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  • @BenAzelart

    I love you guys❤️ so many crazy videos coming soon!!

  • @deleted4100

    sneak into Jimmy’s House and scare him with a fake poop in the bathroom and put fake bugs in the kitchen so that he’ll get scared😂

  • @samuelpresley2678

    imagine people reviewing the security cameras and just seeing that

  • @amyvanzee750

    I love how Jeremy is supposed to be babysitting Brents house but he’s at the trampoline park with Ben and cam😅

  • @loujeffery67

    I dare cam term break something really precious to Ben in his house😂 and I’m done😂 Ben is completely crazy😂

  • @paraskevifrosynou4717

    brents never trusting Jeremy again

  • @noahsthegamerz
    @noahsthegamerz14 күн бұрын

    Ben’s videos are so funny I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • @kidsclub662

    Ben keep your videos up I really like them there sick

  • @user-fb8lr9uv3k

    You guys have so many ideas for videos and can we all just appreciate how much effort they put into the videos ❤ we love you guys ❤❤❤🎉 oh and congratulations for 15M subscribers

  • @chloemollock3353

    98% of the comments be like:

  • @inioluwaanderson1162

    Ben should do a dance

  • @MaddenMorrisYouTube

    "We're not breaking in, we're sneaking in"- Ben 2022

  • @cjblast2013
    @cjblast201321 күн бұрын

    the respect he puts the work in videos is absoustle crazy good job bro like actually good job

  • @wwolfyy8226

    Ben looks good in the red dress

  • @majencia2003

    This is so much fun ahaha. I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list ✍🏼

  • @btsworld5317

    The front page of bexi literally made me happy that they are still best friends 💕😭

  • @anniew9502
    @anniew950228 күн бұрын

    All of y’all’s videos are so funny I love watching them ❤😂😊

  • @user-ni2zs5lr1s

    I love how the thumbnail looks like Ben and Lexi are back together

  • @niharika5939

    You really make us smile ben

  • @adenikekadiri3599

    BEN be like: down Jeremy fall off water be like like Ike like like like like GIRL TUTU BALLET