jl5tn
    @DJ-jl5tn4 ай бұрын

    Should be an Olympic event 😊 I wonder how big was the endorsement deal from Converse.

  • @chrisfurry7241
    @chrisfurry72415 ай бұрын

    She is truly impressive with her riding ability!

  • @Coyote1473
    @Coyote14738 ай бұрын

    You can tell when someone loves doing what they do.❤

  • @camdenlee7937


    8 ай бұрын


  • @raysepulveda7620
    @raysepulveda76208 ай бұрын

    She's in touch with her bike. She's also responsible ( no one around to get hurt) mad respect 👏

  • @karthikeyan-kc2py


    8 ай бұрын

    Second point is very important.

  • @methodsignature


    8 ай бұрын

    Woulda liked to see some protection on that skin but I guess it's doubtful she takes a spill.

  • @tylerswank3498
    @tylerswank34985 ай бұрын

    Motorcycle's probably treated her better than any man did.

  • @avinashsharma8650
    @avinashsharma86503 ай бұрын

    This girl is totally crazy 😧

  • @pennin16
    @pennin168 ай бұрын

    Damn this girl has some mad skills!! 🫶🏼

  • @benjalamelami13.13


    8 ай бұрын

    Se fuma de la mala para tener valor de hacer eso🚬

  • @user-pw9mc2co5c


    8 ай бұрын

    Olé olé tú otra cosa más vivir así tiene que ser bonito amor salud dinero trabajo

  • @user-wn4rn1pq1m


    8 ай бұрын

    you will have the same skill if your motorcycle has a gyroscope. 😁

  • @BudZnBeerZ__79


    8 ай бұрын

    It's a DUDE 😂😂 for real

  • @WeAreStronger


    8 ай бұрын

    Must be the only girl in the world with an actual talent worth seeing

  • @jimmcnally2524
    @jimmcnally25249 ай бұрын

    Amazing talent. I love how she recovered by spinning out. She drives it like a monster truck.

  • @mladenmladen2699


    8 ай бұрын

    To mogu i ja 🤪

  • @Thebigbull6666
    @Thebigbull66663 ай бұрын

    Love the way she looks at the Camera 📸

  • @sc00bi23
    @sc00bi236 ай бұрын

    In my Mark voice "dude, teach me" 😂

  • @markfletcher1741
    @markfletcher17418 ай бұрын

    Love and respect her talent!!!!!

  • @pravinpandey236


    8 ай бұрын

    Wow 👌😲 ye hai asli टेलेंट और कॉन्फिडेंस

  • @HugoCastillo-us4nw


    7 ай бұрын

    Es sierto muy ágil pero quien le dice que por tan solo usar bestimenta adecuadamente es menos recomendable el ásegurar estos movimientos digan entonces en que lugar queda su agilidad

  • @dalatemudardalate8438


    5 ай бұрын


  • @morpheophantasm8332
    @morpheophantasm83328 ай бұрын

    Salesman at dealership : " you sure you want this ? its alot of bike " she does this in the parking lot before leaving ! 😂

  • @SacksThriftAve


    8 ай бұрын

    Lol 😂

  • @kylelooper2156


    8 ай бұрын

    She ain't doing that in new tires. Suicide.

  • @TIZZIME-si7rx
    @TIZZIME-si7rx5 ай бұрын


  • @rockydigianni5936
    @rockydigianni59364 ай бұрын

    This girl is ultra talented she handles this beast of a bike like no other, sexy has a new poster child ❤

  • @oef4armyvet.ipconflict422
    @oef4armyvet.ipconflict4228 ай бұрын

    See now THAT is bad ass and worthy of over a million likes Unlike those stupid dance videos or head bobbing. This woman has raw talent!

  • @AJPemberton


    8 ай бұрын

    Not raw talent, she's trained hard for years since she was a child. Hopefully she usually wears better protective gear than depicted here. Getting flung off with all that bare skin would sting!

  • @rdr2dgrv99


    8 ай бұрын

    Nothing is stupid except for the negative criticism of someone who can not do the things they're being negative about. Her bike skills are good, and those who practice their craft of dancing are just as good. The world needs both bike riders and dancers. The world needs less of your type of negativity.

  • @sparshgaur9702


    8 ай бұрын

    It feels like Bruh is depressed 😮

  • @josiahluna1758
    @josiahluna17587 ай бұрын

    When dudes tell me bikes are too heavy I show them this video 😂🤣

  • @dadstent


    7 ай бұрын

    To be fair this chick's stronger than pretty much every dude born after 1995

  • @NoahAI-kw4nn


    7 ай бұрын

    "She had training her whole life... 😂😂 It's her job. If you're not like that, they are right. 😂😂👈"

  • @ED-es2qv


    6 ай бұрын

    The bike needs to match my strength and skill level, not the most amazing rider I've ever seen. I rode for decades, and determined there is a talent level that I can reach, and no amount of additional practice and crashing is going to improve that noticeably. As a person with a job and children, I chose to buy more capabilities in the bike, rather than chase the diminishing returns of more practice.

  • @user-pl5fh1vz2f


    6 ай бұрын


  • @redvivid


    6 ай бұрын

    Fun fact, the smaller you are, the easier it is to maneuver sport bikes.

  • @raycruz1452
    @raycruz14522 ай бұрын

    I’ll literally spend the rest of my life with her…. On the back of her bike❤ let’s go ❤️🇵🇷

  • @jamesenos6366
    @jamesenos63668 ай бұрын

    If she's not already a stuntwoman she should be one❤

  • @maxmax-se3ic


    8 ай бұрын

    She is already a professional stunt rider. She is Sarah Lezito.

  • @oscarsajovic6


    8 ай бұрын

    Pode ocupar o cargo principal no elenco! Hehehe Gde abraço.

  • @kennywatts4212


    8 ай бұрын

    same as what I just said

  • @user-le7tm1fo9f


    8 ай бұрын

    I didn't have to comment that's what I was thinking

  • @racoon97-07


    8 ай бұрын

    Already liner in : Batman Batgirl Black Windows Inferno Avengers

  • @Manishkumar-jk5cc
    @Manishkumar-jk5cc8 ай бұрын

    First time in my life , I saw the true women empowerment .From whom man also actually needs to take inspiration. You nailed it. Love from India.

  • @HandsomeBastard


    8 ай бұрын

    Thanks Apu, please come again.

  • @jeremyyano8926


    8 ай бұрын

    Good lord

  • @MementoMori1001


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  • @asknoel37


    8 ай бұрын

    Yikes That's a little demaskalating

  • @H3K7iC
    @H3K7iC6 ай бұрын

    I can't even muster the ummf to bring my front wheel up, good shit

  • @duckylucky8319
    @duckylucky83195 ай бұрын

    This is what a true Bad Ass is😂😂😂😂

  • @fwhites
    @fwhites8 ай бұрын

    She couldn't weigh more than a buck 15 and controls that bike as if her blood runs through it! absolutely amazing!👍

  • @barrygattenhof9903


    8 ай бұрын

    Love how the untalented wannabe riders say she can only do stunts. Maybe they should challenge her to a road race and see how much they lose by...i'll wait to see how many take that challenge. Guaranteed they will want special assistance and restrictions placed on her so they may have a slight chance but me thinks they would have to ask for her hands to be tied behind her back to make it possible for them to stand a chance.

  • @malsawmzela609


    8 ай бұрын

    ​@@barrygattenhof9903blud racing and doing stunts are vastly different things lol.

  • @YeahNo-ro6cf


    7 ай бұрын

    ​@@malsawmzela609Yeah but he's saying Sarah could beat every person in these comments at both

  • @user-cw1xi5tk8v
    @user-cw1xi5tk8v8 ай бұрын

    This is the First time I've seen a motorcyclist and wasn't worried that he/she would get hurt. It's obvious you know what you are doing.😊

  • @HugoCastillo-us4nw


    7 ай бұрын

    Si pero por muy obvio que sea no debe de estar así pues no se sabe que complicaciones pueden surgir en este mundo por mucho que sepas no te debes confiar simple comentario no lo tomes encontra

  • @user-kh4bi7nh7x
    @user-kh4bi7nh7x5 ай бұрын

    Finding out samus is a girl before the game started:

  • @user-ts6lr6ep7q
    @user-ts6lr6ep7q6 ай бұрын

    Duas máquinas, uma nasceu pra outra ...

  • @user-wo9bc1du4y
    @user-wo9bc1du4y9 ай бұрын

    That is awesome! The bike is like an extension of her own body.

  • @ramiroalvarez8604


    8 ай бұрын

    In total control , she definitely got my vote

  • @enockkaisala1936
    @enockkaisala19369 ай бұрын

    What a badass chick

  • @defi_ramsay


    9 ай бұрын

    I know Right

  • @ChristopherNolan-qs7zi


    9 ай бұрын

    I couldn’t say it enough that chick is playing with that bike literally like someone else said She is a real BadAss!!

  • @mass65spa


    9 ай бұрын

    Ma che brava! 😊

  • @Faryar7


    8 ай бұрын


  • @user-vu8pb6fp4f
    @user-vu8pb6fp4f4 ай бұрын

    I fall in love with this woman every time. I have only seen such skill at low speed from trials riders.Brapp,Brapp.

  • @leerichard994
    @leerichard9944 ай бұрын

    So natural and smooth... You are the number 1 biker... Man or woman is irrelevant..

  • @user-lq7yk9yo2p
    @user-lq7yk9yo2p8 ай бұрын

    Ok this girl is just SICK man. That's just pure skills. I bow down.

  • @paulcarter2879
    @paulcarter28798 ай бұрын

    Absolutely pure talent. The control she has over that motorcycle is phenomenal. Hands down amazing!

  • @sopasopasson5563
    @sopasopasson55635 ай бұрын

    In a pair of converse 😂 stunning !! Absolutely stunning.

  • @MsHandsome777
    @MsHandsome7776 ай бұрын

    The Front Tyre : I'm retired.😅

  • @keith9457
    @keith94578 ай бұрын

    She drove the fuck out that motorcycle. I'm loving it young lady. Great job 👍

  • @NetNguyen-gr6uc


    8 ай бұрын

    Cảm ơn bạn!❤❤❤❤❤

  • @lawrencemitchell3024


    8 ай бұрын

    ​@@NetNguyen-gr6uc Can you do this on your moped?

  • @user-nk8mb8nl8s


    8 ай бұрын

    Getting it, the end tho , she tookoff, bad ass!!!!

  • @NetNguyen-gr6uc


    8 ай бұрын

    @@lawrencemitchell3024 tôi không thể làm giống cô ấy được bạn ạ

  • @lawrencemitchell3024


    8 ай бұрын

    @@NetNguyen-gr6uc No way! Really?

  • @tripho7159
    @tripho71597 ай бұрын

    I fell from just looking at her footwork! Amazing talent

  • @brandonking8238


    6 ай бұрын

    Lmaoso did I.

  • @brandonking8238


    6 ай бұрын

    Incredibly talented.ty for sharing. Her balance is mind blowing

  • @connoisseuroftigolbitts


    6 ай бұрын

    It’s not her foot work it’s her clutch work and hands

  • @ricksimon9867


    6 ай бұрын

    This isn't "talent", this is thousands of hours of dedication and training.

  • @connoisseuroftigolbitts


    6 ай бұрын

    @@ricksimon9867 thousands of falls too

  • @tylersnelson7776
    @tylersnelson77763 ай бұрын

    Someone needs to let this girl out of that parking lot??

  • @marike1100
    @marike11008 ай бұрын

    Incredible! She’s handling that motorcycle like it’s a BMX bike. 😮

  • @kondoric


    8 ай бұрын

    Try doing this with a BMX, I wouldn't be in your shoes. All bikes are dangerous, except for the super nimble ones.

  • @paulhope3401


    8 ай бұрын

    I can't do that on a bmx! 😂

  • @patrickberthelot5985
    @patrickberthelot59859 ай бұрын

    Un plaisir pour les yeux de voir une fille avec autant de grâce et de facilité à dompter sa moto

  • @bonachma1


    8 ай бұрын

    Oui! Elle es tres bon

  • @skinwhiztle3735
    @skinwhiztle37353 ай бұрын

    Complete harmony with that thing

  • @mirop4189
    @mirop41896 ай бұрын

    She keeps improving. Amazing😮

  • @mercoid
    @mercoid8 ай бұрын

    She’s an expert. Very impressive!

  • @salaahkhayr2398


    8 ай бұрын

    Nah too manly. Not impressive.

  • @evviejemison7286
    @evviejemison72868 ай бұрын

    That bike is screaming for help. She's kicking ass!