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    Imagine going on a random boat ride and seeing mr beast

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    That will be awesome 🤩!

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    Mr Beast thanks you motivate me make hilarious videos but Unfortunately people underestimate them😔

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    Mr Beast thanks you motivate me make hilarious videos but unfortunately people underestimate them😔

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    0:47 I gotta respect the cameraman.

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    7:35 thats jaime jaquez jr of the miami heat, one of the best young players in the NBA

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    this has got to be one of the best MrBeast videos of all time.

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    Mrbeast your videos is so amazing

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    *This $1 Yacht is insane* 😁😂

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    Jimmy went from filming in his room to filming with pete Davidson and Tom brady what an inspiration

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    @@waitwhatwhywhere6102he’s one of the most famous comedians and actors

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    I went to the last yacht!!! hope you guys had as much time as I had

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    I feel so alive and thirsty for life when I watch his video 😩🫂

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    Didnt know a $1 boat also came with a free titanic experience Edit:wow this blew up

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    Maby the billion doller boat was the experienceses we made along the way



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    Mr Beast thanks you motivate me make hilarious videos but unfortunately people underestimate them😔

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    Jimmy you know that people just can upload your secret video to Google Drive and have it archived

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    The fact that Mr beast has unlocked celebrity guest appearances is something mind boggling

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    He's got a maturing production company

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    He's the most popular youtuber. How is that mind boggling?

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    I have a questiion mr beast bought the ships ? Or spend a day on that ships its cost the prices that he told? Ggg

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    getting tom brady in this vid is wild

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    Feastables are the best chocolate ever made

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    ALL HAIL MR BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Imagine seeing the yacht that you pay $18,000 a year get sunken in the water in 5 seconds

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    happy happy happy

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    4 comments (from brazil)

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    @@draekon76happy happy happy happy happy!

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    The fact that Mr Beast is featuring Tariq more and more in his videos is awesome. Something tells me he’s going to be a main character

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    Mr Beast thanks you motivate me to make hilarious videos but unfortunately People underestimate them😔

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    @@ruslangoo SAD

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    Who is Tariq?

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    @@KaughtyouLacking The cameraman

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    @@vinnysharma8278 thx bro

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    I love you MrBeast

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    12:20 my city don't even contain a water park which his ship has 😂

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    Mr. Beast is a walking W

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    I'm perpetually amazed by how well edited and entertaining these are

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    *Mr Beast thanks you motivate me to make hilarious videos but unfortunately People underestimate them😔*

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    😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 güzel olmuş

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    Harmony of the seas was the forst cruse I ever went on lol

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    nah chandlers shirt is priceless

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    Mr Beast never disappoints. Great to see the random Pete Davidson appearance

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    And mack

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    Mean the least funny 'comedian' in the history of comedy, Pete Davidson? That one?

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    5:00 Pete Davidson Jumpscare

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    And watching you for six years😊 finally got to subscribe

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    Who want the sinking mrbeast yacht to be in fe2

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    5:09 Stuff:👁👄👁

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    Mr beast you are a good guy keep it up

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    Yooo PackGOD❤️‍🔥



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    when you gonna pack mr beast

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    Now I’m going to look for Feastables at Walmart.

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    I didn’t liked the cookies but I liked the bars lol

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    Pete Davidson just there for no reason

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    Also W Content

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    2:15 It's the "why don't u use toilet paper " ... "ur so American " 😂😂😂😂

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    I love your festivals ❤

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    I’m actually surprised how Jimmy can actually manage to afford all of this. Jeff, you better be taking notes.

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    He rents it

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    @@RobloxOverloadGames He destroyed one of them.

  • @freckles9857


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    @@Zombo84 the shitty one

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    ​​@@Zombo84I'd pay a dollar to sink a boat. Besides, renting yachts is incredibly expensive anyway

  • @kernal2077


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    ​@@Zombo84it was worth a dollar

  • @АннаГатапова
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    Missed all these students

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    I love your videos and the feastables are awesome

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    4:40 goated transition

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    12:06 based Jimmy 🗿

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    Noticed it too?

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    He gets it

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    Bro got a private cruise

  • @user-in1ib2my1h
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    Btw Icon of the seas came out January 27, 2024 so don't misjudge what it is it's really the Harmony Of The Seas

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    This is insane. Thanks Jimmy for entertaining me and millions of others across the world.

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    Mr Beast thanks you motivate me to make hilarious videos but unfortunately people underestimate them😔

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    He should've got a better celebrity

  • @TiestoCalvinHarris


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    ​@@p-__ chocolate 🍫 better than Hershey and Reese's

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    KanalıMa bekliyoruM sizi

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    It's always good to see a balance between his philanthropy and enjoyment with his friends

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    wye hello there

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    I only just realised that Pete Davidson is Pete Nolan from the rookie 😂

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    I love You MrBeast ❤❤

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    The amounts of money this man spends is absurd, props to him for doing this.

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    Bro spent a 1 BILLION usd

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    @@user-lq2tu4tb7mno he didn’t

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    @@user-lq2tu4tb7m probably rented it

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    Yeah and he makes it all back after an hour of posting this vid😭

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    An indoor mall in that billion dollar yacht?!?!?! I’m so gonna go shopping in the huge yacht! ☺️🦋🌷🌈🍉💖

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    Where is the biggest bars right now? Try all his snacks. He’s so good. Try right now.

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    It's always good to see a balance between his philanthropy and his enjoyment with his friend

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    Being Mr Beasts friend is literally better than winning the lottery 😂

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    Now bro😂

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    it IS though​@@veronicarodriguez9812

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    I’m glad that they gave a chance to a homeless man by the name “Pete Davidson “ go on a yacht. That’s so thoughtful of them.❤

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    @@nekozombie I'm more of a verb or adjective guy myself

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