$1 vs $250,000,000 Private Island!


Watch until the end to see how crazy the last island is
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    I hope you all enjoy how much we’ve been leveling up the videos :D

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    Love the Videos

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    BEST MR BEAST VID YET@@Lexxa1297

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    MrBeast's concern about his workers being up is so wholesome. What an amazing guy.

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    Hiiragi Kagami is My GOD‼️

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    Ynnuf sit esuaceb slrig epar Read this backwards

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    I love that Jimmy is so good with the staff here, gets them to enjoy themselves too.

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    el habla ingles xd

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    ​@@CanaldeEli-jo8vxno vete a pista de audio y ponle en klingon

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    @@La_robloxiano198es fede🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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    Having Mr Beast as a friend is literally better than winning the lottery.



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    Yeah is true ❤ 😊

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    Jimmy and the team enjoying themselves and having fun with the employees makes it 100x better

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    uff con la voz de Fede quedó épico jajaj! y Mr Beast cumpliendo la apuesta!

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    10:01 너가 관심받고 싶어도 사람들 세워두지마라 미스터비스트 성격이 좋다는게 느껴지네요

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    Gracias por cumplir el sueño de Fede :D

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    Me saludas

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    Love that jimmy is always considerate to the employees, asking them to take a seat and also enjoy the islands.

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    ​@@al-amindf451aga sen türk müsün

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    Dude momently forgot the price tag

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    This was a visual spectacle. Bravo!!

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    Esperando la voz de FEDE

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    Todos estamos igual😢

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    Hiiragi Kagami is a GODけ

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    Y yo

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    audio klingon

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    Whenever Nolan says “..that’s really cool” had me spit out my water-🤧🦅

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    Gracias Mrbeast justo y andaba buscando algo para las siguientes vacaciones (la última me pareció)

  • @YoSoyAlfonso
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    Estoy orgulloso de lo que Fede logro❤ grande Mr Beast por hacer ese sueño (para escuchar la voz cambien la pista a Klingon)

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    Yeah me to

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    Como se pone la voz de fede

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    Ngl I kinda want to just see Mr beast and the boys have a regular travel vlog 😂

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    I'm reaching out for your prayers and support. Please keep me in your thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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    Respect him, it's amazing, he always makes better content !

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    Jimmy and the gang genuinely enjoying themselves and having fun with the employees too makes it 100x better

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    no it dosent matter if they enjoy it

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    Jimmy 😂

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    ​@@MultiAleks05 wdym

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    he called me poor without calling me poor

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    god damn who is your editor

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    The fact every island he went to he let the staff relax with then says alot about Jimmy's character he's so genuine

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    Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleanos y no tuve ningún subsciptor

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    He is aware of how he is perceived while being on camera, you mean?

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    Jimmy's concern about the employees being on their feet is admirable. You're an incredible guy, congratulations

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    @@LuCkySlitherBoo Hoo! Make good content.

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    Yeah, he's truly different to most other managers. Great guy

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    As a local Finnish person I support the 5m dollar one

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    I love the little floating houses

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    I love mr beast videos

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    Still waiting for someone to do a go kart/off road island

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    45 secs ago...

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    ناه لقد سبقتك​@@L1ghtyyEditzz

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    yeah, that would be awesome.

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    That would be cool

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    5:26 "This helicopter is taking the boys up in the air..." My mind: "I thought it was taking them underground"

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    Thank you for fulfilling Fede's dream:D

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    An island with mermaids suits me😁

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    10:38 "Come here, my brethren" oh god 😆

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    Thank you so much MrBeast

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    Jimmy is literally the definition of "money can buy happiness"

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    Aguante mesiiiii vine de fede vigevani y está re loco más fedeeee

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    The zoom out CGI was incredible

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    Jimmy is really living his best life.

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    Off camera he lives on a below average house u saw his house he lives in the studio he lives in he just does this for videos

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    i've actually been to the 250 million dollar island. It's really cool

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    Also comment on your favorite parts and leave a time stamp

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    Love that jimmy is always considerate to the employees

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    Kdidhjzisuzisiidfuuaodxĵedkfkkgfkdi 5:38 sjdjskkfhukjxjxusjvjjyk 5:45 asxxm SC hsbjgjgud kitty rififfioddofydodufkdiw eve id

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    ​@@ThunderGaming4325shut up

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    4:47 “Boys, do whatever you want. Have fun!” Loved that 😂😂😂

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    ​@@LuCkySlither yo me suscribo bro feliz cumpleaños 🎉❤

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    Team MrBeast : 😎🤑

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    Dios bendiga a este hombre con ❤ tan grande… soy su fanática, y mis hijos también, nos encanta ver sus videos…

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    Justo lo q necesitaba❤️💯.

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    Hiiragi Kagami is a GOD

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    I love videos where you have Ludwig on

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    The last island is owned by a cruise line where they bring the cruise guests to. It’s not really a private island, it’s open to public for anyone going on cruises

  • @harambecbt9306
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    “This island has literally anything you could ever want” Stephen hawking: …

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    I was right

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    Jimmy asking the crew to take a seat that Nolan has standing around while he played pool shows he's actually a good dude at heart

  • @JakeInvest


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    such a great dude, letting ppl sit is very good

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    Free Palestine bro 🇵🇸

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    Me encanto el doblaje de fede I loved the dubbing of Faith

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    The only thing that’s bigger than our universe is Mr beasts dept

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    MrBeast worrying for the workers had my heart dude 😭

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    Carls laugh in the 5mil island was so funny

  • @カラス_senn
    @カラス_sennКүн бұрын

    Sharks are actually sweet,unless you harm them,but having jimmy as a friend is probably better than winning 10 thousand dollar lottery

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    Amazing Island 🏝 👌 💙

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    @AtasBala piola.

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    Who think Mr.beast should buy another island and keep it!

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    The fall in the ocean on the 16,000 dollar island😂😂

  • @slimkamehameha9645
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    Jim, you are an awesome person and very wholesome ❤

  • @LegendBoi_missing
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    “Money buys happiness” Famous words from mt beast

  • @dakaramotto.


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    Mountain beast?

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    ​@@dakaramotto. Mint beast:D

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    money buys CHICKENS

  • @AquamarineChicken


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    CHICKEN buys MONEY...

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    mount beast

  • @Mammott9999
    @Mammott999922 күн бұрын

    “Is that cannibalism” “Yes :)” “Get over here” *still goes over*

  • @stacyallen5818
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    I've been watching Mr. Beast for about. 3 years.❤❤❤

  • @voigtmichael
    @voigtmichael15 күн бұрын

    I have been down daredevil’s peak before and the island is crazy to go there !

  • @viragshah7558
    @viragshah75585 ай бұрын

    10:06 jimmy is caring 😊😊

  • @daandanx
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    3:33 "Elikkä tämmönen perinteinen suomalainen", ihanaa

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    He is simply amazing and his friends are insane

  • @alastairhewitt380
    @alastairhewitt38012 күн бұрын

    250 mil is an eyesore. 150 was tasteful. Wasn't surprised to learn Branson was the owner

  • @karenvaughan97
    @karenvaughan97Ай бұрын

    jimmy:"i will be sad if u dont sit down and relax" staff members:OK (time stamp btw 10:06 )

  • @Noob2024_8


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    I would be sad as well if they don’t relax

  • @youseefFF


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  • @dignifulmusic7
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    $150 Million dollars Island is the best of all because of its natural beauty.

  • @user-pe8qw8xi6f


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    Maybe we love too much natural

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    @@user-pe8qw8xi6fhow u got that emoji?

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    Nume titular: Andresoiu Bogdan-Petru Cont: RO43 BRDE 220S V852 9641 2200 Moneda: RON

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    its called neckar island

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    MrBeast, is the best.

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    Fede Vigevani's voice is in the Klingon language



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    Gracias thanks 🤠

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    Siiiiiii yo lo vi con klingon



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    Lo sé

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    epstines influence is unmatched

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    “Isn’t that cannibalism?” “…yes!” 😂😂😂

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    "Monkey see food, monkety take" 🤣

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    Jimmy is a angel Saves dogs Helps deaf people hear Helps blind people see

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    Giving Africans water to drink

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    yeah bro must be a descendant of Jesus

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    People say that he is doing it for views and even if he is it doesn't matter at least people are getting saved u know 😊

  • @Megafloxoff


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    Je m'appelle Jimmy mais je ne suis pas encore aussi cool que oui... Cependant, j'ai sauvé un chien et un hérisson.

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    @@bluestargames7977 nope he does a lot of good things off camera as well, its not for views only

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    I love you Mr. Beast.

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    My way to find happiness is to imagine im with them

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    y como puedo escuchar la voz de fede?

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    ​@@deriva5641apreta ajustes después apretás algo de voz y apreta donde dice klingo

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    Como escucho la voz de Fede???

  • @toichey
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    As someone who's finnish, I'll to try translate the finnish. "perinteinen suomalainen" is " traditional finnish". He was most likely talking about the food! Im really glad he visited here too!

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    Suomi mainittu!! Torilla tavataan!

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    Suomi suomk

  • @elmu7675


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    @@immortalaxolotl"elikkäpä tällanen perinteinen suomalainen" on se mitä se sano

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    спасибо парни что показали нам то что не когда не покажет.это было круто. успехов вам. жду следующие видео.🤣

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    enjoy CHICKEN!

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    Nolan just casually hiring hype squad is genuinely the best moment

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    agreed .

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    Ever seen the Watchman River channel?

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    Compared to it's cost,ofc 140 grand is cheap

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    How do I attempt to compete in these contests? Boy, would I try for the financial prizes.

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    How long have you been a fan of MrBeast's videos?❤🎉

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    Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleanos y no tuve ningún subsciptor😢

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    MrBeast, you're the best 🎉

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    In ten years it’s gonna be $1 vs $1,000,000,000 dollar rocket and Jimmy will explore the cosmos.

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    Ser rico é muito bom, e esse cara é o melhor patrão do mundo, o que cara dar oq todos querem