2017/10/05 XXVІІ сесія депутатів Новояворівської міської ради

2017/10/05 чергова XXVІІ сесія депутатів VII скликання Новояворівської міської ради

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  • Randall Reed
    Randall Reed2 ай бұрын

    ince Ivan the Terrible, Russia has never known democracy, liberty, ethical governance, and the basic freedoms we hold so dear. From Czarist times, Communism and Lenin, the butcher Stalin, through the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Putin’s kleptocracy, the Russian people have never known moral or ethical leadership, whether from the politicians or the compromised Russian Orthodox Church. The consequence of this is that the Russians have never had a living, positive example of ethical training or development. From the lowest to the highest strata of Russian society, they are bereft of any effective mortal compass. What does the future hold? It looks like a very grim future for Russia. How will they change? How will they mature? How will they ever enjoy freedom?