60* Satisfying minecraft pixel art


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    That's actually the best sand pixel art video. 1. Trigger, you triggered it when you you hit it so good for that, not just breaking a torch 2. Interesting placement pattern, not just going like left and right Edit: How did I get 185 likes.???????

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    Hate to break it to you guys. But most of these "pixel" artists use mods on their worlds to allow them to upload photos and do this. 💀

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    There’s literal stone with sand physics he obv did this illegitimately or with commands, he’ll at that point just download a pre made one and use the structure block

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    ​@@Spectorbladedefinitely a mod, why would he/she use stone instead of other falling blocks? By that, the mod just generates blocks in a formation like this and it's based on the texture, color of the PFP he used.

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    these ones are actually good compared to the other ones I've seen.

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    And what

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    __________________ |. |__ |. | OO|______________OO

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    People who see Duolingo 👇

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    Dude we not blind

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    ...I don't, can you tell me where he is? 🙂‍↔️

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